September 2, 2008

En Memoria De Jesus

Alright, so I've been back to my "thinking hard" lately =D And I'm going to post my thoughts again, like I usually do...

Info: The title in English (for those of you who don't know much Spanish--like me) is "In Memory of Jesus", though I'm sure you smart people figure that out already ;)

Topic: I've been thinking of people who act Christlike, and people who don't care, and so forth--you'll see.

Here we go: So yes, I've come back to my regular posting of "important to me" things. And so when today I was stuck on not knowing what to post to a sudden brainstorm of "I GOT IT!" I was really happy. It was really at a store I went to, and I guess this has nothing to do being Christlike or such, but it was really of being kind. I was leaving the store when I saw this little girl around 5 or 6 sticking a hand in her pocket, and she was walking next to her dad. I was curious as to what she was holding and so I sort of slowed down to watch her for a second. But I was leaving, and I wasn't about to tell my mom, "Hold on, I wanna see what this little girl has in her pocket." No, I just turned me head and I saw her take out the reciept and hand it to the man who was checking the receipts and items (that's what, at least, this store does). And then I had a flashback of me doing the exact same thing when I was her age. I would ask my mom (who usually is the one to grocery shop) for the receipt to hand to the "man with the highliter". And my mom would always give it to me, or my sister, or someone, and we would give it to the guy or lady (whoever it was that day). And you all are thinking, "Why in the world would she want to hand a receipt to some dude? Only because she feels grown up?" And that was it at first, but then the person would ALWAYS draw happy faces or something cool, but mostly happy faces, and that made US happy. Someone actually felt like doing some stupid thing that would make us happy. Stupid as in not important, not dumb.
SO can you now guess why I was looking back? Yeah, I was looking back to see if the guy was drawing a happy face, and I never did get to see, but usually they just make a slash on the receipt and hand it back, but he actually put the receipt on the wall and took some times, so i'm pretty sure he did do something like that. AND THAT MADE ME SMILE.
Okay, yeah it sounds strange, but I was actually amazed that someone wasn't actually bored with their job. I always see someone with a sour look on their face, or tired, or something and they never enjoyed what they were doing. What they were there for.
But what does the title "En Memoria De Jesus/In Memory of Jesus" have to do with this. WELL I've pointed out three things so far in someway, think about it.
1) Kindness/Thoughtfullness,
2) Wanting to do something right, and
3) Not wanting to do something right.
Now, yes, most people who don't care or don't have the right attitude aren't Christians, and the majority of this world aren't Christians either, but when you ARE Christian and you ARE eager to do work or something nice it shows, and it feels nice to not only any other person you'll affect, but yourself. Remember my post about Honduras? How I so want to go back and help, or I felt closer to God over there, I think it had to do something with all of the other people surrounding me.
There wasn't just the people and their poverty, but there were the people WITHOUT the poverty too. Yup, I did want to help because there were people who barely had homes, but it was also the effect other people had on me. Most ALL the people in the place that I was staying at, MEDA, were joyful to do work for the Lord. Maybe there was a kid or two who didn't feel like it, but the rest of them and all the adults, sweating, tired, and stressed, were still perfectly happy to be doing the work they had started. And so NOW, even here in the States, I've become joyful.
I used to be all upset at--
doing chores
practicing my violin,
and whatever every other kid here complains about.
BUT, since I've come back, I always think about the others that worked around me.
Who says nobody pays attention. Who thinks someone like me would pay attention to those around.
"Pff, that girl wouldn't care in the world that I've been helping out."
You've got it wrong. ANYTIME you think that, remember that there's a HUGE possibility that you've made a mistake.
Because I did. I payed attention. I listened to their songs, sang with them too. I really LOOKED at the attention spans of some people. I REALLY saw everyone there. And I really HEARD and SAW the joy that everyone had. It made me happy to do the Lord's work, and I wish so many other people would have that joy too. Believe me, see it, and know it for real. I know a lot of friends and other kids wouldn't look at that, because
1) they may not be Christian, and
2) they don't really have that kind of attitude.
It's not in memory of Jesus. It really isn't here. It's not msot everywhere, even in Honduras. No, but it is in somewhere.

Well, I hope that made sense. I hope my post was organized enough... Sometimes I feel weird doing this because maybe it does sound strange, or odd, or whatever. But it really feels good to actually share it and I'm glad I do post my "imprtant thoughts". I know some of you do enjoy them =D

ALSO, En Memoria De Jesus was engraved on a table in the church I went to for those two weeks I spent on my missions trip. I'm pretty sure those were the exact words. I should be at least... ;) Since I didn't really understand the spanish sermon, I was staring at those words forever :D



A Girl of Many Colors! said...

Wow. That's so cool bookiella. Are you going to keep making me say that I could never write like you?
Seriously, really good stuff

Paris said...

yeah, when i get a job i want to enjoy it and make other people enjoy being around me. but what job...?

bookworm4god said...

gracias AGC =D *but you know that's totally untrue--it's your turn to also do it ;)*

Well, Paris, do you help out in your church or in groups or whatever? It doesn't need to be really important as long as God knows you're happy doing it for Him.

Thanks guys :D