August 15, 2008

Having Fun!

Sooo I'm having soo much fun here!!!

I can't post much now, but right now I will ask for you to pray for me. My acid reflex problem has been kicking up and today i threw up a little bit and now every morning i haven't been feeling all that well.

But other than that it's been a totally great 2 weeks!! I've made new friends from old, i haven't seem them in forever, and some ones i barely knew are now really great ones. This girl I just met got along with me and my tin really well. We were three girls next to all guys, so it was kinda comforting but she already left for California where she lives because she was just visiting.

We've wrked the whole first week... It was so cool, because one day i was painting this swingset and i had any idea (along with my twin) that we should put handprints on the slide, and so, since MEDA is a conservative Crhistian seminary place, we were allowed to do it on the back. I have a picture of it.

Isn't it neat? lol Most of the first wek was practically all of working with wood to make bunk beds, but it was mostly only for the kids because the adults and kids split up for gardening, painting, and wood-working. I never want to sand again in my life. =D I sanded for hours and hours straight. From morning to like 5 in the evening. Now when i feel picnic tables i'm always calling out "This needs a 220, guys!" or "This needs a 60!" Those are the numbers for different types of sand paper. Ugh. :/ lol
And i don't want to deal with varnishing wood either. Makes me a tad sick to my stomach, along with anothr kid named Josiah. :P

This second week has been a blast! I've ATVed, riding and driving, us kids have played several different games, had a fire at night, and an olympics for the kids. Which I, and all of my other teammates one the whole thing. It's been a blast. :D

I added a new link. My new friend Noah has a blog so i did that favor for him.

I gotta go eat dinner, but still pray for all of us!

see ya,

P.S. I'll post some more awesome picatures soon!!! *I have tons, but i don't have time*

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mitzi said...

Cool! It sounds fun, except for your getting sick :(

haha that's funny about the sandpaper :P