January 29, 2009

Updates =] (Don'tcha just love 'em?)

YAY. So I've been just giving you boring old blog posts lately--but just this week I updated a LOT.

As you can see, from my LAST poll, I had several things I needed to do, and a lot of them were voted on the most. A lot, I believe was on my black template. It was cool for the time being, but it was only cool for 6 months apparently, so I updated my layout/template. And most of you know I did that a while ago, but some of you guys haven't been on my blog in a while (and that's totally cool, but yeah).

ALSO, I showed some pics of myself, but that's not really an update--I HAVE changed my "About Me". It's way different from my soft/quiet/shy about me to totally different. :P lol

I made myself an AFFILATE!! Woo-hoo! My affie is the icon of me, my name (bookworm4god), and the last sentence f my about me (Come at your own risk). And if you don't understand why I put that last sentence its because of the tons of people who are afraid of talking about or to Christian people/Christianity. So yeah, come at your own risk, for this girl has some opinions. :D (The affie is right there on the side. Just scroll down a little and you'll see.)

I added an icon for my blogoversary!!! :D lOl, in (*runs to check the icon*) ninety-eight more days, it will be officially a year sicne I've been posting on my blog. WHOOPEE! :)

I've added other icons. Most of them have to do with me, my blog, and whatever. So yeah. I also have links to my other blogs. But I think pretty soon I'll just make affies for those instead of links, and but all of my affies together.

My "Important Thoughts" list has grown longer! Whoa. Way longer than the few it was before--but I'm happy about that. =D

I added a little penguin icon. It's flapping it's wings, but no one can really see it. So I'm wondering how long it will stay up.

I've updated my poll. And I promise the next time it finishes, I will sooooooo be ready! Because I know I wasn't last time, but yeah. I will be!

~I'm still part of the YCF and I've been trying my hardest to live up to the group. If you'd like to be part of it, (and if you have no idea what it's really about, but you're interested in joining the now-bigger-than-ever-before group) ask! :D I'll tak to you about it! :)

I'm searching to improve this place more and more. If you don't like something, tell me... I might just understand you. If you do like something especially tell me! I'd love to know what looks great to you! I've already had someone say they like my little icons, and that made me happy. :D
Pray Por Favor:
1. I've been taking medication for my old pal, Stomach. He's been great (*rolls eyes*). Not really... I feel like some old person having to pull out an orange bottle and waiting half-an-hour before I eat breakfast. Makes me feel weird, but it seems to be helping. I haven't upchucked anything since. :)
2. MOM's PREGNANT! :D lol. We've told everyone now, so I'm really excited. She's two or three months--I forget, sorry. But I'm really excited. I'll be the oldest of six, instead of five. '=] x2' lol.
3. I never did go see Twin4God for her birthday. We're planning on it soon, but so far she and two other siblings have gotten sick with the stomach virus, so pray for her and her family please!
4. I really want to grow more in my wak with the Lord. Sometimes I feel like I need to more than ever, and I feel on the right track, but everyone needs prayer for that, and I'm asking now for you guys to do that for me.
5. My church's Missions Conference. I'm really excited about it, but some of our missionaries that are elderly aren't doing too well.

Have a great weekend,

January 25, 2009

When? How? I'll never know... But that doesn't matter.

WOW. I never thought I'd be posting this much on one topic. Everyday I keep thinking back about my "Creating Yourself" posts, and I've already put the links into my "Important Thoughts" section, but this, my friends, is part THREE of the whole thing.
I'm now asking questions, and I'm almost sure I won't keep going after this--but I'm not fully positive. Every day I have new questions. (*sighs*--lol).

If you haven't read my other posts on this, it's fine. And you'll probably still be able to understand everything--for I pretty much try not to go back a lot onto other posts when I blog, but if you'd LIKE to read them, here's PART ONE and PART TWO.

Oki-dokes, just like my title of this one I've been thinking. Is there going to be a time when I actually know I've fulfilled WHATEVER it was I was supposed to fulfill? How WILL I ever know? I mean... Here we go about our business, doing the things God wants us to do (or at least we all try, right?)--and as a young lady/man (lol) we can only do SO MUCH, right??
*Whistles and looks away* And since we, for now, can't be the President or can't be a famous person, how do we know we've done something useful? When will we find out we've done something useful?
The other day I was asking myself, "I wonder what it'd be like if 'POOF' I just didn't exist. I was never born." I still wonder that. "How would so-and-so have done this, if I hadn't helped that person?" And then I think, "Nah, she/he would've survived. It wasn't THAT big of a deal." And there I go--the world can move along without me.
But then somewhere around my existence, I will do something. And if my death is the only thing that will effect someone, then so be it--but I'm still trying to figure that out.
Have you ever thought that?? . . .
What if I never started this blog? I wouldn't have the friends I have today.
What if I decided that you weren't worth my friendship? So, nah, we never became the best of pals. (lol)
What if God decided that I didn't need to be born? So therefore--it was just my twin sister, who would be the oldest of everybody.
Would you be able to cope if your best friend was never alive? Would you say, "It's fine, Bookie didn't make much of a difference."? Ha, maybe you would, but there are tons of other people, besides me you could think about--if they never existed. There is you, y'know. :P
POOF! You're gone. What now?
You might figure it out--I'm sure all of you are very smart people, with great noggins.
Or you could still be Einstein/Eisteinette and never figure it out. It's all according to God's plan, just make sure He's proud of you.
--If you decide to get back at someone, you're not showing mercy. They could've done without you for that one time.
--If you decide not to be strong about someone that's bugging you, you're not showing honor. That person could've done without you for that one time.
--If you decide to leave a friend in a time of need, you're not showing love. That person could've done without you for that one time.
There's more, but the point is, even if somebody could've done without you for that one time--I'd feel awful. One time's enough for me. It's the fact that I wasn't acting like a maiden of God, I wasn't making Him proud of me.

No matter what, glorify Him. :)

Have a great Sunday (and week :D)

P.S. BY THE WAY, TODAY IS TWIN4GOD'S BIRTHDAY! WISH HER A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Even if you've never commented on her blog before, you don't know who she is--I'll bet anything she knows you read my blog. Just say hello and happy birthday!
*HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D*

January 22, 2009

Pictures! :)

Alrighty, so I know this is my second post of the day, and SHAME be brought upon me--because I want you guys to see pictures of me and my twin (and just me, too :P).
And a couple other people are putting up pictures of themselves on their blogs, so I felt left out. :D So here are about ten (out of the million I was tagged in by some people! [on another site--FB]) pictures!

(Read my first post too, by the way!)

At the beach, at a park.... At a house. :D
You get the idea.
I'm the one with no glasses (lol), and my twin sis had the glasses... :D
Have a splendid weekend,

What Am I Going To Create Myself?

This is a slight continuation of my last post. Meaning it's got part of what I said in it from my last one.

1)"Happy moments, Praise God. Difficult moments, seek God. Quiet moments, worship God. Painful moments, trust God. Every moment, thank God."
2)"Be a fruitloop in a world full of cheerios."
3)"No Jesus, No peace.--Know Jesus, Know peace."
4)"I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me." (Phil. 4:13)

My last post was talking about how first, instead of FINDING yourself, you need to do more of creating--and I think I got the fact straight out when I mentioned we shouldn't be committing any suicide, murder, other crimes. It's a fact--EVERYONE knows that.
But it's not just those three things... I mean, come on...That's pretty easy. I pretty much have fully created "myself", because I haven't done any of those.
Nuh-uh. Don't even go there. You haven't even gone to do anything. So you know some right from wrong things. WHOOPEE.
BUT, how DO I know that I'm... you know... Bringing about a person that is unique? I, personally, haven't even fully done that. I'm just a teen who happens to be realizing that.
(Numbers are referring to the numbered-quotes up there)
Starting with 1), I think that has to do with everyone--but not everyone knows that. I know tons of non-Believers who would want nothing to do with something like that quote, and they've already created themselves (in a sense). It's the thing that you ARE creating.
WHAT is it?
WHO are you now?
Seek God all the time, sure--but does that help? Heck, yes. No duh, you're reading scripture, talking to God, listening to Him--OF COURSE it's creating who you are.
What's 2)? Oneof my favorites. Everyone wants to be different from everybody else. It's something that's always inside. You want to be so unique, people will always remember you.
I'm sure you've found that a smidge hard.
*winks* Just a tad, eh?
I'll tell you guys something I never really told anyone. It's something EVERYONE want(ed/s), and not just me. It's kind of selfish too--at least my version of wanting it.
Have you ever wanted to be President? (If so--) WHY? Was it the power?
Have you ever wanted to be a singer/actor/actress/musician? (If so--) WHY? Was it the money?
Have you ever wanted to be known for something (ANYTHING) important? WHY? Was it both the power AND the money? I've always wanted to be the second. Doesn't it kinda look cool to be up on a stage? Uh YEAH--it kinda does!
My reason wasn't really the money (I could be a doctor if I wanted the cha-chings), it was the fact that all these options meant you'd be famous. Known for whatever. I'd create myself to be someone IMPORTANT. But it doesn't come easily. Being a fruitloop in a world full of cheerios is extremely hard.
I've wanted to fit in with groups that I might not have wanted to fit in. But they were the popular ones. (I never did--only maybe for just a little while...but then I said no...END of that) I wanted people to know me for whatever. But everytime--it was me becoming just another cheerio. Does that make you or me feel good? Sometimes... I mean, if you think about it--is it really so bad?
Uh, yeah. Sorry to break it to you, honey, but it is sometimes. I wanted to be President. I wanted people to remember me for doing things right, for making that stuff happen, and then when I died, EVERYONE would be sad. (WELL, at least the country. ;) Then Hillary Clinton crushed my dreams...JKJK. ----> But you can still be a fruitloop even if you don't make it that high.
Wasn't 3) cool?! Haha, I saw it on an icon, but I decided to save space in this entry. :D
If there was absolutely no Jesus in you--there would absolutely be NO peace. If you KNOW Jesus, you do, absolutely-positutely have peace. PERIOD.
And I think that 4) is really neat/cool/whatever-positive. I mean, I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME!
Oh yeah, that's pretty awesome. And since you can do ALL things (except for the fact that it's in CHRIST--you can't do wrong things), you can CREATE yourself to be more involved with him. I mean, you can be a GOOD fruitloop, you can do ALL things, you can HAVE peace, and all that good stuff when you're with God. Be known for the great things.

God bless,

January 20, 2009

Life Isn't About Finding Yourself, It's About Creating Yourself

I saw this icon on some site, and I don't know... I just loved it. I'm always hearing about everyone say they don't know who they are, they don't know what to do in life, they want to find themselves, etc. You really get into it after a while. I used to think things like that--and, honestly, sometimes I do. I don't know what God has in store for me in the future. I could die tomorrow, or I could live till I'm a hundred years old. You never know... But what I do know is that I'm here for a reason. Obviously you may not be sure of it right now, but you could be sure soon or never. I started thinking the other day, of how random I'm placed. Of just how perfectly I fit in with my family, friends, everyone.
The way I was created--I'm a girl, not a guy.
The family I was born into--most everyone's Christian.
The friends I have-- enough to be able to be myself.
Sure, there are problems everywhere. Does no ever not go through trials? We do! All the time. Dude, read the Bible and figure out that God tests you. He won't NOT test you. He'll never give you anything you're not capable of handling. Never. He's better than that. Some people commit murder, some people commit suicide, some people just commit crimes, and a lot say "Sorry, God just made me this way."
OR, they say, "I found what my purpose was in life."
I don't think it was to destruct.
WHAT, so you think that since you don't know what to do in life now, there's never going to be a purpose, mine as well live it out doing what your sinful nature wants?
Ha, yeah, "(*mockingly, of course*) I don't know what to do with myself, so I mine as well die, kill, or do something wrong. There's no point in living anyway."
Uh, no.
I don't think so. I actually remember this one specific conversation with my mom when we were in her room. I was younger then, but I was thoughtful. I asked her the time when you finally find out what you're here for.
And I forget the answer right now, but I can tell you this moment, that you've already done what you're called to do, you're already DOING what you've been called to do. There are probably more than a hundred reasons why you were born, why you're family with so-and-so, and why you're friends with whomever. You've probably established more than what you thought you COULD do. I just started realizing that my past friendships with a couple people, that didn't make it until now--only a few years, still had an effect on both me and the person involved.
Everything you do, everything you read, everything you think about, whatever it is, you're CREATING yourself. You may be finding yoursef too... The talents inside you never knew about, but they HAD to be created first.
Never would I have thought I'd do NaNoWriMo and be writing an over-55k-story when I was younger.
Never would I have thought I'd be playing the violin.
Never would I have thought I'd know people I didn't know before, today.
It's crazy to think about, but every moment you're just more and more involved. There may be one MAIN reason why you're here, but I'm sure there are several others that haven't caught your attention yet.
Stay creating,

January 18, 2009

Count down to many events! (and a picture of me and a very special friend I got to meet!) xD

Alright, so you know what I totally forgot to do?! Post picture of my meet with Twin4God! I mean, I go on her blog and there I am with her! But I forget to post pictures from MY camera! Shame be brought upon me. *shakes head*. OKAY.

We were goofing off. xD (T4G on the left, and I am on the right)

And then when we had to leave...... :'( (Though our faces don't show we're sad, so apparently inside I was the only one upset.)
And I'd also like you to know, that the scrapbook I'm carrying is the book I was given. THE most AMAZING gift ever, and if you've been reading my blog, you'll know why. :D


I'm SO excited.
Wants to know why?
Of course you do!

FIRST, besides important things like church and my co-op, there are several things I'm going to do this month and in February!
So we'll go from the closest. :D
There are:
1. FIVE more days (as in SINCO--espanol language, IVEFAY--piglatin, 5, and whatever language) till I go see T4G AGAIN! I'm going to be celebrating her birthday with her! She..... and her twin brother will be turning 15! YAY FOR THEM! So go on her blog and wish her a very happy birthday please!
2. THIRTEEN more days till FEBRUARY! Meaning, the SECOND month of the year. And I have no clue if I'm read for that, but whatevs.
3. TWENTY more days till I celebrate Princesses K and S's birthday! :D Yay for them too!
4. TWENTY-FIVE more days until my (and my TWIN'S, and Pres. Abe's) BIRTHDAY! Haha, YAY. (You have no clue how excited I am!!)
5. TWENTY-SIX more days until my church is going to have a Missions Conference (for most of our missionaries my church supports--I'm excited for that.) And I'm also thrilled it's the day after my birthday! (It lasts three days, too)
6. (I guess we can count Valentine's day too. Which is in TWENTY-SEVEN more days. Though I'm not as thrilled. I always used to be, but not anymore. It's fun to give candy and have fun with friends, but it gets soooo freakin tiresome. :P

So yeah... :D You can tell I'm one stoked person. =]

Have a great and blessed day, :)

January 12, 2009

Just 'cause I'm different doesn't mean it's bad--I'm still cool.

Oh, goodness, so I haven't done....An "Important Thoughts" post in FOREVER!!! Time to get a started, which also mens that I need to update my poll again. Because it's been months, and I haven't changed it. --But back to the point.

Have you ever noticed that everything about everyone speaks all about them? How whatever you do--everyone assumes something about? And then, suddenly there's judgement?
I've noticed a lot, how there are people that, right when you do something they may not appreciate, they judge you, right then and there.
It's happened to me.
It's happened to everybody.
You'll do something crazy or silly, and maybe a serious person doesn't find that amusing, so instead of jsut telling you, you already get the feeling they dislike you instantly.
But I've also gotten that, where, since I'm a Christian, I don't say things non-Christians do.
But does that mean I'm "out of it"? Nope. It does NOT. And it doesn't mean you're out of it either.
The other day someone made this point, in front of everybody, over the internet with a bad word. One, that most peopel use,that for sure God doesn't appreciate, and neither do I.
This kid was extremely upset, and he said it such a way, that you could tell he was upset. But did that mean it was right to use that in ront of EVERYBODY?! Nope. It was NOT.
And guess what I said? Blunt ole me. *rolls eyes* I said to him, "Oh that's nice. Great choice of words." Of course, it was said sarcastically. :P And he said something like "What? ___ word? I think it's an amazing word!"
Psh. Stupid kid. Stupid word. Stupid moment.
And I told him that it wasn't. And that he shouldn't have said it infront of everybody, and that I didn't think it was an "amazing" word, and that it wasn't very Christlike. He said he wasn't happy with the world, and I understood he was frustrated, and I understood that I was probably "out of it" right now. At least to him.
WELL, I said I would pray for him, and he said thank you. I said I hoped everything went better, and he thanked me again.
We haven't spoken since, but what I know for sure, that he never felt and I did: Was the sense that I did right. It didn't matter if that kid didn't like God or didn't care in the world what was supposed to be said and done, like I did. I knew I had done right. And that made me feel good, unlike something he was feeling.
Just because at that moment you spoke up for what you believe in, doesn't mean you're some loser--and if someone tells you that, don't trust their word upon it.
You're wayyyy cooler than they'll ever be.

I'm cool, 'cause I have Christ,

January 7, 2009

Did ya know this much about me?--2

So I'm conitnuing from my last post, because it was late at night, and I wasn't finished, though I had to go home (from mi abuela's casa<---ha, I spoke espanol xD)--so here we go!
Did Ya Know:
13) That when I smile (and it's really not something you need to know), my left side [your right side) is more smiling...than my right side?? o_O lol, weirddd.
14) My escape for peace and from everything else in the world is outside on the side of the house, in my backyard, or in my mango tree. You will find me there often, either thinking or reading. :)
15) When I listen to music on my mp3 player, I tend to actually dance and go along with the music (like if it says something like "and I walked", then I walk)--and lip sync. :P
16) I write songs & poems, along with my story.
17) I love to sing, though I won't sing for real in front of you. Because if you do hear me, then I probably am mocking someone else (and then I'm asked, "Is that your real voice?!" and when I answer no, they never believe me... Ho-hum, I've been told I have a nice one though ;)
18) I'm a late nighter, I'm an owl, or you can also say I'm mostly nocturnal--till it reaches 12-1 AM. :D (I'm usually so engrossed in my book, my eyelids need to REALLLLLY be drooping, and I almost fall asleep on the couch.)
19) I get scared so easily in movies. I freaked in Prince Caspian and Nancy Drew, which are PG movies--and I tell you, I hide behind people in the ones higher rated than those--WHEN I watch those with my family. (they're usually to show me history and whatever, but I actually enjoy doing it)
20) My absolutely FAVORITE (and I mean...FAVORITE) food is lasagna. =] I love it, and if you hear my sibs say it before me, it just means they either copied or something--because I loved it first! xD
21) I love to create. Which means play-doh, clay, most everything. But especially clay/ceramics. I used to be horrible at it, btu I found out I can actually do a pretty good job.
22) I really don't cook much, but I CAN and it does come out pretty good. So far no one has complained. :)
23) I have so far four siblings--an identical twin sis, next is a younger bro, then comes two little sisters. :)
24) I actually like Math, unlike a LOT of people I know--even though I love to write. Strange, eh? That's me...O.O
25) Don't ever give me tomatos, I hate them. Though, if I'm at someone's house having dinner and there are tomatos, I tend to hide them under other foods, in a napkin, give 'em to a family member, or throw them away as quickly as possible. Sometimes, I even take whatever utensil there is to serve the tomatos on whatever meal, and I push them off my plate or away from the food I'm getting. It's sad.
26) Don't give me anything with mustard, ketchup, ranch, or anything. I used to lvoe dressings or sauces on my food, well not anymore.
27) Referring to #26, I eat my salad dry. After you are so used to being in the habit of eating that disgusting tasting lettuce by itself, it actually starts to taste sweet/good. --And it's healthier, for those of you...health freaks. :D
28) I don't like spinach. xD
29) I can be extremely blunt about things. If you've said something that offended me a little/lot, then I will tell you right away. It's one of those "Do unto others, what you want them to do to you" or whatever.
30) Me and my brother are the trouble makers in the house. :P (he's my accomplice xD)
31) My brother and I love to bother our other siblings--especially when it becomes extremely funny when they get upset. :D
32) I love quotes that have to do with reality.
33) I love life, even if there are problems. I count them as blessings in disguise and not curses.
34) I've been told I have funny facial expressions (mostly from my brother--and a couple other).
35) When there are are times with food around I tend to peel my grapes with my teeth while talking. And when I stop talking, I stop peeling grapes. :D (I wonder if it has nervous issues or something--I'm still trying to figure that one out.)

And I'll have more...later. Because I plan on doing these for a while... Not in a row all the time. Just randomly. It's fun, and I'd like to introduce myself more. Even if they are random stuff ;)

In a while crocodiles,

January 6, 2009

Did ya know this much about me before?? :D

So I know this is like...what? my second post for today. :P But I decided to do...a nice and fun post--one I haven't REALLLLLLY done for a little while.
I get all of these kinds of forwards through e-mail or through my FB, but I decided not to do those yet...I thought of one that could tell you guys more about me. MOST all of you only know me by my blog, some of you I know in person (a couple on my blog roll :), but even you guys don't know me that well. =] So I'm doing a "Did Ya Know this Much About Me Before?" Which is sort of like.....20 questions I guess..or the Question Game, but yeah--sort of. :D
Starting now--
Did Ya Know:
1) That I have this crazy craving for M&M's? I mean, I love chocolate, but I loveeeeee m&m's!
2) That I'm an extreme klutz? I mean, I trip EVERYwhere I go, I walk into things, and yeah...
3) I love Mystery/Romance books (Christian ones of course)
4) I love to talk. Or ramble. Or....Yeah. (And you know what, I think you guys know that already)
5) I have a dog
6) My favorite movie is National Treasure and Amazing Grace.
7) I like all kinds of Christian music, and even some non-Christian music--as long as their decent.
8) I smile wayy too much!
9) I laugh too much too. And it probably bothers people how happy I usually am around them.
10) I prefer to not bother people with my problems, unless they tell me too. (which means if I'm all super duper upset inside--I can mask my feelings until I find myself...bubbling a little :P)
11) I love God to the extreme. But you guys do know that (YOU BETTER!)
12) I have some pretty amazing friends.--And if I talk to you like lots, means I love talking to you! :P nd you're stuck with me forever...or a really long time. xD
....And I'll do more later! :D