June 28, 2008


Hiya! It's the one and only me!!! yay! Just kid just kid. Well, the poll has finished and let me tell you, IT WAS VERY CLOSE. But the one that i thought would probably win, did!!!
Congrats to the title Raconteur!!! It won with 4 votes. I honestly like the title a lot, so I'm really glad it won that poll.
Alone got 1 vote. It IS more like a title for a book, but not for a series so I can definitely understand why it got 1 vote.
Um, Away..... Yeah, Away got none. AND that's TOTALLY ok... Away was not my favorite. That day i was trying to think of sooo many titles that some of them are a little pathetic...for at least series titles. I can see it more as a book title like Alone. But yeah:PP
Soar! It was SOOO CLOSE to winning that poll. I didn't think it'd get very many votes, but it got at least 3 and that's multi-choosing so yeah, it went well!
So far the Top 2 Titles are Blinded and Racontuer. That's cool. I like 'em both a lot.
The new ones for this weeek's poll are:
2)The King (or Prince) *
3)Help (or Support) *
4)Double Edge
5)Opus (or Weaved OR Composed) ~haha I think you get my meaning~

YES it will have 5!! lol I finally realized I had 1 more than 12 so i needed to add an extra title ;)
All the stars (***) I'm still wondering about. I don't know maybe if I should do something else other than the actual ones--so maybe those subsitutes to replace? You'll see why in my title explanation :PP Just in case you haven't checked it out. Also my Summary. so yupp.

Prayer Requests:
~Last Thursday my church had to move out totally from the property of another church. They owned the whole building and they needed us to leave so we moved everything in pick-up trucks to a moving truck. Going upstairs and downstairs with chairs, boxes (heavy ones too), flowers, and etc. It was fUN, but I was soooo sore on Friday. So we need some prayer for our church. We're doing fine, but we're stillrenting from another church, again, and we want our own property.
~I've had an acid-reflex problem since last January. And just going 3 or 4 months is the longest so far with out getting so sick i barf. *YES DISGUSTING, sorry*. But I don't get it so bad anymore, but still my stomach hurts every so often.

Well thanks again for passing by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



P.S. I just decided for Opus's substitue to be Composed instead of Weaved.;)

June 25, 2008


A TRAGEDY happened yesterday! I had to get shot and get blood drawn from me! UGH! I ABSOLUTELY hate shots, and more-- I am scared of them. Once they even say something about vaxines (when you have a huge family that has to go the Dr.'s office like every three months and you're homeschooled, you know what all those new words mean over there!) I will start sobbing. Yes, I know! "What a wimp!" "She's such a weirdo!" But it's sadly and unfortunately true. I had to get my meningitis (SO NOT SURE IF I SPELLED THAT RIGHT) shot, and then three vials of blood because lately I've been sort of "blacking out", where I will get up from my bed in the morning and once I reach the hallway, I sart feeling really weird and then my vision will start getting darker and I'll get a headache. It'll happen like twice a day sometimes, but it only lasts about 10 seconds. And then the Dr. says that he thinks it might be normal, that some people even faint. AND I"M LIKE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. But hopefully that won't happen ;)
On to another HAPPY subject though! One of my forum buddies got a blog! Check it out! I added a link too (DoT) so yeah:)
Hm... I'm trying to think... Oh yeah! Some of you have been asking 'bout my being a twin or whatever, so I decided to post a couple pictures of use being together:) You guys will definitely be able to tell that we're identical! lol i will point out who's who.

Yes, we do like taking funny pictures:) That's Me on the right, and Carolyn on the left.

She just got a new camera so we were goofing off :P That's me on the left and her on the right.

haha same thing. her on the right me LEFT:)

That's me on the front, lol

My brother Santi, Carolyn, and Me :D

Well I hope you like them! Not the best pictures. ALl the better ones are on my other computer...

tootaloo!!! lol


June 23, 2008


So it might be a little hard for me to post anything this week...Or maybe not. I'm finishing up my 8th grade homeschool year this week and I might be busy. Plus all that foruming business on the DIOM forum. I've made really cool friends on there. PLUS writing in my story. I literally only am on my third page! *WOW* So totally UN-AMAZING. I like writing, but sometimes it's really hard. Tyler (one of my main characters) is getting extremely annoyed that I'm not writing enough details and giving the settings enough space. So therefore I just need to sit down and think. But I'm wayyy to lazy, so we'll see how it works! lol
I think I might post a couple of pictures of me, but I'm not absolutely sure... Maybe with my twin and stuff so you guys can see how identical we look ;) I'm sure you guys would love that!!!
I was also thinking of posting the first part of my story on here too! Because you "bookworm readers" are the first to actually get the inside peek! So there ya go!! lOl
The poll is getting a little one-sided! I thought that might happen. That is one of my favorite title's that i thought up of, so I'm glad it's taking the lead. But feel free to go on ahead with voting for another. It's a multi-choice poll so there ya go...
I think that's mostly it... I'll post more when I think of something fun!!



June 21, 2008

This week, next week, more!

The poll has been officially closed. The winner was Blinded! I actually really do like that title... But there's still more to come! It was very close with Truth, and yes, ultimately it's up to me to decide the title, so it will still be in my noggin even when this whole thing is finished!
I noticed that Similarities wasn't that famous, and that's ok... It did sound good to me, but I can use it for another story, too.
The Time, yeah felt that way about how many votes it got. 1 (same as similarities)vote, but I wasn't to big on it either. SO that one's out.
Now the new four titles in the poll will be Raconteur, Alone, Away, and Soar. Now from some of you who have posted already what they've liked, I think I might know which one is gonna win. But it all depends on you guys for the winner, so I might be wrong:PP
I've been writing, but my characters aren't getting into the right place. They seem to be complaining about their attitude or whatever it is. *Tyler especially*
For more information about the titles Click Here. Or for info on the book Click Here.

Now for totally RANDOM stuff:
~My twin sister is going through a devotional book called A Young Woman After God's Own Heart. I recommend it for other girls:)
~My church is moving. Pray PRAY PRAY! for us please!
~um.... i have really nothing else....
~I totally forgot something I could've said but whatever!! lol

Well thanks for stoppin' by!


June 18, 2008

"Giggling Ethan" and more =D

This is a picture of me with an employee at Borders. I'm holding the Beyond the Reflection's Edge book (i did a review somewhere in this blog, if you don't know about it...haha it's in the May section), because I needed to find the book for the contest I'm in. Ethan was nicknamed by my mom and I, the "Giggling Ethan". Because, well at least where I live, taking a picture with an employee is just strange. So he was embarrassed about taking it and to cover up he was giggling or laughing or whatever you call it until my mom was finished taking the picture and and he walked away. It was really really funny. Haha, I started laughing too.

This is my video for the contest too! Since we could do videos I decided to do this one.

Also I joined the Dragons In Our Midst forum. And it's great! Very welcoming people:PP YBT has a bit of a bite though (just kidding), but I recommend it to anybody who loves the Dragons In Our Midst books and Oracles of Fire AND Echoes from the Edge. If you do, tell me your username, I'd love to be friends with you on it...

Oh, yeah, I'm almost done with my Last of the Nephilim book! Less than a hundred pages to go!!! yayyyy:) And my book is sorta going a little slow... But i'll kepp working on it!!


P.S. Sorry! The first time i posted the picture, it didn't come out, so for those of you who came here, my bad...lol now you can see the picture!!:)

June 16, 2008


~YAY, my mom had pre-ordered the book Last of the Nephilim, from the Oracles of Fire series!!!!! For those of you who are not familiar with the series it's by my ALL-TIME favorite author, Bryan Davis. He's a Christian/fantasy/sci-fi (or are those the same things?) author who does the most amazing books. True they are not devotional books, but they're the type you read for fun and still get something out of. Your faith in God still grows, and some people have said that the book really helps them get stronger (I know I have), so yeah. I'm now half-way through and still super excited. I have NO CLUE what's gonna happen to my favorite characters....lol.

~So my dad's a pastor, and he was doing this really great sermon that sooooo entirely true (well it's not like he's gonna lie, but yeah). It was about how EVERYONE not just some people are sinners, and that we're all under the wrath of God and we're all gonna be judged someday. And I'm thinking WHOA. Can you IMAGINE being judged by God... I mean we're already judged by people, but that's not the same. So I was thinking, we really have to make an effort to help other people. Some people don't even know about grace and God. And i feel sooo bad for them....

Well those were my totally random thoughts!
***thanks for dropping by***


June 15, 2008


I have been tagged by Zoey!

Link to the person that tagged you, post the rules somewhere in your meme, answer the questions, tag six people in your post, let the tagees know they’ve been chosen by leaving a comment on their blog, let the tagger know your entry is posted.

Who is your all-time favorite author and why?
Bryan Davis (of course!!!)

Who was your first favorite author and why?
Carolyn Keene. The Nancy Drew series were very popular i guess in my mom's time, so she got me into them too! i read alottttt of 'em...lol

Who is the most recent addition to your list of favorite authors, and why?
I really like James Patterson. He has a series called Maximum Ride. Though it is NOT Christian, I still liked them.
But I also like Wayne Thomas Batson. I JUST started his books in the Door Within Trilogy.

If someone asked you who your favorite authors were right now, which authors would first pop out of your mouth? Bryan Davis, James Patterson, Wayne Thomas Batson.

I tag...


June 12, 2008

my poll and story

kkkk. so i put a poll up for the titles of my book... This is totally not meaning i'll actually use that title, but it is nice to see which one people like better:) lol. so the poll is gonna work like this. i put up for titles now, then next week i will up four other titles and so forth. by the last week, i will keep track of all the MOST popular title from those 3 or 4 weeks and put up those titles... can't wait to see!!!

haha, i went to borders the other day and i found the ONLY copy of Beyond the Reflection's Edge there, because the rest were intransit.... I thought maybe there'd be a whole section, but i couldn't find anything. no Bryan Davis book. So my mommy found this employee and asked for him to ook for the book... and there it was....sitting so lonely by itself on the shelf (hey that rhymed!!! lol). So then i took a pic and i have to upload it soon!!! but it's kinda cool, seeing that since there was only one book obviously a bunch of others were sold!!!! :)

well i'll post soon!!


June 9, 2008


lOllll. ok, i had someone say that it was hard to pick a title because they didn't know what it was about.... But i haven't really gotten into the book, i've just started a little bit... but i'll keep working. So i'm giving you guys a brief summary about it:

A boy named Tyler is searching everywhere to find where he belongs. His mind, his soul, his family... He doesn't know much about Faith either. But when a girl who supposedly "just moved in" on his block starts hanging around telling him these weird things about her being from another world, which is basically the future earth, and him being "the One", he decides to go on a trip with her... Back in time! There he learns about Jesus--EVEN SEES HIM-- and much more! Will he be able to save another world, well at least help them? Will he find what it really means to sacrifice for the world? Or will everything just go down the drain?

Sorry, i really am pretty bad at summaries, though i hope it sounds good! tell meee:)

Title and BtRE

So even though i am already writing my story i haven't come up with a title. i was thinking of a bunch of stuff, but i didn't want any of them to sound....LAME. lOl... So i was either thinking of the title series (if it will be a series that i wanna do) called (obviously not in order):
1)Help (or Support)
2)The King (or maybe Prince--depends)
3)Double Edge
6)Opus (or Weaved)
9)The Time
13)Blinded (or Blind)
Yupppp, i only came up with 13 titles. I'm not very good at title naming. If you guys could give me four of your favorite titles here, I'll probably put it as a poll:PP so yeah... The idea of the title "Help" came sorta from my dad. He's a pastor and he said that if he ever wrote a book it'd probably be called S.O.S. and i didn't want to take that title away from him... so i came up with Help:) "The King" i came up with because of my "outline" that i have in my head. It came because of the story line, Jesus, and the main character. I'm just trying to figure out if it should either refer to Jesus or the main char., that's why if it was for the guy it'd be the Prince (i think). lol. confusing huh? =D Double Edge is actually the name of my youth group/sunday school. My dad came up with it because in the Bible it says something about Jesus or His wrath is like a double edged sword. Opus isn't supposed to refer to a song, just that life here on earth is like God's opus:) Reconteur actually was a word i found randomly searching up words to see which synonyms would be a nice title!!! lol ;) Means the storyteller or something about storytelling. Thought maybe it'd be perfect for it! haha lol. Yep, so those were some ideas and definitions. It'd really make me happy if you could help me out!! lol haha, whatev:PP

Now besides that... I have actually been really trying to earn some points on the BtRE contest. But i'm wayyyyy behind, so hopefully today or maybe tomorrow i can go to Borders or Barnes and Noble to see if i can find the book in those stores:PP

God Bless! :)

June 6, 2008


haha, ok, i FINALLYYY came up with an idea for a story. it's kinda confusing, BUT it's still coming! it might come slow to me, but i'm REALLLYYY gonna try to make it happen. I haven't come up with a title yet, but i have written in it recently... i'm probably going to put up a word count thingy-ma-jig... lol. but yeah, prayyy for me:)

Also, this is a video that i sooooo had to post because i'm homeschooled, and maybe some of you are and maybe some of you aren't, but it has to do with what seperates us. lOl, it's hilarious, at least to me, but ya. I think you'll enjoy it!

*this is not to offend ANYBODY*

well i hope you like it!!



June 4, 2008


Usually everytime I pray, it's about asking God to help me with my weaknesses. OR to help my friends. It may sound weird praying for your friends (especially if they're kids) to you, but it works. I've found God in the middle of work with them sometimes. But now I realize (and right now I'm listening to "Our God is an Awesome God") that instead of just praying about helping everyone, it should be more PRAISE. My dad is always asking me, "so when you pray do you praise God that much?" And I never really thought about it. I always assumed that God knew how powerful and almighty He is. But, when you think about it, everyone is good or great at something. But even though we know we are, isn't it NICE to hear other people praise our works? I keep asking God to help... And now it seems like I'm just taking advantage. "God, help me in this" "God, help so-and-so" "God, help this issue that just arose". But it was never "God, You're sooo amazing!" "God, what a powerful God you are" And now I'll do that more often. Cause if you think about it, praising God is REALLY important. He was here when nobody else was. No beginning (no end either, but it's the point that's important), yet when He was alone, He created everything that exists today. He made alllll of us. And when we had ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE to live in heaven He sent Jesus and Jesus died for ALL OF US. And now, *sighs* NOW, He's invited us all to live in HIS house. TALK ABOUT GENEROUS! You can still ask God for help, but now I'm going to praise a lot more, too...:)