November 26, 2008

Never Mind & Hospital Visit

As of right now, I'm not fully sure I want to change my layout. I changed it mostly back, but I forgot some of the colors I had in my original one, so it does look a little different, but not too bad.
Honestly, I liked those layouts, but I need to think of something more creative and more ME. I liked the smiley flower and the swirly one, but I don't think they went with what I want. SO hopefully, pretty soon, I'll be able to think of something.

I made a new blog, but there's no need to visit it regularly, unless you want to be kept posted about my expiriments with my blog.
It's called Crazy Bookie-kins. ;)
The link is
I have the smiley flower template on that one, and I'll probably use my swirls one on my NaNo blog.

On other things:
My ultra-sound (for my kidneys, liver, and other organs) went fairly well. It was going great in the beginning, except they mistook my name for a guys twice.
Since I won't really post my name here, I'll just give you an example.
You know how Taylor can be both a girl's and guy's name? Well my name is the female version of a guys name. WAY different right? Well, I was born in California, so therefore everyone knew the girl's name for that specific name, and the boy's name. Which everyone thinks IS totally different. Here, everyone's hispanic, and my name is actually spanish for the guy's name. SO TWICE they put me in the files as a guy. Which made the whole process longer, having to change my name and my gender.
It was okay doing the whole process of their checking me. I mean it can't be FUN can it?
Well after a certain amount of time and checking up on some things, they asked if I could drink 32 oz. of liquid. But my WHOLE PROBLEM is that I can't eat very much with this stomach issue, and if I do, I get sick. So I was extremely worried. So with the mix of food (because the doctors asked me not to eat anything that morning--I was starving), almost 16 oz. of liquid, and my anxiety, I got SICK. Like almost throwing-up sick.
And that lasted a while, and then, still reallllly sick, I had to drink some more water in order to finish this whole visit (WHICH I WANTED IT TO END, SO BADLY). Which didn't make me happy at all. But I was so upset that I had to stay longer the more I didn't drink. So I gulped down about 8 more oz. of water, and then we did it, and I went home.
So nevertheless, it was not a good visit at the end, but all's well that end's well.
I won't get the results yet till later, and NOW I HAVE a gastro-something- appointment to do on the 1st of December. Which I think will probably be better, but I'm not fully sure.
They're tsting for celiac this time, and they'll have to be sticking a camera down my throat. I will be knocked out of course, but this part is going to be a little weird.


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~Girl of Many Colors~ said...

Wow. I'll be praying, bookie! *glomps*