August 28, 2008

Participants and Participating

Alrighty :D

We have a few people who will probably participate, and a couple who would like to, but can't, so I thought of someways that all of you can.

The ones that have no problemos with posting the pictures and verses are:
1) Princess S. (would the other Princesses like to join? They can each do their own =D, but only if they want to)
2)Zoe (tell me if you'd still like to do it :D)
3)Bryce --blog "Twin4God"
4)DoT --blog "A Girl of Many Colors"

Those listed up there will HOPEFULLY *wink* join in the fun. =D It'll be really cool.

Cassidy/Mitzi, do you have a photobucket or something where you can post pictures? Or you can e-mail me (if you're comfortable with that--see i have an e-mail just for my blogging and other stuff) them, and just post your verses here and just mark them with 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 to go along with the pictures. Either way is fine, I can do whatever, just tell me what you think.

There will now be a deadline to what day I'm going to start the contest, so the day before that, if you want to join, YOU HAVE GOT TO POST A COMMENT ON MY BLOG, e-mail, forum, facebook (to whoever has mine), whatever, so that way i'll know!

If you do not blog, and know me personally or by another site, I'm going to need you to post your username or first name when you post your comment to join. Just click on Name/Url. You don't have to add a site if you don't want to, but if you do that's fine, all you have to put is your user or name. REMEMBER there are plenty of ways to post pictures, so just ask if you need help. ;)

Deadline to post, which means the day after i will start the contest, is: Sept. 5th

I'm giving you a week and a day... REMEMBER =D



August 22, 2008

New Contest

Ok... So I've looked at the poll, and I've decided to do a more involving contest than last time.

I haven't picked a name for it yet... so yeah. But here's how it goes.

Pick five of your favorite verses, then draw or take a picture of something that relates to those verses. The closest or the best ones will be picked by me. There will probably be 5 place winners.

This is how it's gonna work: After picking your favorite verses and doing the pictures (drawing or taaking), put it up on your blog, each verse under the picture. AGAIN: There will be more than one winner, and sorry, but there's no prize... 'Cause just like all of you, I don't have asnything to give or how to give as a prize =P lol

Comment my blog telling me you'll participate. Guys, since this is a very easy contest, and maybe you don't want to do it, that's fine, think of it as a way to memorize verses in the Bible. A project sort of...

1)You must have a Bible. There is no way to get out of that one.
2)This has to be on your own. No help drawing or taking the pictures. It's all YOU. I know i don't have proof that you did it, but hey, you guys are trustworthy ;)
3) Have fun! For real, this isn't to be all competition... It's just a way to have fun memorizing verses, and drawing and taking pictures. =D

If I think of anymore, I'll tell... But right now the contest HAS NOT started, I'm waiting for comments on who'll participate. So don't start yet!!

Details on everything later,

August 19, 2008


Wow. So okay... I'm back from Honduras.
Let's just say that when I came home everybody knew I was super depressed. I felt no sense of joy arriving back in Florida. You must be thinking "Well she's strange" or "Why in the world is she depressed she's home?" or just "Why?". Dude, that place is a totalllllyyyy different world. Different from the U.S. even if every country is land on water on earth. It's different. China, Russia, Europe, Cuba... Everywhere you go, there's always something new. Honduras is probably (or maybe just is) the second poorest country in the world, and right now I wish I lived there. It has nothing to do with it's poorness and it does at the same time for me. Here barely anyone see people with children living in homes that could be the size of a bathroom or just a tad bit bigger, but yet their still surviving, which still amazes me. No one, at least where I live, is as nice as the people over there. And no one begs, and everybody helps, and most everybody has a heart that wants to serve the Lord.



When I was in the plane yesterday there were these two little kids, one boy and one girl, who talked so loud. The boy was older than hi sister so he basically did all the talking, but he and his sister were "By themselves!" and their "Dad's coming home in a week!" It was so annoying. When we arrived in the airport and got in the car and arrived home I was so sad. Then I went to the store with my dad and the people there... I could totally tell the difference. One lady and her husband and her two daughters were in line behind and then next to me when my dad was getting the car in the rain. They were either cursing, laughing so annoyingly, yelling, or something that totally ticked me. I mean sheesh, all I could think of was, "You guys totally need God, and I probably won't ever see you again." Whish is kinda hard to think about.

We went evengelising (sp?) in the mountains, and this family I practically lived with, but not quite, took me and my mom. It was such a neat experience, but totally sad. I went with a group of all guys on the hardest trail, and I think I had it easier than everybody because they kept stopping to help me out, but at one point I almost slipped when were getting near to this really remote place. It had these septic tanks and some of us were a little freaked, but then a Honduran man told us that they had nothing bad in it except for water. And then I gave a really sick face when I found out that not only was the water in there to wash the Honduran people's (the ones who can't afford ANYTHING) clothes, but to wash themeselves in it, AND probably water to boil. That water and some streams we saw looked sick and digusting.
Something that frustrated me was the the first people we evangelised to was a man, his wife, and his daughter. His wife must've been just a little bit older than I am, with already a 4-5 year old baby. But that wasn't what frustrated me. What totally made me want to wring their necks was that they had smirks on their faces, and I saw the wife laugh a little. And then, in the end, since they were working with whatever there, his little excuse was "I'm working, please leave me alone. I'm Catholic." I could totally see in their eyes that they weren't saved, that they weren't planning on being saved, and that I might not ever get to see him again in Heaven.
"I'm working." "I'm Catholic."
I wanted to slap him in the face, but that would've been totally out of turn, especially since I was the only girl there and the youngest, too. But did they not see what was gonna happen? I mean, we just brought out a Bible. We just talked to him about Jesus. And the whole thing started with "Do you know you're going to die?" and "Do you know where you're going after that?" I MEAN GOSH!!!!!! I would've probably broke down crying about my death and not knowing where I was going! Ugh. Disgusting and dissappointing.
We walked on, and the next two men were Catholic and working too. Oh well. I'm sorry for them. Then we finally came to a very small "house". It was dirty, there were a few skinny-to-the-bone dogs, like 10 roosters and chickens, a kitty, a woman, and her daughter, that was probably only 5-6. She was shy at first but then when everything got comfortable and her mom started talking with our group, she became less shyer, so then she ran and got a banana. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW CLOSE I GOT TO GIVING HER MY GRANOLA BAR I was gonna eat for snack/lunch. She finished a rotten banana. Then when we were finished and offered to pray with/for the woman. Her responce (in Spanish of course) "No... Maybe later." Like we were gonna come back later... Psh.
Last came a 54 year old lady. We sat down on benches in front of her "house" and she had basically the same amount of pets and whatever (all so tempting to pet). But what was sad is that she had absolutely no clue of the Bible. Nothing of Adam and Eve. Nothing of Jesus dying on the cross. Nothing even of Jesus. She didn't know who He was or that there was a God. She had never heard, and that was soo sad. When explaining that in the beginning there was a garden that God made for a man he also made, and then that He made a woman from the rib of Adam, I was thinking, "Like she is gonna believe all of this at once. It all sounds like a fairy tale, but it's soo true."

I felt like I could do more over there, than over here. Is it really so weird for me to wanna go back?

Besides all that sad stuff I had tons of fun. I've already written about our work for the first week. We had all fun the next week. ATVing, Volleyball, Hiking, playing a game called Killer, all sorts of stuff. We had this event for one day, and it was Olypics for us kids... We all had teams of 4-5 and there were about 4 teams, and mine won! Even though I thought we were way behind. Which was so awesome :D

I've basically made like 12 new brothers over there... Plus a few little sisters =D

Sorry if that picture I posted in my last one didn't come out... I might try again later.

Well comments are totally free, so remember to post them =D (:


August 15, 2008

Having Fun!

Sooo I'm having soo much fun here!!!

I can't post much now, but right now I will ask for you to pray for me. My acid reflex problem has been kicking up and today i threw up a little bit and now every morning i haven't been feeling all that well.

But other than that it's been a totally great 2 weeks!! I've made new friends from old, i haven't seem them in forever, and some ones i barely knew are now really great ones. This girl I just met got along with me and my tin really well. We were three girls next to all guys, so it was kinda comforting but she already left for California where she lives because she was just visiting.

We've wrked the whole first week... It was so cool, because one day i was painting this swingset and i had any idea (along with my twin) that we should put handprints on the slide, and so, since MEDA is a conservative Crhistian seminary place, we were allowed to do it on the back. I have a picture of it.

Isn't it neat? lol Most of the first wek was practically all of working with wood to make bunk beds, but it was mostly only for the kids because the adults and kids split up for gardening, painting, and wood-working. I never want to sand again in my life. =D I sanded for hours and hours straight. From morning to like 5 in the evening. Now when i feel picnic tables i'm always calling out "This needs a 220, guys!" or "This needs a 60!" Those are the numbers for different types of sand paper. Ugh. :/ lol
And i don't want to deal with varnishing wood either. Makes me a tad sick to my stomach, along with anothr kid named Josiah. :P

This second week has been a blast! I've ATVed, riding and driving, us kids have played several different games, had a fire at night, and an olympics for the kids. Which I, and all of my other teammates one the whole thing. It's been a blast. :D

I added a new link. My new friend Noah has a blog so i did that favor for him.

I gotta go eat dinner, but still pray for all of us!

see ya,

P.S. I'll post some more awesome picatures soon!!! *I have tons, but i don't have time*

August 3, 2008

Leaving Tomorrow...

Okay, so I won't be posting much, or maybe I will.
I'm leaving for Honduras tomorrow and I don't get back until the 18th. So basically the 4th-18th i shall be in Honduras or coming back...or going--lol, and we have to get to the airport by at least 1:00 or 12:30 o'clock. So pray for us. I know that we probably all live in different time zones, but it prayer still works no matter what ;) Our flight actually leaves at 4 o'clock i think, but our airport is always super crowded and customs takes forever, even though it's one of my favorite parts ;) lol.
I FOUND MY CAMERA (yes DoT I know you're whooping for joy!! lol), since i had lost it a couple of days ago. THen I had it yesterday and i was messing with it and then today I couldn't find it. And-er-funny story, I was video taping myself playing the violin, and I had put it on my window sill think, "oh i'll get it and pack it later." And then i couldn't find it today, I looked all voer my desk and my bed and everything, then when i looked up from my footboard, packing something, i looked at my window and there it was, sitting by it's case on the sill. WOW, but that's me.... ALL THE TIME. I'm constantly losing everything when it's been somewhere super obvious :P
I'll take some pics and post 'em on here. (yayyyy!)
OH AND DoT!!!! THANKS SOOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR paraghraph about me in your post!!! I'm missing you right now 'cause you're usually not on when it's Sunday, and you probably won't be tomorrow because of your family thing. SO YEAH, I MISS YOU!!! *already*

I might get internet over there, so I might actually be posting sooner than i actually think, but we'll see... woo-hoo. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, i mean, SOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!! =D

Also, prayers for the mountain trip when we get there. We have to drive down a mountain, which has it's road only for like... 1 1/2 cars or just barely 2, and i heard they made it better, but last time we drove down when we arrived, it was light, and then it turned dark. And these HUGE Semi's were rounding the curb like they knew everything, and you can't see them when their coming around it, so yeah, pray for no car crashes and tumbling cars!!! *for real, i'm not kidding :P*

lol, i've packed a suitcase/travelbag, but it's going as a suitcase, because then i'm bringing my backpack on board the plane and you can only take one carryon and 2 suitcases so yeah :)

I'm out, in a while crocodiles,

August 1, 2008

Whoa Cfnoseud

So this is a really short post, but i thought we needed some new fun post or something like that and i found this thing. It's brilliant--well i think it's pretty neat, at least :D

Can you raed tihs? Olny srmat poelpe can. I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg.The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm.

ISN"T THAT AWESOME?????? i thought so =D lol
tell me what you think :)