August 27, 2009


WHY THIS POST IS SO IMPORTANT? I realized that I've been using the name "Bookie" for a while, and though it's been fun and all using it... I've decided to change "bookworm4god".
Guys, my new name is now MaidenOfEmmanuel.

The fun part about this? I know it's so confusing, but to lessen that up, I'm letting you guys pick nicknames. I've already thought of a couple, but I'd love to see how creative you guys are with that.
I know I've had old blogger friends (such as Prism, Ian, Araken, Sapphirra, Paris, Camden, Bryce, etc...), so this'll be a little confusing, but unless you've read this post, you'll understand. :)

Sorry for the confusion.

The baby is gettng cuter every day, and I LOVE holding her. She's so sweet!
Also, school's starting up, and I'm wondering how frequent my blog posts will be, but if you guys need prayer for that, I most definitely will pray for you! Or any other specific or non-specific prayer requests, I'd LOVE to help. :) Some of you have already asked, and I so appreciate the honor of praying for you. :)

Please do pray for me in school wise. I'd appreciate that.

I can't believe this summer is leaving already!! It's like flown by... Insane. :P

Which brings me to...........*sound effects "dun-dun-dunnnnn"*:

I FINISHED MY BOOK!!!! *happy-dances* It's called Cured, and it was for my NaNoWriMo. It took me FOREVER to write (almost a year), but I did it! And it shouldn't have taken me so long, but I got kinda lazy. *blinks*
Anywho, it's 138 pages long, and 83 or 84 thousand words long. :D I'm thrilled about it, and I've already started another book called "The Petals of Rose".
I think it'll be better than Cured actually... :P

Well, later gators! (And I'm serious about the prayer guys. :P :))

God bless,

August 6, 2009

The other day I officially became the oldest of six...

My mom had her baby, and I now have another little sister. She's SO cute.
And for the nickname that I will be referring to her as, it will be AJ (that's an official nickname around here so far...). :)
One of the reasons why I haven't posted for a little while is because of her. I'll continue the "I'm Not Alright" posts soon, but I have to get underway with helping taking care of AJ.

Want to see a picture of me and AJ?

She's ADORABLE. Like... The cutest baby I've ever seen. :D And I can't wait till she comes home (tomorrow)! *squeals*

But yeah. Just thought I'd let you guys know what's been going on a little 'round here. ;)

Have a great week(end)!
God bless,