May 28, 2009

"Creation's revealing Your majesty..."

I decided that I'd share a quick post on a picture I edited.

Remember that song I REALLY loved called Indescribable, by Chris Tomlin? WELL, I decided to touch up a picture I took some time I was in Honduras and added a quote from that song into it.

I hope you like it. Other than writing, photography and photo-editing is one of my hobbies. :) I love 'em all. =D


God bless,

May 23, 2009

Not ANOTHER stereotype-- just people. :)

Alright, I finally decided to write another serious(ish) blog post. :)
Yessiree, either stop reading now or continue with a warning. ;)

Today we had a work day--with my church. Or at least some of my church. And everytime we have a work day, I find it SO much fun. Otherwise I'd just find a way to stay with my mom or something. But I love helping people. And if you [guys] have been reading my blog for a while, I'm sure you have noticed my Honduras posts. I love the whole fact that I'm not being lazy and I'm actually doing something worth while. =D
Anywhooooo, we were working at a Child Ministry building that an "elderly" (they honestly aren't that old...) couple owns. They do a Bible school during the summer and a ton other stuff. But they go to my church, and that's one of the reasons why we were helping. :)
--The building is pretty big, but we were just doing the front lawn (since there's really no other lawn), and it was on VERY busy street. There were not only adults, but kids and teenagers working! It was fun, and we no one is ever excluded from any type of work unless it's children with dangerous tools. :P
Some of the young-adults and kids were out on the sidewalk trimming and raking a hedge. I had a pair of clippers and I noticed there were people looking at us from the bus stop that we had to pass in order to get to the hedge on the outer side.
I wasn't proud of them staring, but I was happy.
Wanna know why?

After our work we had a devotion. And usually at every event/gathering (whatever) we have we have a devotion. It's really nice.
Well this one was about missionary work-- and how we seperate people, even if we're Christians. There are the missionaries. And what's so different about them? Well people just seperate them by saying they go out to a foreign country and start preaching the gospel. This might be missionary work--but... it's not about leaving the country. The work is about preaching/witnessing (because ladies should not be preachers, thats why I added the slash) EVERYWHERE we go.
Some of the greatest work of telling people about Jesus could be inside your neighbors house! It does NOT have to be somewhere special. It's already special enough that you witnessed.
The people watching us... Some us were asked what we thought about the devotion. And everyone's answers were great. I also found that we were doing missionary work ourselves. See, what I saw was people standing by a building that ministers to children about the gospel--with a huge sign saying "Children Evangelistic Ministries", which was INCREDIBLY obvious to others-- looking at Christian kids to adults working and helping another person.
It was a great feeling. And I loved it. And I learned that we don't need to do something extremely important in order to tell people about Christ. :)

God bless!

(P.S. I saw on the poll that most people wanted a new layout--and I couldn't agree more. It wasn't the best, even if I did like it some. So I hope you guys like this one better!! :))

May 10, 2009

It's MOTHER'S DAY! *nudges a reminder*

It's Mother's Day today!! And guess what? I almost forgot. *smacks forehead* My mistake. :P BUT, we did do stuff with my mom and it was fun. Church was great, we handed out small journal-type notebooks to all the mothers we have. It's been nice. =]

AND HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mothers out there reading this blog, too. :) I hope it's been a God-blessed day, and will continue to last.


OKAY, so guess what? My blogoversary came and went! THREE DAYS AGO. I've been so buys with my school, I just totally did NOT notice.
Anywhoo-IT"S BEEN A YEAR!! A very great year! I've created new friends, just by posting on a dinky little blog I have. I'm happy that the friends I have on here, penpals or not, you guys have stuck with me. :P And the new ones.... Let's just hope you have just as much of ednurance as they do--'cause you're gonna need it with me. ;)

I need some prayer, I'm going back tot he doctor's for a chek-up with my stomach. I just ran out of my medicine that I've been taking for about I-forget-how-many months now. But yeah.. I can tell my gastritis is better, but I'm not fully sure it's gone away. I went with it for quite a WHILE not knowing and not treating it... so yeah.
I had my test, thanks for the prayers about that! I truly appreciate that. :) I think I did pretty well, but I'll have to get my resuts before I get my hopes up WAY to high. :P
My mother is due in July with another SISTER. I'm going to be the oldest of six, and part of five girls plus a boy. What FUN! :D

OH, I reached the 65,000 word mark of my book! I'm so happy!!!! =D

Thanks for reading.
God bless,
~bookworm4god [AKA: Bookie]

May 7, 2009


This is going to be a short post. Sorry, guys...

I'm asking for prayer for tomorrow. I'll be taking my final test, and as a homeschooler I'm taking the IOWA test, but it's just like the FCAT.

Please pray I do well. :)

I'll post some more sometime soon!

Thanks guys.
--God bless,

May 1, 2009

Some AWESOME posts by fellow YCFers &&&&&&& A question asked by YOURS truly. ;)

So there have been some really great posts from some fellow YCFers! And I've enjoyed reading them lots, because mine could never get that good, I'm linking to the ones I've especially liked. ^_^

One that helped me think a lot was Ian's post, Challenged Faith I've actually had that same phase, even though my dad's a pastor. It's just a super sudden thought that comes, and the thing is, I STILL believe, I just want to find more proof that way I can witness better. Gracias, Ian! :)

Another one I really enjoyed reading was Sapphira's post, Loneliness The verse is COMPLETELY true (there's probably more in the Bible like that), and it shows that there will always be Someone there for you, no matter the circumstances. *grins* Thanks, Sapphira!

And part of a little series he's been doing, Camden (who was originally Elliot Reed) has been posting about love. :)

Love: Part 1: What Is Love?
Love: Part 2: Kinds of Love
Love: Part 3: When Love Fails .

Thankies, Camden! ^_^

Check 'em out! AND I picked the blog posts concerning faith in Jesus and love. The other recent blog posts that others have been doing, it's not to offend, I'm just picking a certain theme. =] I'm moved by a couple of them!

God always loves us.
He'll never forsake us.
And He is there.


On another note:
I have a test this next Friday. The 8th. I'd love prayers. It's the final test of the school year for me, whether I pass this grade or not. I REALLLLLY need to. :P

I've finished the WHOLE entire O'Malley Chronicles(by Dee Henderson)!(WELL, I'm in the prequel right now...) If you don't get this, then read The O'Malley Chronicles .

I've been keeping up with the polls, and I noticed that there are votes on changing my layout. Prism/aGoMC has asked me to change the font color because she had a hard time reading it--which I did! BUT, if that's not the only thing you feel like my changing, then TELL me. I'd love to know exactly what. There's always room for more improvements, no need to be shy. I love HONESTY. *grins and winks*

I'll be doing more important posts. Lately it's just been lyrics or about me, and I liked doing my "Important Thoughts" that are there in the sidebar.

My blogoversary is COMIN' UP! 6 more days, thanks to a reminder! (I hadn't been keeping up with it, but WOW. I can't wait!) :D

Again, tell me if you want something different going on for the blog. Especially the kind of stuff I should do to express my Christian faith and things. This blog is to honor Jesus.

God bless,