March 21, 2009

Books and life! :D

WOW, so I've been going on this crazy reading streak, like I always am. :D ANYWAY, so I've had ten billion books on my hand, when, just last month, I had none!!! :P So, I'm gonna make a list of the "Have Read" AND "Is Reading".

Have Read

1) True Courage, by Dee Henderson
2) The Negotiator, by Dee Henderson

Is Reading

1) Thr3e, by Ted Dekker
2) The Glass Castle, by Jeanette Walls
3) The Protector, by Dee Henderson

Sometime when I have time, I'll give you the list of my ten ABOUT TO READ's.
Sorry that it's been so long since I've posted. I've gotten really busy with school--and I have to do a test prep for my IOWA test in May, which is gonna drive me nuts. :P
BUT--GUESS WHAT?! Mom's going to find out if she's pregnant with a boy or girl tomorrow!! I'm so excited!! :D

Talk soon, pray for me,

March 8, 2009

Material Possession Addiction - M.P.A

I know I haven't posted in a while since my 100 post/100 facts-about-me entry--BUT I wanted people to actually know that I wrote something like that. I know people who scim through, and it's fine... But my own mother is shocked I got to 100, just because I was having trouble at number 20. :P

ANYWAY, I've finally come up with something to post! And what is that?? WELL, I recently started thinking about how people are....obsessed, addicted, so involved, ETC--in material things.

So yeah-- the other day I was noticing how easily people get offended. And I was really wondering why. And the answer that came to me was: We try so hard to be liked. AND HOW do we try? We try dressing super nice, [for a female] most of us tend to fix up ourselves with make-up, we show people we have money, we try to act like the people we want to please--you get the point.
If someone that I was trying to please said "I hate you" to me, yeah, I think I'd be pretty upset. WHY? Because I worked pretty hard to make that person like me, and here my "friend" is telling me that they don't like me.

Last night I went out with my uncle, and little did we know that there was a carnival going on RIGHT where we went to. And that was fine--it was busy, but fine. And we looked at some art pieces and such, and we noticed that there were more than a few paintings (by different people), that had someone smoking a cigar. And then MORE THAN A FEW TIMES, in that crowded place, someone blew a puff of smoke from their cigar, and ungaurded, we walked right through the smoke. Yes, it was gross. And that brought up the discussion of a couple reasons why people smoked those stupid things.

Have you ever noticed that in some movie, when someone's having a problem, they pull out a packet of cigar(ette)s and they start smoking--and then they offer the packet to their friend? And etc. The whole point. They had a problem (and it's mostly men who do this in the movies), they start smoking. The world's a better place.
Or is it?

Are they really problem free?
Did they just FIX the problem by smoking?
Haha NO.

They just caused an extra problem called LUNG CANCER. --BUT, they think it's fine and that it looks manly and whatever.
Some material object they love for no reason. NICE.

Remember that cathedral I visited? The one really nice, and I had a post all about it? That there was a man kissing these pictures of whatever those people/saints were? POINT AGAIN. It's SOME other MATERIAL possession. --NO WAIT, some IDOL. It's one thing to like whatever object--the other is to WORSHIP it.

Girls and clothing/hair/jewelry/etc.
Boys and video games/movies/hair-product(oh yes)/etc.
You get the point.
In the Bible (somewhere, though I forget right at this moment), it says not to make objects idols.
What people have done these days. It's SO easy to hurt someone's feelings now these days because we spend all of our time working on ourselves for other people, but never for God.
Most people wouldn't care if God told us in person whether he liked this or not about us.
But as Christians we should. If He told me, "Bookie, I hate what you're doing and how you look." I think I'd be on my knees sobbing and repenting.
--Though some people wouldn't care. I hate how the world's turning. It's sick and wrong. Material possesions addiction is only the beginning of it.

Oh well.

Anyway, since I have a little sister begging to use the computer, I'll leave it like that!
:D lol


P.S. SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG TO POST THIS ONE! (For some reason, I didn't realize that I hadn't pressed PUBLISH. *smacks forehead*)

March 2, 2009

100th post!


WELL, it's my one hundredth post! lol. ANd though it's nothing special, I planned it out to do it along with ~Prism~/aGoMC/DoTella to do it on the same day. And it turns out that Twin4God/Bryce's 100th post is today too! :D

HOW COOL. haha

So yeah, I'm linking to them....

1) ~Prism~
2) Twin4God

:D SO yeah... YAY.

ANYWAY, ~Prism~ and I decided to do a hundred things about ourselves, so this is mine. =]

1) I love to write
2) I'm homeschooled
3) I play the violin
4) I love math
5) I can play my own songs (I've created) on piano
6) I'm addicted to M&M's. Their my drugs, basically. :P
7) I'm a Christian through and through
8) I can't draw anything very well
9) I doodle a ton
10) 2009 is the best year so far =]
11) Princess Aurora (AKA: Sleeping Beauty) is my favorite Disney princess
12) I ran out of books a couple months ago, and now I have ten that are awaiting my eyes
13) I'm writing a book
14) I don't know Spanish, and I should
15) I love photography
16) I love to talk
17) My favorite type of movies are sappy, historical, and mystery ones. =]
18) I'm into drama
19) I love music
20) I only have a few best friends, but they're all pretty amazing
21) My favorite food is lasagna
22) I love Italian food
23) My favorite colors are brown, gray, and blue.
24) I'm half American/Cuban
25) I can get pretty crazy, but some people like it... :P (They're crazy)
26) I like wearing jewelry
27) I really like Sprite and Coke
28) I love DISNEY WORLD :D
29) I have a 100 paged book right now
30) I'm usually a loner....
31) I love friendship bracelets, though I dislike making them
32) I love roses
33) My favorite movies are Amazing Grace, National Treasure, Pride and Prejudice, and Meet the Robinsons
34) I used to play basketball
35) I like nailpolish
36) I used to act like a tomboy, but now I embrace my girlness a LOT
37) I'm pretty blunt
38) I'm nice
39) I've gotten closer to God in 08 and 09 then ever before
40) I got baptized on Easter
41) I almost died twice
42) I am so forgetful, I call it short-term memory loss. I can literally forget a day later what you say
43) I like The Beatles and U2
44) I wish I could learn how to ride a horse
45) Even more, I wish I could ballroom dance--even though that sounds so strange. I REALLY do.
46) I'm extremely unflexible
47) I had people sign their names on my sneakers I have currently
48) I have a digestion problem
49) I'm pretty random
50) I don't think I'm interesting enough to have 100 things about me
51) My favorite season is winter
52) I hate being cold, but I get cold way easier than most people. It's weird. O.O
53) I hate tomatos
54) I journal a LOT
55) I love giraffes and monkeys
56) Snakes scare me
57) I'm terrified of the dark and some PG movies
58) I love how my brother likes being with me
59) I like Valentine's Day a lot because people alwaysgive me chocolate sometime rather =]
60) I'm pretty good in school
61) I correct some people's grammar
62) I want to see Dark Knight, but I heard it'd scare me
63) I have a secret chocolate stash that know one knows where it is
64) My dad and I are pretty close
65) I used to think police were Christians when I was little
66) I've dissected a worm and a crayfish without getting sick
67) I love dressing up
68) I like photo-editing
69) My favorite president is Abraham Lincoln
70) I wish I was the child that sat in Jesus' lap
71) I want to live to one-hundred
72) I love challenges
73) I honestly think you should do Bryce's Scavenger Hunt (Look it up in my sidebar)
74) I keep my emotions locked up a lot
75) I used to be able to do the ABC's in sign-language, but no I'm not so sure
76) I wish I owned some library books... (maybe I should just steal some!)
77) I love to smile and laugh, but I honestly think I look weird laughing
78) I can get pretty serious at times
79) I wish I could fly sometimes
80) I love posting on my blog
81) I love meeting new people
82) I have an amazing Christian family <3
83) I like to chew gum
84) My dad wants me to learn Hebrew, but I don't
85) I have four siblings, and about to have a fifth
86) I have a twin sister
87) I don't look like her as much as I used to
88) I love winning :P
89) I like caffiene, but I try not to drink coffee much
90) I love the O'Malley Chronicles, and I've been trying to convince Miss Brycie-kins to read 'em for a while
91) I love mysteries
92) I doodle while note-taking
93) I don't think I see the world like most people do
94) I'm a tree-hugger
95) I like art
96) I don't watch movies very much...Only the ones that are my favorite
97) I volunteer in my church's nursery
98) I'd rather read then watch TV
99) I love spending time with my WHOLE family. Cousins and aunts and such
100) I love holidays


Happy Monday!