November 28, 2008

11:30 P.M--I'm still thankful, 12:00 A.M--Guess what? I'm still thankful!

Well, I would've postedyesterday, but it was Thanksgiving. Typing up some of these posts turn out to be long and tedious and sometimes they turn out long....and yeah. =D lOl, I'm sure you guys are stunned, just like me, when you see posts longer than your hand--'cause I sure am. I'm constantly typing what I want to say, and then it turns out I'm either rambling, didn't get my point across, or I did, but it's SUPER long, and maybe needs editing?
But I'm thankful for that. I'm thankful for the opportunity of sharing my thoughts and belief(s) with other people. I'm thankful that I get to have fun with people that have become such great friends--just through bloggin. I may not know you guys in person, but every comment on my blog, I'm really thankful for. I feel like the more you post your thoughts and the more you talk to me, I am getting to know you, and we are becoming friends. And I'm extremely thanful for that. :)

Did you notice how many thankful's I put?
*Just wondering*

You know, yesterday was Thanksgiving (well, duh, you guys know that!), and the day before we had this pre-Thanksgiving Day with my church.
That was a lot of fun!
But that's not what I'm really going to talk about.

The day before yesterday, Wednesday, at our gathering, we were all talking about what we were thankful for. Well, at last some who were wanting to talk about what they were thankful for.
I felt that my thoughts were not needed, as I was a kid, and I would have said something if it was Double-Edge, my youth group, but I decided to give all the adults a try. ;)
ANYWAY, this young lady, Yali (Yaw-lee), who's in her twenties I think, started to speak up. SHe started to say how thankful she was for prayer. And for her aunt actually having terminal cancer.
Yes. Her aunt's going to die and she was thankful for the disease?!
Her aunt wasn't a Christian for a very long time, and Yali wasn't thankful for the pain and suffering her aunt was going through. NO, she was thankfu that through all of this, her aunt became a Christian! Saved, and when asked again if she believed, she said it again. She was a Christian. They asked twice, because when they had witnessed to her, she was going through lots of stuff, and they wanted to know if she meant it. BUT SHE DID. :D Isn't that great?!
Yali had her boyfriend behind her. And though her parents are usually at these meetings, they were with her aunt, and I know they would have been proud.
See, Yali's boyfriend isn't a Christian, and Yali was thanking God for so many things that day, that he actually listened. And that's really awesome.
We hope that Yali will be able to help him become saved too.
NEXT, Yali said she was thankful for prayer. She was telling all of us that usually everyone uses prayer as a last resort, or tells someone in the end that they'll pray for that person.
And you know what?
I think she's right.
Have you ever noticed that when someone says that he or she will pray for you, isn't it at the end of their sentence?
Jeez, when she said that I was like, "WHOA!" She was so right. That everyone tries even their own best, by themselves, hoping that God would give them strength, when usually they just want to be able to tell someone "I did it!"
Does God want that?
Guys, it's more like, "God did through me!", "With God's help, I can do it!", etc.
Now that I've got that point across, I'm going onto a new subject. (Wow, I already went into three, and TRUST ME, I had the hardest time resisting to actually just break this post into three of them. I could talk about them forever.
But no, it's the day after Thanksgiving. I think i'll give you guys a break.
~~~ --Topic 3 (my title, too)
Have you ever noticed that on Thanksgiving, EVERYONE is aways like "I'm so thankful for..." But on other days, everyone's mostly saying, "Oh I wish I had that!" or "Yeah, I love _____."
Isn't it sad that no one really says "I'm thankful" EVERY DAY? It shouldn't be just one day out of the year! It should be 365 days out of each year!
It's so disappointing to know lots of people who just take advantage of everything they have.
They aren't fully realizing how precious their life is.
I mean, even kids or adults or teens just say "I'm thankful" on Thanksgiving Day to everyone really quickly, just to get it over with so they can eat or relax.
Um, no.
I don't think so.
I'm sure God isn't very happy with you, but does that matter in your heart?
I sure hope so!
I'm thankful for Jesus.
I'm thankful for salvation.
I'm thankful for my family.
I'm thankful for my friends.
I'm thankful for food I get to eat.
I'm thankful for life.
Yeah, no one really realizes that GOd made each and every one of us.
We don't even need to be here.
God could snap his fingers and we're gone.
How would you like that?
Be thankful for life, and be thankful for EVERY SINGLE THING OUT THERE. Because you actually are a person. You're real, you have fingers and toes, eyes and ears, a nose, a mouth. Yeah, you're for real.

Thankful all the time,


Lydia said...

Wowers!!! That was a really awesome post... I couldn't stop reading 'till the VERY END! I hope everyone takes this into consideration... you have an awesome point!
xoxoxo lyd

Zoe said...

To answer your question concerning my blog template, I got it here ~

IdinaTook said...

WOW! That was long...but very awesomely cool! I love long posts...and rambling...and randomness! LOL