November 16, 2008

BELIEVE! *cries* Just believe....

Oh, my gosh.
Gee wiz.
I'm so ashamed of what I have just read. This article was posted in the forums, just to show how shameful our world is becoming. And I knew it before but I always thought it was more in different countries.
Have you seen this article????
It's so terrible! This article is proclaiming that this stupid humanist group want no god in the holidays. I'll quote, "'Our reason for doing it during the holidays is there are an awful lot of agnostics, atheists and other types of nontheists who feel a little alone during the holidays because of its association with traditional religion.'"
Um, excuse me?!
Did I get that right?
How about President's Day? Does that have any religion in it?
What about Valentine's Day? I was told that it was the day of love, guys.
And wait--You know, July 4th? Independence Day? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought we were celebrating our independence.
And one just came up last week.
I thought it was Veteran's Day. The day we REALLY show our appreciation for VETERANS...
OH, OH! And I just remembered. Halloween? *coughs and laughs* Oh yes, the day that I soooooo celbrate. *rolls eyes* No. I don't think so. I don't celebrate that holiday, and you know what, if athiests think the Christmas and the other holidays coming up exclude them, and they want to protest--I'M GOING TO PROTEST AGAINST THAT ONE! Really guys, come on. Think about it. There are Jewish holidays, (I think maybe Catholic ones), there are holidays that don't support any religion, and there are Christian ones.
Ho-hum, *whistles and looks away*. Sorry for bursting your bubble, but I think there are more than enough holidays NOT celebrating our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Thanksgiving is also praising and thanking Him, but I know there are a bunch of athiests that celebrate Thanksgiving too.
Isn't Easter and Christmas the only ones us Christians really get into? (Tell me if there are more, I forget right now).
This is really unfair. I encourage you to read this article too.

You know, in public schools and so forth, there was a Homosexual (Gay) Day.
Psh. Do I celebrate that since I'm Christian? NOPE. But I sure betcha that atheists do (especially the homosexual ones).
Dude, my parents haven't read this article YET, but even on my own accord, I KNOW ENOUGH to think that this is so stupid.
What a coincedence--Everyone tends to go against our religion. My relationship with God, but I need to break it to ya--you're not going to ruin my relationship with God, that's for sure.
Don't go with this, people. I don't care what you are. If you're Jewish, if you're Catholic, if you're Christian, if you're atheist. Um, don't you think this is unfair?
I hope you do, because in your right mind, you should be agreeing with me. If you're not--well, sorry. There are no means to offend you guys, but I have no comment to you.

Pray for this country, it needs your prayers,

P.S. --FOR MY NEW LAYOUT-- I kinda agree with Ian (he commented on my last post). I don't really like my layout either, SO, I might change it soon. If you see a new layout, or MY OLD ONE, back up. Then yeah, I changed it, don't freak out.


Ian said...

Crazy people...what ARE they thinking? "Trying to planet seeds of more rational, critical thought patterns. Yeah, sure....

Nice post. I am with you completely. :)


~Girl of Many Colors~ said...

Wow....That's so terrible......I'm so speechless by the article that I can't think of anything to say.

A new layout? Coolies! If ya needz any help, just ask.

Lydia said...

thats just pathetic... geeeeeezzzzzers! that article is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy off!

Lydia said...


(check my blog for what the heck this means!)

Lydia said...



i nominated you for the million dollar friend award

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