December 30, 2008

THANK YOU SO MUCH. You guys had me all teary-eyed, and I was so.....HAPPY!

This is my thank note/post for everyone that participated in the scrapbook!
T4G had gotten (somehow, someway, I have NO CLUE, at all) all of my best friends from the forum to participate in at least one or two pages of my scrapbook. I was stunned. Like...AMAZED, and I loved it! You guys had paragraphs, either handwritten or typed, of notes to me. You drew pictures! You gave me poems. You were so creative, so nice, so AWESOME, that I was stunned.
Do you know why?
Not only were the pages amazing, and I was so thankful.
I was shocked because the notes that I read later on, after the zoo with T, told me how special and nice, and great and whatever, of a friend I was.
Where did this come from?
Everyone said I was going to cry, and I was sure I was, but when they caught me on video, it hadn't hit me how special this was. I was amazed that someone would do it for me, but I hadn't read your letters, your stories, everything. I hadn't read any of it.
So, AFTER I left T, I got in the car, and guess what? I started crying a minute after I opened it.
When I read stuff that said "I love you" "I'm praying for you" "You're such an awesome person/friend" I was so speechless. I never thought I could be a person's friend like that.
So I'm saying thank you right now. I loved it, and I still don't believe I received such an awesome gift.
I've had a couple people in my life tell me that I was inspiring. But I never ever believed it. I've had people compliment me on my writing, on the way I look, on my personality, but that was it. I had no proof any of it was there.
I've gotten gifts for birthdays, Christmas, all kinds of holidays. There were cards that should have made me cry, maybe, and gifts extremely special, but I always received those. Everyone else did too. It wasn't as special getting anything, ebcause it happened every year.
NO ONE has ever made me something like this.
Page after page, tears after tears, I felt so special, and I'm still wondering why you guys think I am. :)
I'm saying special thanks:
DoT--You're wonderful! I loved reading yours every second! It made me laugh and so happy!
Mob-- I was laughing so hard at the Mobicon page! I loved it! Thanks so much for everything :)
Masq.-- I loved your drawings, your songs, and poems! Thanks so much!
NotYourAverageGirl-- I don't care if we haven't talked much! I cried when I read yours! I loved looking at the pictures, EVERYTHING! I appreciate you just as much as everyone else I know!
H.K.-- I LOVED your page! The drawings were awesome! THANK YOU!
GLG-- What a wonderful drawing! I hope to meet you someday, too!
Zero-- This note.... You kept saying how not cool or creative it was compared to everyone else's. GUESS WHAT? Just saying what you said had me crying even harder. I couldn't believe it, because I thought you thought I was some weird person. :P
Gal-- YOUR STORY WAS AWESOME! I loved reading it!
Twirl-- That poem you did was so special. I won't ever forget it! Thanks so much! :)
T4G-- I loved the whole journal thing! I loved how you thought I was weird and annoying in the beginning and how great of friends we are now! Thanks for actually sticking to me even if I am obnoxious. (Tell your bro I say thanks too!
Yelli-- I LOVED IT! :D :D :D Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you! ;)
Lystar_the_unicorn-- :D :D :D :D :D :D Thanks soooo much! I'm going to tell you THANK YOU, and I bet you're going to be like "for the millionth time, she's saying thanks", but I loved it! xD
There was one extra person, but T4G told me she couldn't figure out who it was... So if I do find out soon, I will thank you through PM or something!
The words you guys wrote to me made me feel so special and important, that I'm wondering if it's all true. ;) I personally think I'm some ridiculous person, never could give realadvice, inpsire, or be cool to anyone.
*glomps all of you* Most all of you I've never met in my life, but I feel like I know a lot fo you, and if you don't feel that way, then I feel so sorry for you! HAHAHA, WANT TO KNOW WHY?
Because, since you participated and stuff, it's too late to back out, because I will be posting on your profiles on the forum wayyyyy more! xD


An amazing day, with an amazing family, and an amazing Christmas gift.

So this completely selfish post is all about my day.
I met Twin4God today! And that was so cool! And I'll tell you all about it, along with a twist that I never expected.
I was super excited today. I was going to the zoo, and though that never REALLY makes me excited, I was spending it with my family, a friend of mine, and a penpal I had never met before--but knew too well. ;) I told T4G that I Was going to give her a huge hug the moment we met.
She said she'd give me a huge hug too. But I guess she wasn't expecting a "run-up-and-hug-and-squeal", because I felt like some weirdo after that.
YES. I was the only one running.
And the only one giving the tight hug.
;) JKJK, nah, I think T4G was weirded out at first, but that's cool--I'm still wondering, though, if she's dissappointed or regretting today. :D
I had a blast at least, and I'm sure she had fun too! We saw animals, laughed, took pictures, joked around, ate... Passed out in the heat. All that fun stuff, you know?
Well, I told her earlier through an IM that I wanted to give her a present for Christmas--but this was before I met her. This was before I even knew I was, and so therefore, I was making my present small enough to fit in an envelope to send.
Ho-hum, it was a dinky little friednship bracelet that took less than a day to make. How stupid is that? Why do I think it was stupid, you ask? WELL, everytime I talked to her, she said that everyday she was working on her present for me.
EVERY DAY. Do you know how awful I felt? Then I found out I was meeting her.
Wants to know what my prayers sounded like?
"Lord, please let her think I'm a good friend." "Lord, when I meet her, don't let her be scared or freaked. Don't let her think I'm a weirdo." "Lord, when I meet her and give her my present, can you please give her some kind of feeling so she'll like it for the time I'm with her, at least? PLEASE?!" And then when I gave it to her, she said she left her's in the car so I wouldn't have to walk with it everywhere.
And I'm like, excuse me? Like, please don't tell me it's big. She unwrapped mine, said she liked it, gave me a hug, but we all knew the truth. And, coincedentally *wink* the beads that spelled her name on the bracelet kept falling off. I was like "Forget it, T" :P
Then we had an awesome day at the zoo, soooo amazing, and it got better.
By the time we were dead tired, I was like, oh gosh, I still have to wait and get the present she made me, and beleieve me, I was excited, but extremely nervous (like right before I met her too).
Her brother got the gift and brought it to me, and it was a nice size. I was like "WHOA". Then everyone started pulling out their cameras, putting it on video setting.
What in the world could this BE?!
Everyone said I was going to cry, and I was just...not sure. What could it be? Because nothing makes me cry THAT easily...At least, never a gift, for sure.
So I start feeling it. And I start....You know....Feeling a sort of scrapbook thing under the wrapping paper.
I open it....
And guess what?!
It is a scrapbook.
Oh yeah, that made me cry. :P (T4G, you know I'm joking, I'll tell you for real what I thought!)
Not only was a scrapbook thatI thought was empty, it was the most AMAZING and PRECIOUS scrapbook ever.
Want to know what was inside it? It most definitely wasn't empty.
On the cover it says (for it's in my lap right now) "Bookie's Book", and on top of that, where I picture should belong, it says (on a piece of paper) "Bookie's Picture Goes Here". :D WAIT, that may seem super nice, but that's not the twist or the best part at all!
I was thinking, "Ooh, a scrapbook, how nice! But... Why would that make me cry?"
JUST GUESS! Because I couldn't whatsoever!
It was filled with pages. But pages of what?! I had no pictures of myself with T until today!
INSIDE were pages filed from friends on the DIOM forum.

(okay, this continues to another post, this one was only so I could tel you about how wonderful my day was, my next one is my Thank You post)

I'm so happy,

December 29, 2008

The Negotiator && Just Fun Stuff

WOW. Okay, so since I'm obsessed with my blogging, and I check it everyday, and I don't have any important topics today (which, by the way, it's 1:01 AM Monday morning), I've decided to just post for fun! =]

So here we go:
This is one of my new favorite books! I mean, honestly, it was exactly my type. But for those of you who don't like those Romance/Mystery books, then maybe it's not for you. But if you don't mind that stuff, it's sooooo great. And it's Christian too! Dee Henderson is an amazing writer, and extremely clever with her books. I plan on borrowing the rest of the O'Malley series through the library, and maybe her other ones (age appropriate of course :D). So yes, I loved it. And I know some of you will, too. :)
On to other things...
I went to church today. Pretty nice, compared to the empitness last week (a couple families were gone, and so...It wasn't the same without those people). But yeah... :D
I decided to do a short "Not Me Monday" that my friend Twin4God has been doing. It looks kinda fun. ;) So yeah, let's see how I can do it.
Giving you guys hints, I'm basically NOT telling you the rules by NOT cheating, because I'm NOT saying that you have to say "I did NOT" do this last week.
Do you NOT get it??
1) I did NOT go to a park this week and take billions of pictures with my twin sister. =]
2) I did NOT just type a little less than 1k this week in my NaNoWriMo story (which is still in progress at an irritating 54k) <_<
3) I did NOT feel weird and confused this whole week. :P
4) I did NOT spend any time going crazy over hte holidays. (PSH. ME???? DO THAT?!?! I'm not hyper at all!) :D
And I'll list more....Next week? it's already 1:27 AM. So yeah.

Have a nice week.

Peace out,

December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Aren't you so excited that today is....well, TODAY?!
I am! I had a blast yesterday and today both. I have 3 Christmas times all together. One's spent with my grandfather (on my mom's side) sometime during Christmas week, then another one is spent with my abuela (on my dad's side) ALWAYS on Christmas Eve till past midnight, and then the last one is spent with my grandmother (on my mom's side--my grandparents divorced, that's why) on Christmas morning.
It's SOOOOOO much fun! I used to love receiving the gifts so much, but now the more I think about it, I receive more joy and I love it more just spending it with family. :)

I love just laughing, playing games, watching TV, opening gifts, eating, talking with everyone during these times. Everyone's so much more happier than they are doing the year. It's sad, but I hope you notice it too. I mean, everyone's just more JOYFUL during Christmas time.
Maybe because of CHRIST. :D CHRISTmas would be nothing without Christ. :D (I would say, CHRISTMAS would be mas without Christ, but 'mas' in espanol --spanish, for those of you-- is more. ANd that wouldn't be very right, would it?)

I got somereally nice gifts. Some of them extremely important to me. And I'm so thankful for them. They were given out of love, thoughtfulness, and money from their pockets. :D
My most special ones is a sweatshirt (that I secretly picked out, because my abuela wanted my mom to get me my gift, and my mom let me tag along), an MP3 player, and The Door Within Trilogy. Veryyyyy thankful!

What were/was your most special/favorite gift this year?

Be back soon,

December 20, 2008

I wish I really did have lemonade at this moment...:)

I've been awarded this I think before, but I didn't really know what to do. It confused me, but now I get it. And, unfortunately, I forget who the first person was, so if you remember, you're thanked! I also thank A Girl of Many Colors/DoTella for awarding me the Lemonade Award, and A Twin for God for the honerable mention. ;)

(anyone I mention is in my blog roll, so look 'em all up, okay, guys?)

Thank you, DoT/AGoMC for giving me this award! This is a blog award called THE LEMONADE REWARD.

"THE LEMONADE AWARD: The concept behind this award is that the blog creators have shown an uncanny knack for silver linings and making the best of bad situations (i.e., lemonade from lemons)."

Rules: Name blogs that reflect this silver linings philosophy.

WOOHOO, so I'm not excited for listing only 6 blogs (and I think it's limited to that number, because I've seen two people only use 6 blogs, so....I assume I'm supposed to do that too?)!!! I mean, I'd list my whole blog roll, but I guess I can't do that, can I?
(no specific order)----> CHECK THEM ALL OUT ON MY BLOG ROLL. I did not connect any links to the names.
3)Princesses K, S, & A
4)Lydia =]

:D I didn't award any people who awarded me, or you have been as of this moment, I think. So I hope I got everyone. :)

Posting soon,
~Bookie <3

December 15, 2008

Jesus... El Gran Regalo de Amor.

I went to my friend's Youth Group in Honduras, and, yes, it was in Spanish, but my friend(s) translated, so basically I know what the whole class was about.
But I'm not going to tell you the lesson for that night (it was on conviction, by the way :D), I'm going to talk about the logo in the backround. It was on some big banner, but it said 'Jesus... El Gran Regalo de Amor'. And I don't know if I would have noticed the huge letters, if it hadn't been for my friend asking me if I could translate it. Which I could, for the most part (it was all of it, except one word) :
Jesus...The Great Gift of Love.

I like it.

And I think it's so true.
Jesus IS the great gift of love.
He created us.
He saved us.
He loves us.
He's there for us.
Jesus, is the great gift of love, and we know it because--HE SHOWS IT!
How does/did he show it?
*taps nogin* Think, think, think....
Did you not just read the 1st, 2nd, and 4th statement I made up there?! Pay attention guys, you should know!
(Number one) was-- He made us, so we actually have the chance to be
(Number two,) so we could actually feel His
(Number three,) love, because He's always
(Number four) there for us.
I love doing that kinda stuff, you know, listing things like that. It's so much fun! :P lol
But haven't you heard your pastor (technically my dad, for me) tell you how great God is? Haven't you heard him say how wonderful, compassionate, powerful, loving, merciful, awesome God is?
Well, have you really thought about it?
Have you really taken those sayings seriously?
Maybe they aren't sayings...They're facts.
Have you ever taken those SERIOUSLY? I mean, REALLLLLLLY seriously.
All these days lately, I've been looking around myself, I see the world, I see the people, I see what's going on all the time, I analyze what people say, do, act, think if I can help that--and I learn. I watch people constantly. But analyzing people for me is a totally different post for later on, what I want to ask is: Have you ever realized how beautiful His creation is? I mean, the trees, the grass, the people.
I went to Honduras recently as you know, and I have so many friends over there. There were a few I hung out with the most (These two guys, and my twin sis), and they were so much fun! But I think what gave them joy was that they were Christians. I mean, Honduras is so beautiful! There was this bird that was completely yellow, and I had never seen it before.
I mean, knowing GOd loves me, gives me joy, and He knows that. Knowing that if He did love me, I'd be happy, and that gives both Him and I joy.
Jesus, El Gran Regalo de Amor.
Believe it, because it's true.
Believe because you thought about it.
Believe it because it's fact, not just a saying from your pastor.
Your pastor's smart, but looking through the Bible and actually knowing for yourself is way better.


I love the great gift of love,

December 14, 2008

How much did you guys miss me?! --Probably not much...

Well, I'm back from Honduras!!! :D
And I had such a grea time! I'm going to post a long post, probably after this one, about what I've learned (once again) from being there.

Guess who I met, talked to, took a picture with, made a card for, and etc? JOHN MACARTHUR!!!!!!!!!!!! Please tell me you guys know of him. He's only one of the most famous teacher/pastors in history! :D lol
But yeah, I had fun there.
And it turned out my uncle, Evis Carballosa (who does not have the same last name as I do, for you nosy-rosy's), is the "John MacArthur" of Latin America, which is a smidge weird but really cool. It's just a tad strange because I'm not used to him being so famous when he visits me and my family, but he was signing books he wrote for other people and taking tons of pictures.
What was also weird was, I was about to eat a chocolate bar (a Butterfinger guys! :D), and then I decided against it because I didn't want my stomach acting up on too much junk food (that I already had), so I came up to him and offered my chocolate, and there was this photographer that had been everywhere for the past 5 days, and saw me offering it to him--so when Tio Evis decided to split it with me, he took a picture of both of us.
Talk about odd, but whatever! I had my fun then! :D lol

I had an amazing experience, and though I learned most everything the last time I was there, I still tried my hardest to find more. And that's a little strange for a teen like me--to actually try to find something hard to learn about, but I like doing that kind of stuff. :D
What I learned wasn't something really, I just liked the title of it, and so I'll probably go from there, but yeah...

Well, I guess I'll talk later about what I've been doing lately. I'm soooo entirely tired, it's so not funny.
When we made it to Honduras I realized that the time difference would have to be something to get used to for a week. It's about an hour before the time I live in. So if it's 12:00 here, it'd be 11:00 over there, and that's not as bad as it could have been, but goodness, I couldn't handle it very well. For the whole week I only had about 5 or 6 hours of sleep. And, to make it worse, I was either working for 12 hours straight (with my friends though), or I chose to stay up super late. Like, me and a bunch of my friends (plus my twin sis) decided to watch the first Lord of the Rings at 11:00 PM. :/ It was fun though! We never finished it till the next day, because we all ended up falling asleep on each other--well most of us. There were about seven boys and five girls out of all of us--it was crazy! :D And so I could be nice, because all the boys were having sleep overs, I invited these 2 little girls to have a sleep over with me and my sister in our dorm room. :) It was fun, but I ended up sleeping in another one with one of them and her older sister.

So yeah, I'll tell more later!

P.S. I'm glad most of you like the layout! I do too! :D
And I forget right now who asked, but I haven't personally met Twin4God, we're extremely good friends, but maybe sometime soon. :D

December 5, 2008

New Layout!!!

Okay, so I got a new layout, but the picture is of me, and I would like to give ALL the credit for that picture to Twin4God and my sis for taking it.

You guys are the best! <3


Adios Amigos... ;)

Okay, so I TOTALLY forgot to post this until now.
I'm leaving for Honduras again--on Sunday.
I won't be back until the next Sunday.
So, all you smart people, figure out the math: I'll be gone for a week.


Comment on my blog anyway, okay?
I love the comments, and I hopefully will be checking my laptop, so maybe I will be on... Just saying I'll be in Honduras.
Oh! Oh! And John McArthur will be there! I'm so excited. It's for this class thing, and he's going to be teaching! :D
It's going to be awesome. lol

Ta-ta for now,

December 3, 2008

Chillaxin ;)

So... I haven't posted about how I've been doing very lately. Most of you go on the forum or see me in person, and I've just been telling you from there. But I'll tell you how me and my pal, Stomach, are doing.
(This link is just in case you haven't heard what's happening and you're not confuzled. :P)
Okay, so today I had an endoscopy done today.
WHAT'S THAT YOU ASK? Shucks, you don't know?! lol, I didn't either.
It's when they look inside your stomach and whatevers, taking a tube down your throat (that's a camera), of course, and takng pictures and looking for something wrong.
Guess what?
It isn't celiac, they don't think.
Neither is it Chrone's disease, they don't think, either.
WHICH THANK THE LORD, because FINE let me have celiac, but if I had Chrone's, I think I'd be very scared. (I know what it is, my abuela has it, it's not pretty).
But they saw that the inside of my stomach is inflames, and so is something else that I forget.
-Now, on to my story at the hospital, since I know some of you are practically going crazy with curiosity (yes, you know who you are). Skip this part if you feel like it, but I found the whole thing pretty funny.-
So I had to wake up early (well for me at least--I usually wake up at 8:30-9:00 a.m.), and it was 6:30 a.m., because I had to be at our children's hospital by 7:00 a.m. Which is absolutely not fun, especially when you live in a hot place, and it just so happens to be a November morning under 70 degrees.
I was freezing, let's just say that--even with my jacket on.
My mother and I drove to the hospital and we waited for little while in this room, and then they called us over to put me in some more records in the computer (not like they didn't have enough *rolls eyes*). Then the nice lady told us to go to the endoscopy room which was SUPER far away to the room we were currently in, but whatever.
And we did go, and we entered a very large room where there were like several curtains to make into tiny "rooms", and this other lady told us to wait there.
Does anybody remember my post about how TERRIFIED I am of needles in general? Especially ones that are SUPPOSED to enter through my skin? I hate all kinds, but forget it, I was not a happy little girl at the time.
So then this lady comes and starts talking to us, disturbing my reading (I had brought my book Pretties*), and starts filling me in for even MORE records or whatever. She was asking all sorts of questions, then wanted to weigh me--whoopee-- and then brought me over to do that blood pressure or whatever they do. And then this guy game, and said he was some sort of Dr. -whatever-, and then asked questions and started filling even more stuff, or maybe just grabbing information.
ANYWAY, that was when I was asked whether I wanted to get drowsy by this funny tasting drink or an IV.
Which do you think I chose?
Ha, no surprises for now. I CHOSE THE LIQUID guys. ;)
AND it did taste funny and kind of bad in the end, but hey, it was worth getting that than getting a needle stuck in me.
But then I was told that an IV would be stuck in me while I asleep. But, what the hey, I won't feel it, even when I do wake up.
Then they gave me that stupid hospital gown, got changed in that, then I had to lay in the bed that was there, and they rolled me into a room, telling my mom to go away. :P
It was kind of scary, but I wasn't going to freak out or anything. I could barely even see anything, for when I had gotten there, I had seen a bunch of nurses, and then this nice lady nurse asked if I could scoot up further in the bed, and once I did, my doctor's face popped out of nowhere, and held this mask over me with funny smells.
He started talking SUPER fast, and I was kind of getting sleepy and tired, and I couldn't understand him very well. He introduced me to this nurse, Jason, and Jason waved at me. Then the doctor started talking about the funny smells, and he said something about, "Now this is going to smell like the boy's locker room!" And I started laughing, but I was almost unconcious. "Jason's been in the boy's locker room! Have you?" And by this time, I wasn't sure of what he was asking, but he answered for me. "Nooo! You haven't been in there before! Jason once fought in the boy's locker room! Didn't you, Jason?"
So I looked over at Jason, and he was nodding and grinning, looking at me while I was laughing.
Jason then started his funny story. "Yeah, yeah! I once fought in there. I was fighting..."
Then I fell asleep. :D
I woke up EXTREMELY groggy, and I don't know who was asking me, but all of a sudden someone asked for my arm, and they wouldn't take the one I was giving them, then they grabbed my other arm and stuck that pressure thing on it.
Then I fell asleep again.
Then I woke up and my mom was there, and I was being rolled back to that same place I laid on the bed before.
I was very sleepy, and someone brought me my regular clothes, and I was changed into them, and then this guy, and I think it was Jason maybe, started that pressure whatever, and started taking off all of these stickers that were stuck onto me before I fell asleep. And they were those ones that they stick on your head with wires--or on your heart--to monitor my heart, and then he took off this thing that was attached to my finger, to monitor my pulse.
THEN came the part where he took off my IV, and I really couldn't have cared less. I was deirious (sp?), and I just felt a slight pinch. Then some other dude brought a wheelchair, and I had no idea--until I tried getting up to walk.
I couldn't stand.
Or at least, I barely could stand. For I was so sleepy, and so out of it, that I couldn't lift myself really.
So I got in the wheelchair, he wheeled me down, my mom got the car, and he wasn't a very sociable person. I mean, for someone like me, who cares if I'm sleepy?!
TALK TO ME. I want to :P
But no, he was too busy checking out his cellphone.
So it was up to me, eh? FINE.
So I told him I liekd his cellphone--which was okay, I guess. I mean, it was nice, but I was so sleepy, all I noticed was that it was flat and silver. :D
He barely answered--"Oh yeah.. I like that it's flat--OH, your mom's here."
Psh. Whatever. I didn't want to talk to you anyway.
I was taken to my car, I got home, could barely walk still, slept for hours.
Then I woke up.
I'm as good as knew, and I have pictures of the inside of my stomach and throat and YEAH.
So I'm happy, and I'm cool, and I didn't have any school today (even if I take breaks as a homeschooler). :)

So I thank you all for the prayers. I know some of you have been asking to be kept up to date, and I really appreciate that you care so much. :) (I honestly do!!)
I'm going to go back to the hospital/doctor in two weeks to see how I'm doing, and whether I still need to take some of the medication I'm supposed to take everyday.
Thanks for your prayers, I still need them, but I'm so happy it hasn't been anything more.


November 28, 2008

11:30 P.M--I'm still thankful, 12:00 A.M--Guess what? I'm still thankful!

Well, I would've postedyesterday, but it was Thanksgiving. Typing up some of these posts turn out to be long and tedious and sometimes they turn out long....and yeah. =D lOl, I'm sure you guys are stunned, just like me, when you see posts longer than your hand--'cause I sure am. I'm constantly typing what I want to say, and then it turns out I'm either rambling, didn't get my point across, or I did, but it's SUPER long, and maybe needs editing?
But I'm thankful for that. I'm thankful for the opportunity of sharing my thoughts and belief(s) with other people. I'm thankful that I get to have fun with people that have become such great friends--just through bloggin. I may not know you guys in person, but every comment on my blog, I'm really thankful for. I feel like the more you post your thoughts and the more you talk to me, I am getting to know you, and we are becoming friends. And I'm extremely thanful for that. :)

Did you notice how many thankful's I put?
*Just wondering*

You know, yesterday was Thanksgiving (well, duh, you guys know that!), and the day before we had this pre-Thanksgiving Day with my church.
That was a lot of fun!
But that's not what I'm really going to talk about.

The day before yesterday, Wednesday, at our gathering, we were all talking about what we were thankful for. Well, at last some who were wanting to talk about what they were thankful for.
I felt that my thoughts were not needed, as I was a kid, and I would have said something if it was Double-Edge, my youth group, but I decided to give all the adults a try. ;)
ANYWAY, this young lady, Yali (Yaw-lee), who's in her twenties I think, started to speak up. SHe started to say how thankful she was for prayer. And for her aunt actually having terminal cancer.
Yes. Her aunt's going to die and she was thankful for the disease?!
Her aunt wasn't a Christian for a very long time, and Yali wasn't thankful for the pain and suffering her aunt was going through. NO, she was thankfu that through all of this, her aunt became a Christian! Saved, and when asked again if she believed, she said it again. She was a Christian. They asked twice, because when they had witnessed to her, she was going through lots of stuff, and they wanted to know if she meant it. BUT SHE DID. :D Isn't that great?!
Yali had her boyfriend behind her. And though her parents are usually at these meetings, they were with her aunt, and I know they would have been proud.
See, Yali's boyfriend isn't a Christian, and Yali was thanking God for so many things that day, that he actually listened. And that's really awesome.
We hope that Yali will be able to help him become saved too.
NEXT, Yali said she was thankful for prayer. She was telling all of us that usually everyone uses prayer as a last resort, or tells someone in the end that they'll pray for that person.
And you know what?
I think she's right.
Have you ever noticed that when someone says that he or she will pray for you, isn't it at the end of their sentence?
Jeez, when she said that I was like, "WHOA!" She was so right. That everyone tries even their own best, by themselves, hoping that God would give them strength, when usually they just want to be able to tell someone "I did it!"
Does God want that?
Guys, it's more like, "God did through me!", "With God's help, I can do it!", etc.
Now that I've got that point across, I'm going onto a new subject. (Wow, I already went into three, and TRUST ME, I had the hardest time resisting to actually just break this post into three of them. I could talk about them forever.
But no, it's the day after Thanksgiving. I think i'll give you guys a break.
~~~ --Topic 3 (my title, too)
Have you ever noticed that on Thanksgiving, EVERYONE is aways like "I'm so thankful for..." But on other days, everyone's mostly saying, "Oh I wish I had that!" or "Yeah, I love _____."
Isn't it sad that no one really says "I'm thankful" EVERY DAY? It shouldn't be just one day out of the year! It should be 365 days out of each year!
It's so disappointing to know lots of people who just take advantage of everything they have.
They aren't fully realizing how precious their life is.
I mean, even kids or adults or teens just say "I'm thankful" on Thanksgiving Day to everyone really quickly, just to get it over with so they can eat or relax.
Um, no.
I don't think so.
I'm sure God isn't very happy with you, but does that matter in your heart?
I sure hope so!
I'm thankful for Jesus.
I'm thankful for salvation.
I'm thankful for my family.
I'm thankful for my friends.
I'm thankful for food I get to eat.
I'm thankful for life.
Yeah, no one really realizes that GOd made each and every one of us.
We don't even need to be here.
God could snap his fingers and we're gone.
How would you like that?
Be thankful for life, and be thankful for EVERY SINGLE THING OUT THERE. Because you actually are a person. You're real, you have fingers and toes, eyes and ears, a nose, a mouth. Yeah, you're for real.

Thankful all the time,

November 26, 2008

Never Mind & Hospital Visit

As of right now, I'm not fully sure I want to change my layout. I changed it mostly back, but I forgot some of the colors I had in my original one, so it does look a little different, but not too bad.
Honestly, I liked those layouts, but I need to think of something more creative and more ME. I liked the smiley flower and the swirly one, but I don't think they went with what I want. SO hopefully, pretty soon, I'll be able to think of something.

I made a new blog, but there's no need to visit it regularly, unless you want to be kept posted about my expiriments with my blog.
It's called Crazy Bookie-kins. ;)
The link is
I have the smiley flower template on that one, and I'll probably use my swirls one on my NaNo blog.

On other things:
My ultra-sound (for my kidneys, liver, and other organs) went fairly well. It was going great in the beginning, except they mistook my name for a guys twice.
Since I won't really post my name here, I'll just give you an example.
You know how Taylor can be both a girl's and guy's name? Well my name is the female version of a guys name. WAY different right? Well, I was born in California, so therefore everyone knew the girl's name for that specific name, and the boy's name. Which everyone thinks IS totally different. Here, everyone's hispanic, and my name is actually spanish for the guy's name. SO TWICE they put me in the files as a guy. Which made the whole process longer, having to change my name and my gender.
It was okay doing the whole process of their checking me. I mean it can't be FUN can it?
Well after a certain amount of time and checking up on some things, they asked if I could drink 32 oz. of liquid. But my WHOLE PROBLEM is that I can't eat very much with this stomach issue, and if I do, I get sick. So I was extremely worried. So with the mix of food (because the doctors asked me not to eat anything that morning--I was starving), almost 16 oz. of liquid, and my anxiety, I got SICK. Like almost throwing-up sick.
And that lasted a while, and then, still reallllly sick, I had to drink some more water in order to finish this whole visit (WHICH I WANTED IT TO END, SO BADLY). Which didn't make me happy at all. But I was so upset that I had to stay longer the more I didn't drink. So I gulped down about 8 more oz. of water, and then we did it, and I went home.
So nevertheless, it was not a good visit at the end, but all's well that end's well.
I won't get the results yet till later, and NOW I HAVE a gastro-something- appointment to do on the 1st of December. Which I think will probably be better, but I'm not fully sure.
They're tsting for celiac this time, and they'll have to be sticking a camera down my throat. I will be knocked out of course, but this part is going to be a little weird.


November 19, 2008

Tests and Layouts

Okay! So I ask that you guys pray for me!!!
Tomorrow is a test at the local Children's Hospital, and I'm going to get an ultra-sound on a lot of organs and whatever. It's not for celiac or chrone's--it's just to see how things are inside of me...But I've been feeling strange today, and I just...I dunno, kinda worried. I've been feeling weird, but it's okay.


I'm going to change my backround again, I think.
So out of ten, me and DoT (aGoMC in my blogroll), went through TEN (jeez) layouts, and now I have only two that I'm not that sure of.
SO, help me out, guys!
Here's one:

And the other one wasn't working, so here's the link:

Okay, so tell me which one you liked better!


November 16, 2008

BELIEVE! *cries* Just believe....

Oh, my gosh.
Gee wiz.
I'm so ashamed of what I have just read. This article was posted in the forums, just to show how shameful our world is becoming. And I knew it before but I always thought it was more in different countries.
Have you seen this article????
It's so terrible! This article is proclaiming that this stupid humanist group want no god in the holidays. I'll quote, "'Our reason for doing it during the holidays is there are an awful lot of agnostics, atheists and other types of nontheists who feel a little alone during the holidays because of its association with traditional religion.'"
Um, excuse me?!
Did I get that right?
How about President's Day? Does that have any religion in it?
What about Valentine's Day? I was told that it was the day of love, guys.
And wait--You know, July 4th? Independence Day? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought we were celebrating our independence.
And one just came up last week.
I thought it was Veteran's Day. The day we REALLY show our appreciation for VETERANS...
OH, OH! And I just remembered. Halloween? *coughs and laughs* Oh yes, the day that I soooooo celbrate. *rolls eyes* No. I don't think so. I don't celebrate that holiday, and you know what, if athiests think the Christmas and the other holidays coming up exclude them, and they want to protest--I'M GOING TO PROTEST AGAINST THAT ONE! Really guys, come on. Think about it. There are Jewish holidays, (I think maybe Catholic ones), there are holidays that don't support any religion, and there are Christian ones.
Ho-hum, *whistles and looks away*. Sorry for bursting your bubble, but I think there are more than enough holidays NOT celebrating our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Thanksgiving is also praising and thanking Him, but I know there are a bunch of athiests that celebrate Thanksgiving too.
Isn't Easter and Christmas the only ones us Christians really get into? (Tell me if there are more, I forget right now).
This is really unfair. I encourage you to read this article too.

You know, in public schools and so forth, there was a Homosexual (Gay) Day.
Psh. Do I celebrate that since I'm Christian? NOPE. But I sure betcha that atheists do (especially the homosexual ones).
Dude, my parents haven't read this article YET, but even on my own accord, I KNOW ENOUGH to think that this is so stupid.
What a coincedence--Everyone tends to go against our religion. My relationship with God, but I need to break it to ya--you're not going to ruin my relationship with God, that's for sure.
Don't go with this, people. I don't care what you are. If you're Jewish, if you're Catholic, if you're Christian, if you're atheist. Um, don't you think this is unfair?
I hope you do, because in your right mind, you should be agreeing with me. If you're not--well, sorry. There are no means to offend you guys, but I have no comment to you.

Pray for this country, it needs your prayers,

P.S. --FOR MY NEW LAYOUT-- I kinda agree with Ian (he commented on my last post). I don't really like my layout either, SO, I might change it soon. If you see a new layout, or MY OLD ONE, back up. Then yeah, I changed it, don't freak out.

November 15, 2008

*gasps* For Fun?!

So all of these serious talks and posts and discussions and SO FORTH, have gotten me all tired out.
Lately I haven't been feeling my whole entire self, and just last night I started to feel a tad dizzy. I have no idea if it was from my lrecently lack of sleep, but I do think it was part of it. I stayed up really lte, and everything that's been going on is either SCHOOL, POLITICS, OR NANOWRIMO.
I've been reading for fun! I just fiished the second book in a series, and it's called "THe Penderwicks on Gardam Street". It's true, it could be a book for some kids a tad younger than me, but it fit my mood everytime I read it. It was just what I needed whn I was bored, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I enjoyed the first one, called "The Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy". And I'm currently reading a book called "So Yesterday". It's by the same author who wrote Uglies (in my last post, I believe). I enjoy hi books because they're fiction, fantasy, and sometimes they really make you think about stuff.
Both authors (Jeanne Birdsall, The Penderwicks. And Scott Westerfeld, Uglies--and many others in that series-- and So Yesterday) aren't Christian, but I do enjoy reading them.
Do you know how hard it is to find good boks these days?
One without indecent things (innapropriate stuff no kid wants to read), cussing like there's no tomorrow, and etc? It's VERY hard. I can barely find one. Much less, one that's Christian too!
So, when I tell you I like these books, I think you might like them too. But I'm a girl, so some of you might be like, "WHAT is she talking about? I wouldn't want to read those." And it's true, you might not. But at least I've been able to find those.
Now if you have any book recommendations, LET ME KNOw, NOW (or later, or soon), okay? And I'm for real! If it's your first time visiting this blog, go ahead and post a comment on which book was your favorite (or still is), or if you've never commented, comment now! Or if you have, and you always comment, what's keeping you from doing it now?

:D I need new books!

November 9, 2008

Uglies and New Layout

So I've been watching the polls, and I noticed that a lot have voted for new layout/backround, so I'm trying this one out for now, though I'm not sure I'll keep it, I'm satisfied now... :P
YOU HAVE TO COMMENT IF YOU LIKE IT!!! (or if you don't)
But that's all I have to say about that, I'll update my blog more and more to improve it! =]

WHY, AM I SHOWING YOU THIS BOOK? Well, I'm comparing it right now with some of the things our government wants to change. [AKA: Wants to take control over]. I'll give you my own summary of this book, for those who don't know anything about it.
Uglies [by Scott Westerfeld] is a book I just finished reading recently about a girl named, Tally. Tally is almost sixteen years old, and what does that mean? She's turning from ugly to pretty.
On the day of your sixteenth birthday all uglies from Uglyville must have an operation (basically like plastic surgery) in order to turn pretty and live in New Pretty Town.
This is one of Tally's dreams. To turn pretty and finally reunite with her friends, because she was the youngest. As a trickster, she decides to play a prank and meets a girl named Shay along the way. They become great friends, until Shay communicates her feelings that she does not want to turn pretty and be like all the other pretties and not unique. Tally doesn't understand this, so she and Shay quarrel. But then they make up.
*BASICALLY the whole book is how Tally and Shay rebel against the Specials (which is the government), and decide not to make everyone equal.*
I find this very coincdental now with our lives this moment. After the presidential candidates were voted in and out we finally have a president. Some people are happy and some people are sad.
What I've been hearing is making me sad. As a Christian homeschooler, I've been listening to people go on and on about forcing all kids into school. If my parents needed to send me to school, then I would go. Or if they gave me the option, I'd think about it more. But if someone forces me to go, it'll just make me want to rebel.
I've also heard that there are groups that want to take religion away from families. Or at least have parents stop teaching about Christianity.
Um, what is the point of all this?
Well, it's our goverment taking control--trying to make us al equal PHYSICALLY. Going to school, no religion [Christianity], and so forth. Yep, we'll be pretty equal.
It reminds me of that book I told you about up there. I was talking to a friend of mine, and she thought of it the same way. The government in that book wants to make everyone equal. You go from normal and no one looking alike--they're called uglies-- to this teen looking like an absolute model living in luxury just like everyone ese after sixteen.
It's insane. And I don't want to sit waiting for this to happen.
In the book, there are certain gadgets that everyone has to wear. Those gadgets actually speak to you and tell you where you can and cannot go. They report to the government where you've been and where you're gonna go.
I already see something like that in Cuba, ok?
I'm definitely not gonna be happy if that happens here.
But all we can do is pray, and TRUST ME, I'll be praying.


November 5, 2008

When life brings you down, remember, you're in the perfect position to pray...

I've seen an icon that says my post title so many times. I have that icon on some sites, I LOVE those words.
Wanna know why?

Ho-hum, guess who one?

I was singing "My God is so Big" yesterday, and I'm not done singing it today.
But guess my new song right now?
Since it's all in God's plan I'm singing, "My God is an Awesome God" and "The King is Exalted" (or maybe it's "He is Exalted"?).
Anyway, I'm sad that Obama won, it's very unfortunate that McCain lost.
But what we really need to do for our nation is PRAY.
Can you read my billions of y's in my PRAY?!
It's cause I really mean it.

I stayed up really late last night. And I did think maybe McCain was going to win, but that's ok. I'm going to continue to pray for my nation. I'm going to continue to pray for Mr. Barrack Obama. I'm going to continue to pray for the rest of the leaders of this country.
Most of them are Democrats, did you know? --PRAY--
And this is absolutely not to offend anyone, but this is my blog. Guys, you know I'm Christian, you know I post my thoughts. I am a little lunt about it, but for real.

Sing "He is Exalted" and "My God is an Awesome God". OVER AND OVER AGAIN. And...

When life brings you down, remember, you're in the perfect position to pray.
Goodness gracious.
Usually I would have put up links to my friends' awesome blog posts, but I advise you to go to all of them in the blogroll. Not just because they might be about elections (but I know for sure Twin4God and A Girl of Many Colors' is about our president), but they're really great. Better than mine, I can tell you that.

JUST 'CAUSE OBAMA's president right now, doesn't mean he wil be forever. It's best not to "flee the country", like my friend's mom wants to do (though, it's really funny how she's acting about it).
So we're going to have a hard time for these first 4 years. But what if it turns out kind of bad, and EVERYBODY decides for McCain?
That'll be real good.
But for now God has a plan for him, our country, and the whole world.
We're not sure yet, but I'm sure we'll see. :)


November 4, 2008

What Song Are You Singing?

Have I ever told you guys that I love to sing? Maybe not in public, because I'll get insanely nervous and shy, but I do. I've heard I have a nice voice, but the songs I'm singing is what means something.
I share a room with three other siblings. I'm part of five, and there's only one boy. He has his own room--blessed child. :P Well, I share it with my twin sister, and two other little sisters. The moment I woke up was when my mom knocked on the door, trying to get me up, and so we did. WE got up and the moment my twin sis sat up, she said, "I have song stuck in my head right now. And I've been barely up for a two minutes. Though, I only have the tune, I forgot the title and the words."
So we asked her to hum it to us, and right after that, I knew the song.
So I started singing it, very groggily.
"My God is so BIG, so STRONG and so MIGHTY, there's nothing my God cannot do!"
Coincedence?-- I think NOT!
I've had the song stuck in my head all day since this morning, and it's already one. I don't plan on it leaving, and right now I feel like singing it.


I find my self listening more and more and MORE to people say, "WE WANT CHANGE!" or "NOT TOO MUCH CHANGE!"
The first time I really got into this whole Obama and McCain thing--this whole election thing, I heard that there was just the MORE EVIL and the LESSER EVIL. I quoted it. Yes, I really did. I quoted it a few times. But now I've stopped.
Why say that. Mine as well not vote at all if that's what you're thinking.

This post isn't to offend you. I'm a McCain supporter and so is the rest of my family. Maybe I can't vote, but I do tell people I'm for McCain.
Supposedly he's the lesser evil. And I guess that's okay, but come on guys...
We keep saying, "I hope ____ is gonna win!" (For me, that blank spot is McCain.) But how about we also say/sing, "My God is so Big!"? (It's fun too!-lalalaa)

I'm praying now for God to just pick the right person, and of course He's gonna do that. Which one is that one? We have no clue, but it's all in His plan. :)
What Song Are You Singing???

Myyyyyyyyyyyyy GOD is so BIG!....

November 3, 2008

You and I, I and You--US!!!

OH. MY. GOODNESS. DID you SEE the title of my blog? Okay, that's a line from Pirates of the Carribean, and you might already have seen that movie and have known that line from anywhere, and you're like "My gosh, who cares?" BUT what a coincdedence!!!! <---I'll tell you why...

My post is about the elctions and what we did last night. What is really cool, is that I randomly just wanted to put "You and I, I and You, US" from Pirates of the Carribean, because You and I represents all of us in this country, but what I didn't realize till right after I put it in my title was that if you put periods right after 'U' and 'S' it makes--get ready for it-- U.S.!!!
Random I know, but I'm one of those people that get really excited over the stupid coincedence. :P
I just had to tell you guys that.
Ok, back to my topic.

Yesterday I was typing away with my NaNoWriMo story after church, and I found out that my dad was holding a prayer meeting here at my house at 6:00 pm. What NO ONE (but T4G and my twin sister) knew, was that I was kinda behind in my writing. --Check out my NaNoWriMo blog "Bookie's Nano" in my blogroll--
And so I was trying to rush, but take my time and whatsoever, but I also had to clean the house with my mom and sibs PLUS other stuff. I had no idea how many people were coming, but my mom bought a lot of food for a lot of people.
How did it go, you ask? Well, it went:
A PRAY-ER MEET-ING. Those kinds of meetings are fun and nice, but sometimes they get really tiresome. We hadn't had one in a while, so doing this one was cool. But what was amazing was that we were all crammed into my living room and dining room. Why is that amazing? Was that there was that many people. PRAISE GOD!
We were all sitting there and praying for our nation. No, the women did not pray out loud (that's not our jobs when there are men there), but we were praying along. The age range was at least from 50 yrs old to 16 yrs old men.
That was cool.
We were all either sitting tightly on a couch or shoving chairs right next to each others.
WE prayed and prayed for about an hour at least for our country to do the right thing. For the right president to be voted in. For our nation to be saved.
The Pledge of Allegiance says "In God We Trust", guys. NOT "In Man We Trust". NO.... It's not that.
Do you know how off we are? How a LOT of the U.S.A. is unsaved? In God We TRUST, In GOD we MUST, IN GOD--HE'S JUST.
He's better than all of our presidents. Whether it be Obama, McCain, or our current one, Bush.
Whether it might have been Romney, Clinton, or Huckabee.
He's better. God's better than any of them.
And all we have to say and do is "In God We Trust".

Pray for our nation either now, tonight, tomorrow, or everyday. It doesn't just have to be for Election Day on Tuesday, even though that's what we did pray for.

You and I, I and You, U.S.

In God We Trust,

October 29, 2008

What's up? Oh, nothing much...! *winks*

Whew! So this is an actual (not like my other posts weren't, but you get what I mean) post that will tell you what's been going on in Bookie's life.

Want a hint? My title of this post? VERY sarcastic. Just to let you guys know :D lol

Everytime somebody asks me what's up, I always answer with either "Nothing much" or "School". But doesn't everyone have school, so that's not much is it? I should just go with the N/M. WELL, I've decided to let you guys know what's the deal and why I haven't been posting very long and thoughtful posts.
NOTHING BIG, trust me. I just need you guys to pray for me and whatever.
Let me list some things in my everyday life, or is going to enter my everyday life.

1) School (Present-FUTURE [March?]). <_< Oh, the stressful and constant mosquito in my life. Biting me till I'm scratching ALL over! lol, well, just a figure of speech. But yes, I do have school that's been making me stressed. So at the end of the day, I decide to check out the DioM forum and other sites. I'm so not having my priorities straight, am I? SORRY!
2) NaNoWriMo (November 1-30). WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD I BE STRESSING OVER THAT, you ask?! Well, my answer should be short and simple (hopefully). I'm really serious about my writing--or I try to be. Sometimes I tend to be the opposite. But right now I haven't had the WANT to work on Blinded. And you seee my word counter there sitting all lonely and not updated. I keep telling everyone I have writer's block, and I'm not so sure that's the case. So, maybe if I do NaNoWriMo (a new story), then I don't know. It'll all come back to me.
3) Church events and such. We just had a really awesome Bible Geography Conference this past weekend. It was really cool.
4) My health. I saved this for last because I'm not so sure how to explain it or such, but this is kinda bigger than all the rest. And it's kinda stressful alongside school.... So-- I think I've mentioned somewhere inside all of these posts that I thought I had an acid-reflex problem? Am I correct. (I sure have no clue). Well, that's what I still might have.
STORY!!! :
But I went to a sleepover the other day, and it was 2 nights long. Longest time I've been away from my parents, and the farthest I've been from them in distance. It was because my friend was turning 15, and with hispanics/Latin people, the 15th birthday is one of the most important birthdays of them all. (I s'pose because --as my twin says-- "you're halfway to thirty"). Well, the days were going by quickly and I was having a blast! We went out to dinner, and I was finally eating a lot. (Just to briefly let you know, ever since my reflex problem has started, I don't eat as much as I really should. I throw up a lot, so sometimes I just eat small amounts so I don't get sick very often.) I was ate and ate till my heart was content, AND GUESS WHAT?! I got reallllllllllly nauscious. I can't even explain the feeling. I get nauscious sometimes, but not BAD unless I really am about to throw up.
Ho-hum, this is life for me.... I didn't want to ruin the dinner for the other girls and so forth, so I decided to just tell ___'s parents that I was gonna sit down on a nearby couch. (The restaraunt was really fancy) So I did, and I didn't want Tums right away (I usually take those for my stomach), because I HATE feeling dependent on pills. I pray and pray to get better, but it wasn't happening right away. So the, FINALLY, everyone decides to go home, and we go back to where we were staying. This girl was reallly nice to me. She decided that she wanted to stick with me until I was settled comfortably on a bed.
I was really sick, and almost sure I was gonna lay out the steak I had right before everyone. EXCEPT everyone was watching movies and I was in the bedroom--so never mind. One of my very good friends said that I could use her cell phone (which I don't have by the way), for whatever use I wanted. So guess what I did?
I CALLED MY PARENTS. I knew they were at this graduation I really wanted to be at, or coming home from one, but--
I MISSED THEM SOOOOO MUCH!!!! And I was in a LOT of pain. Finally, I was in so much pain that I jsut wanted to close my eyes and turn everything out of tune. I fell asleep. And when I woke up--IT WAS 4 something in the morning!!!!! But I was feeling soo much better.
Well, previously, that whole dilemma has happened to me TOO MANY TIMES to just be food poisoning or a virus.
It's got to be something wrong with me. I can't eeat till I'm full--which makes me really sad, and I throw up or get really nauscious if I do.
I'm slightly underweight for my age. I know I don't need to, but I will tell you-- I'm at least 94/95 lbs. And most girls my age are a hundred something. WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT? Most KIDS/TEENS my age are at least 10 lbs. heavier than I am. But it's honestly not my fault. It's not supposed to make you feel all weird inside if you weigh more, NO I"M JUST TELLING YOU TO PLEASE PRAY FOR ME. This is a whole lot, and I can't really take that much of it in.
I have no idea if it's acid-reflex. I've been taken to the doctor plenty of times.
Remember when I told you of my fear of shots? Well, I've been having blood withdrawn from me plenty of times.
I'm now gonna get tested for Chrone's disease and celiace disease. For the celiac, they have to draw blood (but I think that was in my last doctor's app.), and they have to stick a video/tubwe down my throat. For Chrone's, I"M NOT EVEN GONNA SAY. All I'm asking for is prayer for me to find out what's wrong. It's not fun to be sick, I'm sure you know that.

WELL, enough about me!
Comment on my blog if you've updated and I don't know about it. I'd love to read your posts.


------God ROCKS, and I love Him very deeply. Any of this, if I do have a disease or just acid-reflex, is all in His plan. I won't complain anymore, and I'm sorry about that in this post. I praise Him in everything, and this won't be a curse, it's a blessing so I can tell everyone that it's ok to have problems, still trust in the Lord.

October 28, 2008


I made another blog that's just about the NaNoWriMo thing.... But since NaNoWriMo is only really for Novemeber and once a year, it's not like a "replace Bookworm4God's old blog".
And I promise I'll do one of my important posts, or something other than my really broing-lately posts!!!


THe blog is under "Bookie's NaNoWriMo" and it only has one post so far.


October 27, 2008


WOO-HOO! A new post!!!


Not intense and just for fun, at that, too!

ALRIGHT, so here's the thing. I'm still writing in my story Blinded. But, I'm having writer's block, and I decided, after a few friends of mine (through the forum and other places), that I would join this contst called NaNoWriMo. It stand for National Novel Writing Month, and it's only in November. You have to reach the 50,000 word goal, otherwise you don't win. The prize is a certificate (if you do pass 50k words) and self-satisfaction that you did it :D
I've already gotten a story idea and a lot of my friends are doing it.

I ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO IT, TOO! It's great practice. Even if you don't want to become a writer when you grow up (or now). You can practice grammar rules, spelling, and all other sorts of junk. (whoops, did I just say junk? my bad :P )

November is all from writing scratch. You may outline, but no starting, unless you're restarting without help. You edit in DECEMBER. No editing in November. Not really allowed. So yup!

If you want more details, ask moi!


(P.S. If you are already on there, my user is bookworm4god . !!! Super creative, eh?)

October 20, 2008

I will continue...

Alright, so this will be a very short post for right now. I have tons of stuff to do, but I decided to continue the contest. My brother has really gotten into it, and even though everyone else is sorta busy, I think there might be enough time do it at least a picture andverse a day :D

I won't put a deadline, I'll ask later if everyone's finished or not quite, but thanks for all the encouragement!! :D

I'll post soon, and it'll be longer--PROMISE :D ,

October 16, 2008

It's been a while... :/

Whoa! Sorry for not having been on in so long! It's been forever, but I've been so busy. There's been lots of school going on, then forgetting about the blog when I can, and then music, and such.

It's been a while ;)

Well, since I've kinda forgotten about the contest till now, I think I'm just gonan stop it.

Tell me what you think. No one really has been that into it, and I think I know what they mean by being super busy. :/
I feel bad, but you guys tell me if you still want it or you don't care.

I'll post more soon!!


September 24, 2008

Twin4God's contest and mine

For my contest I have set a deadline to finishing up their work!

Your pictures and verses should be done and given to me on Oct. 28. That should give all of you participants enough time to work :D

ALSO, my friend Twin4God is having a contest, it's very easy too! She's in my blog and roll list so check it out!
It's probably the msot easiest one I've ever been in ;) lol

Check out my blog soon for more updates!!!


September 15, 2008

Review of Enoch's Ghost

WOW! That's just one word of many that I have to say about this book. Amazing. Awesome. Cool. Great! I just loved this book. It's probably my favorite in the whole Oracles of Fire series. Not only do Ashley, Walter, AND Thigocia come back, but so does Karen, the never-ending outrageously funny computer-- Larry, Gabriel, Sapphira, and Elam! I was so amazed at how complex, yet simple this read was! I could understand the concept of when Hades and Earth combined, and usually I just have trouble with my math homework!
Super-genius Ashley and her sister Roxil are trying to find the love of God, while Gabriel, Karen, Sapphira, and Walter are trying to figure out what's happening between earth, heaven, and Hades!
In this exciting and adventurous book you'll find everything you want. A Christian Sci/Fi book that will entrance you in it all the way through.

Review of Last of the Nephilim

This new addition to the series Oracles of Fire was awesome! All of your favorite characters come back! Billy, Bonnie, Ashley, Walter... And your favorite dragons too! I was amzed at how this book turned out. Each one just gets better and better even when you think it's absolutely impossible!
In this spellbinding book you will find so much adventure! I laughed, I cried, I smiled. I felt like I was practically inside of this book! It's one of my top favorite books that I've ever read. It has mystery, a love for God, friendship, humor, and just baout everything else. You will never be disappointed with this book!
I recommend it to any Christian, whether you're young or old, it doesn't matter, you'll love it anyway!

September 6, 2008

It's Started! :)

The contest has officially started!
If you'd like to enter (even if it is a little late and after the deadline) you may :) Just post a comment or find someway to tell me =D

So far:

1)Princess S.
8)and possibly Annabella :)

Well gracias [:

The starting post (just in case you need to review) is this link.


September 2, 2008

En Memoria De Jesus

Alright, so I've been back to my "thinking hard" lately =D And I'm going to post my thoughts again, like I usually do...

Info: The title in English (for those of you who don't know much Spanish--like me) is "In Memory of Jesus", though I'm sure you smart people figure that out already ;)

Topic: I've been thinking of people who act Christlike, and people who don't care, and so forth--you'll see.

Here we go: So yes, I've come back to my regular posting of "important to me" things. And so when today I was stuck on not knowing what to post to a sudden brainstorm of "I GOT IT!" I was really happy. It was really at a store I went to, and I guess this has nothing to do being Christlike or such, but it was really of being kind. I was leaving the store when I saw this little girl around 5 or 6 sticking a hand in her pocket, and she was walking next to her dad. I was curious as to what she was holding and so I sort of slowed down to watch her for a second. But I was leaving, and I wasn't about to tell my mom, "Hold on, I wanna see what this little girl has in her pocket." No, I just turned me head and I saw her take out the reciept and hand it to the man who was checking the receipts and items (that's what, at least, this store does). And then I had a flashback of me doing the exact same thing when I was her age. I would ask my mom (who usually is the one to grocery shop) for the receipt to hand to the "man with the highliter". And my mom would always give it to me, or my sister, or someone, and we would give it to the guy or lady (whoever it was that day). And you all are thinking, "Why in the world would she want to hand a receipt to some dude? Only because she feels grown up?" And that was it at first, but then the person would ALWAYS draw happy faces or something cool, but mostly happy faces, and that made US happy. Someone actually felt like doing some stupid thing that would make us happy. Stupid as in not important, not dumb.
SO can you now guess why I was looking back? Yeah, I was looking back to see if the guy was drawing a happy face, and I never did get to see, but usually they just make a slash on the receipt and hand it back, but he actually put the receipt on the wall and took some times, so i'm pretty sure he did do something like that. AND THAT MADE ME SMILE.
Okay, yeah it sounds strange, but I was actually amazed that someone wasn't actually bored with their job. I always see someone with a sour look on their face, or tired, or something and they never enjoyed what they were doing. What they were there for.
But what does the title "En Memoria De Jesus/In Memory of Jesus" have to do with this. WELL I've pointed out three things so far in someway, think about it.
1) Kindness/Thoughtfullness,
2) Wanting to do something right, and
3) Not wanting to do something right.
Now, yes, most people who don't care or don't have the right attitude aren't Christians, and the majority of this world aren't Christians either, but when you ARE Christian and you ARE eager to do work or something nice it shows, and it feels nice to not only any other person you'll affect, but yourself. Remember my post about Honduras? How I so want to go back and help, or I felt closer to God over there, I think it had to do something with all of the other people surrounding me.
There wasn't just the people and their poverty, but there were the people WITHOUT the poverty too. Yup, I did want to help because there were people who barely had homes, but it was also the effect other people had on me. Most ALL the people in the place that I was staying at, MEDA, were joyful to do work for the Lord. Maybe there was a kid or two who didn't feel like it, but the rest of them and all the adults, sweating, tired, and stressed, were still perfectly happy to be doing the work they had started. And so NOW, even here in the States, I've become joyful.
I used to be all upset at--
doing chores
practicing my violin,
and whatever every other kid here complains about.
BUT, since I've come back, I always think about the others that worked around me.
Who says nobody pays attention. Who thinks someone like me would pay attention to those around.
"Pff, that girl wouldn't care in the world that I've been helping out."
You've got it wrong. ANYTIME you think that, remember that there's a HUGE possibility that you've made a mistake.
Because I did. I payed attention. I listened to their songs, sang with them too. I really LOOKED at the attention spans of some people. I REALLY saw everyone there. And I really HEARD and SAW the joy that everyone had. It made me happy to do the Lord's work, and I wish so many other people would have that joy too. Believe me, see it, and know it for real. I know a lot of friends and other kids wouldn't look at that, because
1) they may not be Christian, and
2) they don't really have that kind of attitude.
It's not in memory of Jesus. It really isn't here. It's not msot everywhere, even in Honduras. No, but it is in somewhere.

Well, I hope that made sense. I hope my post was organized enough... Sometimes I feel weird doing this because maybe it does sound strange, or odd, or whatever. But it really feels good to actually share it and I'm glad I do post my "imprtant thoughts". I know some of you do enjoy them =D

ALSO, En Memoria De Jesus was engraved on a table in the church I went to for those two weeks I spent on my missions trip. I'm pretty sure those were the exact words. I should be at least... ;) Since I didn't really understand the spanish sermon, I was staring at those words forever :D


September 1, 2008

YES! 3 more in a day!

ahha, so I'm excited, I got 2 more participants in one day =D
List of people:
1) Princess S. (would the other Princesses like to join? They can each do their own =D, but only if they want to)
2)Zoe (she's in my blog roll too)
3)Bryce --blog "Twin4God"
4)DoT --blog "A Girl of Many Colors"
5)Paris (in my blog roll)
7)Santi (lol, my little bro =D)

so yayyy :D

I'm so happy =D lol


EDIT: Whoops, I just realized I had Zoe in there twice. My bad, I fixed it though.

5 Participees

lOl, so we have another participee in my contest so far. *Sadly just one more* I thought maybe a bunch of people loved photography and drawing-- oh well :P

So in all we have:
1) Princess S. (would the other Princesses like to join? They can each do their own =D, but only if they want to)
2)Zoe (tell me if you'd still like to do it :D)
3)Bryce --blog "Twin4God"
4)DoT --blog "A Girl of Many Colors"
5)Paris (in my blog roll)

Yay, it's still open to join anyone. This is gonna be really fun and i can't wait till it starts so i can see everyone's creativity in photography and/or drawing skills =D

For more information this is the post that has started it all: New Contest. And this one too: Participants and Participating.



August 28, 2008

Participants and Participating

Alrighty :D

We have a few people who will probably participate, and a couple who would like to, but can't, so I thought of someways that all of you can.

The ones that have no problemos with posting the pictures and verses are:
1) Princess S. (would the other Princesses like to join? They can each do their own =D, but only if they want to)
2)Zoe (tell me if you'd still like to do it :D)
3)Bryce --blog "Twin4God"
4)DoT --blog "A Girl of Many Colors"

Those listed up there will HOPEFULLY *wink* join in the fun. =D It'll be really cool.

Cassidy/Mitzi, do you have a photobucket or something where you can post pictures? Or you can e-mail me (if you're comfortable with that--see i have an e-mail just for my blogging and other stuff) them, and just post your verses here and just mark them with 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 to go along with the pictures. Either way is fine, I can do whatever, just tell me what you think.

There will now be a deadline to what day I'm going to start the contest, so the day before that, if you want to join, YOU HAVE GOT TO POST A COMMENT ON MY BLOG, e-mail, forum, facebook (to whoever has mine), whatever, so that way i'll know!

If you do not blog, and know me personally or by another site, I'm going to need you to post your username or first name when you post your comment to join. Just click on Name/Url. You don't have to add a site if you don't want to, but if you do that's fine, all you have to put is your user or name. REMEMBER there are plenty of ways to post pictures, so just ask if you need help. ;)

Deadline to post, which means the day after i will start the contest, is: Sept. 5th

I'm giving you a week and a day... REMEMBER =D



August 22, 2008

New Contest

Ok... So I've looked at the poll, and I've decided to do a more involving contest than last time.

I haven't picked a name for it yet... so yeah. But here's how it goes.

Pick five of your favorite verses, then draw or take a picture of something that relates to those verses. The closest or the best ones will be picked by me. There will probably be 5 place winners.

This is how it's gonna work: After picking your favorite verses and doing the pictures (drawing or taaking), put it up on your blog, each verse under the picture. AGAIN: There will be more than one winner, and sorry, but there's no prize... 'Cause just like all of you, I don't have asnything to give or how to give as a prize =P lol

Comment my blog telling me you'll participate. Guys, since this is a very easy contest, and maybe you don't want to do it, that's fine, think of it as a way to memorize verses in the Bible. A project sort of...

1)You must have a Bible. There is no way to get out of that one.
2)This has to be on your own. No help drawing or taking the pictures. It's all YOU. I know i don't have proof that you did it, but hey, you guys are trustworthy ;)
3) Have fun! For real, this isn't to be all competition... It's just a way to have fun memorizing verses, and drawing and taking pictures. =D

If I think of anymore, I'll tell... But right now the contest HAS NOT started, I'm waiting for comments on who'll participate. So don't start yet!!

Details on everything later,

August 19, 2008


Wow. So okay... I'm back from Honduras.
Let's just say that when I came home everybody knew I was super depressed. I felt no sense of joy arriving back in Florida. You must be thinking "Well she's strange" or "Why in the world is she depressed she's home?" or just "Why?". Dude, that place is a totalllllyyyy different world. Different from the U.S. even if every country is land on water on earth. It's different. China, Russia, Europe, Cuba... Everywhere you go, there's always something new. Honduras is probably (or maybe just is) the second poorest country in the world, and right now I wish I lived there. It has nothing to do with it's poorness and it does at the same time for me. Here barely anyone see people with children living in homes that could be the size of a bathroom or just a tad bit bigger, but yet their still surviving, which still amazes me. No one, at least where I live, is as nice as the people over there. And no one begs, and everybody helps, and most everybody has a heart that wants to serve the Lord.



When I was in the plane yesterday there were these two little kids, one boy and one girl, who talked so loud. The boy was older than hi sister so he basically did all the talking, but he and his sister were "By themselves!" and their "Dad's coming home in a week!" It was so annoying. When we arrived in the airport and got in the car and arrived home I was so sad. Then I went to the store with my dad and the people there... I could totally tell the difference. One lady and her husband and her two daughters were in line behind and then next to me when my dad was getting the car in the rain. They were either cursing, laughing so annoyingly, yelling, or something that totally ticked me. I mean sheesh, all I could think of was, "You guys totally need God, and I probably won't ever see you again." Whish is kinda hard to think about.

We went evengelising (sp?) in the mountains, and this family I practically lived with, but not quite, took me and my mom. It was such a neat experience, but totally sad. I went with a group of all guys on the hardest trail, and I think I had it easier than everybody because they kept stopping to help me out, but at one point I almost slipped when were getting near to this really remote place. It had these septic tanks and some of us were a little freaked, but then a Honduran man told us that they had nothing bad in it except for water. And then I gave a really sick face when I found out that not only was the water in there to wash the Honduran people's (the ones who can't afford ANYTHING) clothes, but to wash themeselves in it, AND probably water to boil. That water and some streams we saw looked sick and digusting.
Something that frustrated me was the the first people we evangelised to was a man, his wife, and his daughter. His wife must've been just a little bit older than I am, with already a 4-5 year old baby. But that wasn't what frustrated me. What totally made me want to wring their necks was that they had smirks on their faces, and I saw the wife laugh a little. And then, in the end, since they were working with whatever there, his little excuse was "I'm working, please leave me alone. I'm Catholic." I could totally see in their eyes that they weren't saved, that they weren't planning on being saved, and that I might not ever get to see him again in Heaven.
"I'm working." "I'm Catholic."
I wanted to slap him in the face, but that would've been totally out of turn, especially since I was the only girl there and the youngest, too. But did they not see what was gonna happen? I mean, we just brought out a Bible. We just talked to him about Jesus. And the whole thing started with "Do you know you're going to die?" and "Do you know where you're going after that?" I MEAN GOSH!!!!!! I would've probably broke down crying about my death and not knowing where I was going! Ugh. Disgusting and dissappointing.
We walked on, and the next two men were Catholic and working too. Oh well. I'm sorry for them. Then we finally came to a very small "house". It was dirty, there were a few skinny-to-the-bone dogs, like 10 roosters and chickens, a kitty, a woman, and her daughter, that was probably only 5-6. She was shy at first but then when everything got comfortable and her mom started talking with our group, she became less shyer, so then she ran and got a banana. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW CLOSE I GOT TO GIVING HER MY GRANOLA BAR I was gonna eat for snack/lunch. She finished a rotten banana. Then when we were finished and offered to pray with/for the woman. Her responce (in Spanish of course) "No... Maybe later." Like we were gonna come back later... Psh.
Last came a 54 year old lady. We sat down on benches in front of her "house" and she had basically the same amount of pets and whatever (all so tempting to pet). But what was sad is that she had absolutely no clue of the Bible. Nothing of Adam and Eve. Nothing of Jesus dying on the cross. Nothing even of Jesus. She didn't know who He was or that there was a God. She had never heard, and that was soo sad. When explaining that in the beginning there was a garden that God made for a man he also made, and then that He made a woman from the rib of Adam, I was thinking, "Like she is gonna believe all of this at once. It all sounds like a fairy tale, but it's soo true."

I felt like I could do more over there, than over here. Is it really so weird for me to wanna go back?

Besides all that sad stuff I had tons of fun. I've already written about our work for the first week. We had all fun the next week. ATVing, Volleyball, Hiking, playing a game called Killer, all sorts of stuff. We had this event for one day, and it was Olypics for us kids... We all had teams of 4-5 and there were about 4 teams, and mine won! Even though I thought we were way behind. Which was so awesome :D

I've basically made like 12 new brothers over there... Plus a few little sisters =D

Sorry if that picture I posted in my last one didn't come out... I might try again later.

Well comments are totally free, so remember to post them =D (:


August 15, 2008

Having Fun!

Sooo I'm having soo much fun here!!!

I can't post much now, but right now I will ask for you to pray for me. My acid reflex problem has been kicking up and today i threw up a little bit and now every morning i haven't been feeling all that well.

But other than that it's been a totally great 2 weeks!! I've made new friends from old, i haven't seem them in forever, and some ones i barely knew are now really great ones. This girl I just met got along with me and my tin really well. We were three girls next to all guys, so it was kinda comforting but she already left for California where she lives because she was just visiting.

We've wrked the whole first week... It was so cool, because one day i was painting this swingset and i had any idea (along with my twin) that we should put handprints on the slide, and so, since MEDA is a conservative Crhistian seminary place, we were allowed to do it on the back. I have a picture of it.

Isn't it neat? lol Most of the first wek was practically all of working with wood to make bunk beds, but it was mostly only for the kids because the adults and kids split up for gardening, painting, and wood-working. I never want to sand again in my life. =D I sanded for hours and hours straight. From morning to like 5 in the evening. Now when i feel picnic tables i'm always calling out "This needs a 220, guys!" or "This needs a 60!" Those are the numbers for different types of sand paper. Ugh. :/ lol
And i don't want to deal with varnishing wood either. Makes me a tad sick to my stomach, along with anothr kid named Josiah. :P

This second week has been a blast! I've ATVed, riding and driving, us kids have played several different games, had a fire at night, and an olympics for the kids. Which I, and all of my other teammates one the whole thing. It's been a blast. :D

I added a new link. My new friend Noah has a blog so i did that favor for him.

I gotta go eat dinner, but still pray for all of us!

see ya,

P.S. I'll post some more awesome picatures soon!!! *I have tons, but i don't have time*

August 3, 2008

Leaving Tomorrow...

Okay, so I won't be posting much, or maybe I will.
I'm leaving for Honduras tomorrow and I don't get back until the 18th. So basically the 4th-18th i shall be in Honduras or coming back...or going--lol, and we have to get to the airport by at least 1:00 or 12:30 o'clock. So pray for us. I know that we probably all live in different time zones, but it prayer still works no matter what ;) Our flight actually leaves at 4 o'clock i think, but our airport is always super crowded and customs takes forever, even though it's one of my favorite parts ;) lol.
I FOUND MY CAMERA (yes DoT I know you're whooping for joy!! lol), since i had lost it a couple of days ago. THen I had it yesterday and i was messing with it and then today I couldn't find it. And-er-funny story, I was video taping myself playing the violin, and I had put it on my window sill think, "oh i'll get it and pack it later." And then i couldn't find it today, I looked all voer my desk and my bed and everything, then when i looked up from my footboard, packing something, i looked at my window and there it was, sitting by it's case on the sill. WOW, but that's me.... ALL THE TIME. I'm constantly losing everything when it's been somewhere super obvious :P
I'll take some pics and post 'em on here. (yayyyy!)
OH AND DoT!!!! THANKS SOOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR paraghraph about me in your post!!! I'm missing you right now 'cause you're usually not on when it's Sunday, and you probably won't be tomorrow because of your family thing. SO YEAH, I MISS YOU!!! *already*

I might get internet over there, so I might actually be posting sooner than i actually think, but we'll see... woo-hoo. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, i mean, SOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!! =D

Also, prayers for the mountain trip when we get there. We have to drive down a mountain, which has it's road only for like... 1 1/2 cars or just barely 2, and i heard they made it better, but last time we drove down when we arrived, it was light, and then it turned dark. And these HUGE Semi's were rounding the curb like they knew everything, and you can't see them when their coming around it, so yeah, pray for no car crashes and tumbling cars!!! *for real, i'm not kidding :P*

lol, i've packed a suitcase/travelbag, but it's going as a suitcase, because then i'm bringing my backpack on board the plane and you can only take one carryon and 2 suitcases so yeah :)

I'm out, in a while crocodiles,

August 1, 2008

Whoa Cfnoseud

So this is a really short post, but i thought we needed some new fun post or something like that and i found this thing. It's brilliant--well i think it's pretty neat, at least :D

Can you raed tihs? Olny srmat poelpe can. I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg.The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm.

ISN"T THAT AWESOME?????? i thought so =D lol
tell me what you think :)


July 28, 2008

Water Fun!

So I went to a water park with my friends and their family, for their brother's (they're twins) birthday! It was sooo much fun :D
A couple of you have gone to Princesses K, S, & A's blog (they're on my blog roll), and they have posted a couple of pictures, so I'm going to post a couple of mine =D

Here we are with K, S, A, Me, C, my twin sis C, and EVERYBODY!

K, A, and Me, and my twin sis C, and their sis C.

All of us trying to eat cupcakes :D

My fiance... yessir, he is... Sorry it's not rotated, but you can see how adorable he is ;)
YES WE ARE ENGAGED, he just doesn't know it yet. :)

Yes, by the way, I'm the one in the dark blue bathing suit, and glasses xD
Hope you like 'em!


July 27, 2008

The Title Contest is Over!

WOW!!! That was so close, but I officially have a title now for my story. I really like Raconteur and Blinded, but I guess Blinded was the best!! --i like it =D
Here are the results:
Raconteur 3 votes

Blinded 4 votes

Double Edge 2 votes

Soar 1 vote

So there ya go, I'll probably use Blinded since it's so popular and very very mysterious/cool. And somehow I'll find another way to use Double Edge and Raconteur again.
Yes, I know, what about Soar? *I didn't like it very much... Sounded too much like a song title then a book title/series title.* So yupp!!

Thank you all for participating. This contest was not just for people who like to write to participate, but for all of my friends! =D
I am thinking of having another contest soo, but with more participation than just a simple poll that lasts forever...
If you have any ideas for that, let me know. Of course I don't want to take away ideas that you might want to use for the future, so think about it ;)

in a lil while crocodile =P,

July 25, 2008

wOOt! New YCFer!!

So yay!!!
My bloggin buddy joined the YCF!!!

So now, what, we have 20 something members... YAY... (23 maybe?)

DoT's her name, being weird's her game... naw I'm just kidding.
Acturly, DoT's just a nickname for her, but i'm not gonna keep typing A Girl of Many Colors or Daughter of Thigocia everytime, so there ya go!
But give a huge welcome, okay you guys?
She's on my blog roll, obviously :D

And so later I'll post about my poll, but right now i don't have the time :/ lol

love ya,
bookie <3

July 23, 2008

Depression-- It's Sad

I've now decided (not officially, but we'll see how it works) to organize my thoughts through posts a little better, so you'll see some of the changes... Like i'll put info as the first to talk about my introduction to the topic I'm going to post about, etc. You get it:)

Info: Well, I decided that after posting about "Me or You?" "P.E.: Pure Endurence" & "To Lie or Not to Lie is the Question", that i was actually gonna approach the topic of Depression.
"Depression--It's Sad" is not the original title of this post, it was actually "Depression for Free!" and then to "It Seems like History to Me". But I decided not to do those, because I seem to like to make ironic/funny titles, and the second one was pretty good, but this one is just a mere coincedence in it's line. ;)

Topic: Your Different Kind of Depressions.
Rating: Teens (I just wouldn't want little kids freakin out over something I typed/said)

Here we go: Preaching again? Yes. "Important" again? To me--YES. Interesting to you? lol, Hopefully. Well, here we go... Back into a not-so-happy topic, but it's everywhere.
Do you remember those stories about the Depression? Those lessons you had to take in history about it? Those stories that were based on it that we ALL had to read. Some boring some not-so-boring, but we all suffered through that. Or maybe you have a grandparent or elderly friend that you know that was in it. But that's not the point. The Depression was a sorry thing. People were poor, and the people that were rich were the ones that owned cars or went to the movies. But now we live like there's no such thing, even if there are still poor people out there, it's not that big of a deal. And that's pathetic... But I'll have a topic on that later. (lol)
Now do you see all those people who are in depression still? And it's not even for that great of a reason. The world now (and the Depression never really had these people) has people, kids, teens, adults who are in this great depression for no huge reason. At least not as bad as the actual Depression. That was history, the whole 'poor people and losing money and everything... The Great Depression' thing. Now our history as the whole 'mostly teens who call themselves emo, goth, and other people call them cutters and other stereotypes who actually either get killed or practically killed or are in this stupid depression' thing. That's what it is. Stupid.
I have a neighbor who actually grew his black hair out, drsses all in black now, and has many friends who do the same thing. He's in high school and most of his "black" friends are from there. Now dressing in black is fine, but when you do it constantly, you're called something. Most of the time it's either punk, emo, or goth. But it's kinda sad that people are representing themselves this way. It kinda reminds me of people who are with the Devil. And it may not be that, but I mean, if you're supposedly Christian, you don't want to have say in the all the time all black thing.
My blog is black, yes, because I do like the color for somethings--- AND it's also to reach out to other people who accidently passed by or have heard of my blog and are in stereotypes and whatever. That's my main goal, and it also reminds me of who we all are. Black is now an "in" color. It's cool, but only on occasions. This does not mean that I'm like them because I like dressing in a shirt that's black or pants or whatever. I'm not goth or emo or punk or a cutter because of that. I'm definitely not in a depression...(lol, that is totally NOT me).
Now why are people in depressions? Because (and again these are MY thoughts, my opinions) their life isn't all that great. People are taking drugs because their life isn't that great. Now think about this in a Christian point of view: God puts obstacles in our way. Without them, we'd never learn, we'll never learn. Both present and future (I think--lol). But the thing is, God would never give you something that you COULD NOT handle. I mean, it may be bad, but it's something that will go away sometime. He loves us too much to actually do that. As a kid, my obstacles are through friends who've said they didn't like me much (some friends huh?), or they didn't like something I had or have. As a teen, my obstacles are friends who betray, friends who dis others that you would not like, moving, surviving through those dramatic friendships that some people will cause. It's not cool, but it'll go away. There was one I perfectly remember that hurt me so much. I thought a friend had lied to me telling me something was not true, and then went off doing it. It hurt a lot, because the problem was kinda big, and I'm the type of person who's perfectly honest when someone has done something mean to me. Remember my lying topic? Remember how I told you that I can't lie, well I confronted my friend, and i was told that the whole thing was joke played back on me. It hurt but I was angry. But then later I realized that this is something I just need to forgive about. Something that is an obstacle until i say it's over. I decide it's over by not mentioning it, by not giving someone the silent treatment, by just being KIND to that person. Yeah, it was kinda hard. I kind had a very rude/witty comment to say back to my friend, and I did (wow, booky, wow), but i needed everything to be normal again.
Depression takes itself around and around, but it's not really depression, because that's history.
Have you ever heard that saying, "The past is history, the future is a mystery, and now is present, that's why it's called a gift."? I liked that saying, but it has the same effect. The Depression is history, our future on here is a mystery, and now is a gift, so why be all sad? Sure, fine, be in a depression, just don't do anything drastic. God wants us alive and healthy.
God wants us happy and optimistic, not down and sad.

Well, there I went. All into it again. You can tell when I actually make humungo posts. I understand if you just skipped over some stuff ;)
These posts, I know I'm repeating (it's just because I don't want anyone offended when I write these), are my thoughts and opinions and stuff. It's my "voice". You CAN tell me what you think. You can comment on here your opinion or vois or thoughts, because that is so totally why I wrote this down. I want to know your views so I can compare them with mine. If you liked it that's great, TELL ME SO I COULD USE SOME SUPPORT! (lo) If you didn't, and you care to voice this out, don't do it harshly, okay? Maybe if you told me why, I might actually agree with you because it was never thought about... Hmmmm, think about that! muahahahahaha lol.

Well thanks!!!

Later gators,