August 19, 2008


Wow. So okay... I'm back from Honduras.
Let's just say that when I came home everybody knew I was super depressed. I felt no sense of joy arriving back in Florida. You must be thinking "Well she's strange" or "Why in the world is she depressed she's home?" or just "Why?". Dude, that place is a totalllllyyyy different world. Different from the U.S. even if every country is land on water on earth. It's different. China, Russia, Europe, Cuba... Everywhere you go, there's always something new. Honduras is probably (or maybe just is) the second poorest country in the world, and right now I wish I lived there. It has nothing to do with it's poorness and it does at the same time for me. Here barely anyone see people with children living in homes that could be the size of a bathroom or just a tad bit bigger, but yet their still surviving, which still amazes me. No one, at least where I live, is as nice as the people over there. And no one begs, and everybody helps, and most everybody has a heart that wants to serve the Lord.



When I was in the plane yesterday there were these two little kids, one boy and one girl, who talked so loud. The boy was older than hi sister so he basically did all the talking, but he and his sister were "By themselves!" and their "Dad's coming home in a week!" It was so annoying. When we arrived in the airport and got in the car and arrived home I was so sad. Then I went to the store with my dad and the people there... I could totally tell the difference. One lady and her husband and her two daughters were in line behind and then next to me when my dad was getting the car in the rain. They were either cursing, laughing so annoyingly, yelling, or something that totally ticked me. I mean sheesh, all I could think of was, "You guys totally need God, and I probably won't ever see you again." Whish is kinda hard to think about.

We went evengelising (sp?) in the mountains, and this family I practically lived with, but not quite, took me and my mom. It was such a neat experience, but totally sad. I went with a group of all guys on the hardest trail, and I think I had it easier than everybody because they kept stopping to help me out, but at one point I almost slipped when were getting near to this really remote place. It had these septic tanks and some of us were a little freaked, but then a Honduran man told us that they had nothing bad in it except for water. And then I gave a really sick face when I found out that not only was the water in there to wash the Honduran people's (the ones who can't afford ANYTHING) clothes, but to wash themeselves in it, AND probably water to boil. That water and some streams we saw looked sick and digusting.
Something that frustrated me was the the first people we evangelised to was a man, his wife, and his daughter. His wife must've been just a little bit older than I am, with already a 4-5 year old baby. But that wasn't what frustrated me. What totally made me want to wring their necks was that they had smirks on their faces, and I saw the wife laugh a little. And then, in the end, since they were working with whatever there, his little excuse was "I'm working, please leave me alone. I'm Catholic." I could totally see in their eyes that they weren't saved, that they weren't planning on being saved, and that I might not ever get to see him again in Heaven.
"I'm working." "I'm Catholic."
I wanted to slap him in the face, but that would've been totally out of turn, especially since I was the only girl there and the youngest, too. But did they not see what was gonna happen? I mean, we just brought out a Bible. We just talked to him about Jesus. And the whole thing started with "Do you know you're going to die?" and "Do you know where you're going after that?" I MEAN GOSH!!!!!! I would've probably broke down crying about my death and not knowing where I was going! Ugh. Disgusting and dissappointing.
We walked on, and the next two men were Catholic and working too. Oh well. I'm sorry for them. Then we finally came to a very small "house". It was dirty, there were a few skinny-to-the-bone dogs, like 10 roosters and chickens, a kitty, a woman, and her daughter, that was probably only 5-6. She was shy at first but then when everything got comfortable and her mom started talking with our group, she became less shyer, so then she ran and got a banana. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW CLOSE I GOT TO GIVING HER MY GRANOLA BAR I was gonna eat for snack/lunch. She finished a rotten banana. Then when we were finished and offered to pray with/for the woman. Her responce (in Spanish of course) "No... Maybe later." Like we were gonna come back later... Psh.
Last came a 54 year old lady. We sat down on benches in front of her "house" and she had basically the same amount of pets and whatever (all so tempting to pet). But what was sad is that she had absolutely no clue of the Bible. Nothing of Adam and Eve. Nothing of Jesus dying on the cross. Nothing even of Jesus. She didn't know who He was or that there was a God. She had never heard, and that was soo sad. When explaining that in the beginning there was a garden that God made for a man he also made, and then that He made a woman from the rib of Adam, I was thinking, "Like she is gonna believe all of this at once. It all sounds like a fairy tale, but it's soo true."

I felt like I could do more over there, than over here. Is it really so weird for me to wanna go back?

Besides all that sad stuff I had tons of fun. I've already written about our work for the first week. We had all fun the next week. ATVing, Volleyball, Hiking, playing a game called Killer, all sorts of stuff. We had this event for one day, and it was Olypics for us kids... We all had teams of 4-5 and there were about 4 teams, and mine won! Even though I thought we were way behind. Which was so awesome :D

I've basically made like 12 new brothers over there... Plus a few little sisters =D

Sorry if that picture I posted in my last one didn't come out... I might try again later.

Well comments are totally free, so remember to post them =D (:



Zoe said...

That is so sad :(
I can see why you feel the way you do. It made me sad just reading it.
Even though you are here and not there and may feel like you are not doing as much good here, you can still pray for all those people. :)

Princess Zelda said...

Yeah -- you can still pray :) Oh, btw, I'm Mitzi :) I just changed my name

Anonymous said...