July 23, 2008

Depression-- It's Sad

I've now decided (not officially, but we'll see how it works) to organize my thoughts through posts a little better, so you'll see some of the changes... Like i'll put info as the first to talk about my introduction to the topic I'm going to post about, etc. You get it:)

Info: Well, I decided that after posting about "Me or You?" "P.E.: Pure Endurence" & "To Lie or Not to Lie is the Question", that i was actually gonna approach the topic of Depression.
"Depression--It's Sad" is not the original title of this post, it was actually "Depression for Free!" and then to "It Seems like History to Me". But I decided not to do those, because I seem to like to make ironic/funny titles, and the second one was pretty good, but this one is just a mere coincedence in it's line. ;)

Topic: Your Different Kind of Depressions.
Rating: Teens (I just wouldn't want little kids freakin out over something I typed/said)

Here we go: Preaching again? Yes. "Important" again? To me--YES. Interesting to you? lol, Hopefully. Well, here we go... Back into a not-so-happy topic, but it's everywhere.
Do you remember those stories about the Depression? Those lessons you had to take in history about it? Those stories that were based on it that we ALL had to read. Some boring some not-so-boring, but we all suffered through that. Or maybe you have a grandparent or elderly friend that you know that was in it. But that's not the point. The Depression was a sorry thing. People were poor, and the people that were rich were the ones that owned cars or went to the movies. But now we live like there's no such thing, even if there are still poor people out there, it's not that big of a deal. And that's pathetic... But I'll have a topic on that later. (lol)
Now do you see all those people who are in depression still? And it's not even for that great of a reason. The world now (and the Depression never really had these people) has people, kids, teens, adults who are in this great depression for no huge reason. At least not as bad as the actual Depression. That was history, the whole 'poor people and losing money and everything... The Great Depression' thing. Now our history as the whole 'mostly teens who call themselves emo, goth, and other people call them cutters and other stereotypes who actually either get killed or practically killed or are in this stupid depression' thing. That's what it is. Stupid.
I have a neighbor who actually grew his black hair out, drsses all in black now, and has many friends who do the same thing. He's in high school and most of his "black" friends are from there. Now dressing in black is fine, but when you do it constantly, you're called something. Most of the time it's either punk, emo, or goth. But it's kinda sad that people are representing themselves this way. It kinda reminds me of people who are with the Devil. And it may not be that, but I mean, if you're supposedly Christian, you don't want to have say in the all the time all black thing.
My blog is black, yes, because I do like the color for somethings--- AND it's also to reach out to other people who accidently passed by or have heard of my blog and are in stereotypes and whatever. That's my main goal, and it also reminds me of who we all are. Black is now an "in" color. It's cool, but only on occasions. This does not mean that I'm like them because I like dressing in a shirt that's black or pants or whatever. I'm not goth or emo or punk or a cutter because of that. I'm definitely not in a depression...(lol, that is totally NOT me).
Now why are people in depressions? Because (and again these are MY thoughts, my opinions) their life isn't all that great. People are taking drugs because their life isn't that great. Now think about this in a Christian point of view: God puts obstacles in our way. Without them, we'd never learn, we'll never learn. Both present and future (I think--lol). But the thing is, God would never give you something that you COULD NOT handle. I mean, it may be bad, but it's something that will go away sometime. He loves us too much to actually do that. As a kid, my obstacles are through friends who've said they didn't like me much (some friends huh?), or they didn't like something I had or have. As a teen, my obstacles are friends who betray, friends who dis others that you would not like, moving, surviving through those dramatic friendships that some people will cause. It's not cool, but it'll go away. There was one I perfectly remember that hurt me so much. I thought a friend had lied to me telling me something was not true, and then went off doing it. It hurt a lot, because the problem was kinda big, and I'm the type of person who's perfectly honest when someone has done something mean to me. Remember my lying topic? Remember how I told you that I can't lie, well I confronted my friend, and i was told that the whole thing was joke played back on me. It hurt but I was angry. But then later I realized that this is something I just need to forgive about. Something that is an obstacle until i say it's over. I decide it's over by not mentioning it, by not giving someone the silent treatment, by just being KIND to that person. Yeah, it was kinda hard. I kind had a very rude/witty comment to say back to my friend, and I did (wow, booky, wow), but i needed everything to be normal again.
Depression takes itself around and around, but it's not really depression, because that's history.
Have you ever heard that saying, "The past is history, the future is a mystery, and now is present, that's why it's called a gift."? I liked that saying, but it has the same effect. The Depression is history, our future on here is a mystery, and now is a gift, so why be all sad? Sure, fine, be in a depression, just don't do anything drastic. God wants us alive and healthy.
God wants us happy and optimistic, not down and sad.

Well, there I went. All into it again. You can tell when I actually make humungo posts. I understand if you just skipped over some stuff ;)
These posts, I know I'm repeating (it's just because I don't want anyone offended when I write these), are my thoughts and opinions and stuff. It's my "voice". You CAN tell me what you think. You can comment on here your opinion or vois or thoughts, because that is so totally why I wrote this down. I want to know your views so I can compare them with mine. If you liked it that's great, TELL ME SO I COULD USE SOME SUPPORT! (lo) If you didn't, and you care to voice this out, don't do it harshly, okay? Maybe if you told me why, I might actually agree with you because it was never thought about... Hmmmm, think about that! muahahahahaha lol.

Well thanks!!!

Later gators,


Paris said...

Actually, the USA is overdue for another Depression. Right now we are in one of the stages of entering another Depression.

Zoe said...

Hey! Great post!

bookworm4god said...

Paris- Yeah, it's sad to think about. The economical world isn't doing too great :(

mitzi said...

I feel so sorry for people struggling with depression.

I don't really think that wearing black all of the time makes you emo or goth. I wear it a lot and I'm definitely not either of those! lol!

bookworm4god said...

you're very right that wearing black doesn't make you goth or emao (cause i wear it too), it's just the attitude that goes with it, that's all i'm saying--lol :)

A Girl of Many Colors! said...

Black clothes are cool. (Not really. White shirts actually make you cooler. Get my double meaning?) I feel so random today. I just like it and cuz I'm cool like that. Haha JK. I have a black t-shirt that has a verse on it with cool design and a couple of pants. So...........

Thank you, bookiella for all of your awesome posts. You have great insight!