November 5, 2008

When life brings you down, remember, you're in the perfect position to pray...

I've seen an icon that says my post title so many times. I have that icon on some sites, I LOVE those words.
Wanna know why?

Ho-hum, guess who one?

I was singing "My God is so Big" yesterday, and I'm not done singing it today.
But guess my new song right now?
Since it's all in God's plan I'm singing, "My God is an Awesome God" and "The King is Exalted" (or maybe it's "He is Exalted"?).
Anyway, I'm sad that Obama won, it's very unfortunate that McCain lost.
But what we really need to do for our nation is PRAY.
Can you read my billions of y's in my PRAY?!
It's cause I really mean it.

I stayed up really late last night. And I did think maybe McCain was going to win, but that's ok. I'm going to continue to pray for my nation. I'm going to continue to pray for Mr. Barrack Obama. I'm going to continue to pray for the rest of the leaders of this country.
Most of them are Democrats, did you know? --PRAY--
And this is absolutely not to offend anyone, but this is my blog. Guys, you know I'm Christian, you know I post my thoughts. I am a little lunt about it, but for real.

Sing "He is Exalted" and "My God is an Awesome God". OVER AND OVER AGAIN. And...

When life brings you down, remember, you're in the perfect position to pray.
Goodness gracious.
Usually I would have put up links to my friends' awesome blog posts, but I advise you to go to all of them in the blogroll. Not just because they might be about elections (but I know for sure Twin4God and A Girl of Many Colors' is about our president), but they're really great. Better than mine, I can tell you that.

JUST 'CAUSE OBAMA's president right now, doesn't mean he wil be forever. It's best not to "flee the country", like my friend's mom wants to do (though, it's really funny how she's acting about it).
So we're going to have a hard time for these first 4 years. But what if it turns out kind of bad, and EVERYBODY decides for McCain?
That'll be real good.
But for now God has a plan for him, our country, and the whole world.
We're not sure yet, but I'm sure we'll see. :)



Lydia said...

Love your post.
Although I am an Obama supporter, and I believe that our Democracy is fulfilled only when there is a true Democrat in the Whitehouse, I also have complete and utter respect for Republicans. They have controlled our country for a few years now. And look, WOW! There are no bombs going off and blowing your house up, are there? That's why I still have respect for the GOP's.
I hope that someday soon, everyone will respect whoever is in the Whitehouse just for that reason. They have kept our country like this. Look out your window. Look out it, just take one second and walk over to your window... I SAID NOW!

Ok, now that you looked, I want you to think about what you see. Are you happy with it? Then obviously, we have had sufficient terms with the presidents in the past. Even though Barak Obama has not yet had a chance to prove himself, I'm sure he will, and I'm sure the next time you look out your window, it will be even brighter than the last time.

Tibby said...

:) Your posts are so cool. thx 4 the comment on my blog. ya i'd luv 2 be friends! What do you mean my blog is realistic???

Tibby said...

OH I GET IT!!!! lol!