November 3, 2008

You and I, I and You--US!!!

OH. MY. GOODNESS. DID you SEE the title of my blog? Okay, that's a line from Pirates of the Carribean, and you might already have seen that movie and have known that line from anywhere, and you're like "My gosh, who cares?" BUT what a coincdedence!!!! <---I'll tell you why...

My post is about the elctions and what we did last night. What is really cool, is that I randomly just wanted to put "You and I, I and You, US" from Pirates of the Carribean, because You and I represents all of us in this country, but what I didn't realize till right after I put it in my title was that if you put periods right after 'U' and 'S' it makes--get ready for it-- U.S.!!!
Random I know, but I'm one of those people that get really excited over the stupid coincedence. :P
I just had to tell you guys that.
Ok, back to my topic.

Yesterday I was typing away with my NaNoWriMo story after church, and I found out that my dad was holding a prayer meeting here at my house at 6:00 pm. What NO ONE (but T4G and my twin sister) knew, was that I was kinda behind in my writing. --Check out my NaNoWriMo blog "Bookie's Nano" in my blogroll--
And so I was trying to rush, but take my time and whatsoever, but I also had to clean the house with my mom and sibs PLUS other stuff. I had no idea how many people were coming, but my mom bought a lot of food for a lot of people.
How did it go, you ask? Well, it went:
A PRAY-ER MEET-ING. Those kinds of meetings are fun and nice, but sometimes they get really tiresome. We hadn't had one in a while, so doing this one was cool. But what was amazing was that we were all crammed into my living room and dining room. Why is that amazing? Was that there was that many people. PRAISE GOD!
We were all sitting there and praying for our nation. No, the women did not pray out loud (that's not our jobs when there are men there), but we were praying along. The age range was at least from 50 yrs old to 16 yrs old men.
That was cool.
We were all either sitting tightly on a couch or shoving chairs right next to each others.
WE prayed and prayed for about an hour at least for our country to do the right thing. For the right president to be voted in. For our nation to be saved.
The Pledge of Allegiance says "In God We Trust", guys. NOT "In Man We Trust". NO.... It's not that.
Do you know how off we are? How a LOT of the U.S.A. is unsaved? In God We TRUST, In GOD we MUST, IN GOD--HE'S JUST.
He's better than all of our presidents. Whether it be Obama, McCain, or our current one, Bush.
Whether it might have been Romney, Clinton, or Huckabee.
He's better. God's better than any of them.
And all we have to say and do is "In God We Trust".

Pray for our nation either now, tonight, tomorrow, or everyday. It doesn't just have to be for Election Day on Tuesday, even though that's what we did pray for.

You and I, I and You, U.S.

In God We Trust,


~Girl of Many Colors~ said...

Wow. Totally amazing post, bookie-kins! *glomps*

So true.

Araken said...

This is definitely the time to pray harder than ever. I'm for McCain, whom I believe to be the obvious choice. I think he is the one God wants in the White House!