October 29, 2008

What's up? Oh, nothing much...! *winks*

Whew! So this is an actual (not like my other posts weren't, but you get what I mean) post that will tell you what's been going on in Bookie's life.

Want a hint? My title of this post? VERY sarcastic. Just to let you guys know :D lol

Everytime somebody asks me what's up, I always answer with either "Nothing much" or "School". But doesn't everyone have school, so that's not much is it? I should just go with the N/M. WELL, I've decided to let you guys know what's the deal and why I haven't been posting very long and thoughtful posts.
NOTHING BIG, trust me. I just need you guys to pray for me and whatever.
Let me list some things in my everyday life, or is going to enter my everyday life.

1) School (Present-FUTURE [March?]). <_< Oh, the stressful and constant mosquito in my life. Biting me till I'm scratching ALL over! lol, well, just a figure of speech. But yes, I do have school that's been making me stressed. So at the end of the day, I decide to check out the DioM forum and other sites. I'm so not having my priorities straight, am I? SORRY!
2) NaNoWriMo (November 1-30). WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD I BE STRESSING OVER THAT, you ask?! Well, my answer should be short and simple (hopefully). I'm really serious about my writing--or I try to be. Sometimes I tend to be the opposite. But right now I haven't had the WANT to work on Blinded. And you seee my word counter there sitting all lonely and not updated. I keep telling everyone I have writer's block, and I'm not so sure that's the case. So, maybe if I do NaNoWriMo (a new story), then I don't know. It'll all come back to me.
3) Church events and such. We just had a really awesome Bible Geography Conference this past weekend. It was really cool.
4) My health. I saved this for last because I'm not so sure how to explain it or such, but this is kinda bigger than all the rest. And it's kinda stressful alongside school.... So-- I think I've mentioned somewhere inside all of these posts that I thought I had an acid-reflex problem? Am I correct. (I sure have no clue). Well, that's what I still might have.
STORY!!! :
But I went to a sleepover the other day, and it was 2 nights long. Longest time I've been away from my parents, and the farthest I've been from them in distance. It was because my friend was turning 15, and with hispanics/Latin people, the 15th birthday is one of the most important birthdays of them all. (I s'pose because --as my twin says-- "you're halfway to thirty"). Well, the days were going by quickly and I was having a blast! We went out to dinner, and I was finally eating a lot. (Just to briefly let you know, ever since my reflex problem has started, I don't eat as much as I really should. I throw up a lot, so sometimes I just eat small amounts so I don't get sick very often.) I was ate and ate till my heart was content, AND GUESS WHAT?! I got reallllllllllly nauscious. I can't even explain the feeling. I get nauscious sometimes, but not BAD unless I really am about to throw up.
Ho-hum, this is life for me.... I didn't want to ruin the dinner for the other girls and so forth, so I decided to just tell ___'s parents that I was gonna sit down on a nearby couch. (The restaraunt was really fancy) So I did, and I didn't want Tums right away (I usually take those for my stomach), because I HATE feeling dependent on pills. I pray and pray to get better, but it wasn't happening right away. So the, FINALLY, everyone decides to go home, and we go back to where we were staying. This girl was reallly nice to me. She decided that she wanted to stick with me until I was settled comfortably on a bed.
I was really sick, and almost sure I was gonna lay out the steak I had right before everyone. EXCEPT everyone was watching movies and I was in the bedroom--so never mind. One of my very good friends said that I could use her cell phone (which I don't have by the way), for whatever use I wanted. So guess what I did?
I CALLED MY PARENTS. I knew they were at this graduation I really wanted to be at, or coming home from one, but--
I MISSED THEM SOOOOO MUCH!!!! And I was in a LOT of pain. Finally, I was in so much pain that I jsut wanted to close my eyes and turn everything out of tune. I fell asleep. And when I woke up--IT WAS 4 something in the morning!!!!! But I was feeling soo much better.
Well, previously, that whole dilemma has happened to me TOO MANY TIMES to just be food poisoning or a virus.
It's got to be something wrong with me. I can't eeat till I'm full--which makes me really sad, and I throw up or get really nauscious if I do.
I'm slightly underweight for my age. I know I don't need to, but I will tell you-- I'm at least 94/95 lbs. And most girls my age are a hundred something. WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT? Most KIDS/TEENS my age are at least 10 lbs. heavier than I am. But it's honestly not my fault. It's not supposed to make you feel all weird inside if you weigh more, NO I"M JUST TELLING YOU TO PLEASE PRAY FOR ME. This is a whole lot, and I can't really take that much of it in.
I have no idea if it's acid-reflex. I've been taken to the doctor plenty of times.
Remember when I told you of my fear of shots? Well, I've been having blood withdrawn from me plenty of times.
I'm now gonna get tested for Chrone's disease and celiace disease. For the celiac, they have to draw blood (but I think that was in my last doctor's app.), and they have to stick a video/tubwe down my throat. For Chrone's, I"M NOT EVEN GONNA SAY. All I'm asking for is prayer for me to find out what's wrong. It's not fun to be sick, I'm sure you know that.

WELL, enough about me!
Comment on my blog if you've updated and I don't know about it. I'd love to read your posts.


------God ROCKS, and I love Him very deeply. Any of this, if I do have a disease or just acid-reflex, is all in His plan. I won't complain anymore, and I'm sorry about that in this post. I praise Him in everything, and this won't be a curse, it's a blessing so I can tell everyone that it's ok to have problems, still trust in the Lord.

October 28, 2008


I made another blog that's just about the NaNoWriMo thing.... But since NaNoWriMo is only really for Novemeber and once a year, it's not like a "replace Bookworm4God's old blog".
And I promise I'll do one of my important posts, or something other than my really broing-lately posts!!!


THe blog is under "Bookie's NaNoWriMo" and it only has one post so far.


October 27, 2008


WOO-HOO! A new post!!!


Not intense and just for fun, at that, too!

ALRIGHT, so here's the thing. I'm still writing in my story Blinded. But, I'm having writer's block, and I decided, after a few friends of mine (through the forum and other places), that I would join this contst called NaNoWriMo. It stand for National Novel Writing Month, and it's only in November. You have to reach the 50,000 word goal, otherwise you don't win. The prize is a certificate (if you do pass 50k words) and self-satisfaction that you did it :D
I've already gotten a story idea and a lot of my friends are doing it.

I ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO IT, TOO! It's great practice. Even if you don't want to become a writer when you grow up (or now). You can practice grammar rules, spelling, and all other sorts of junk. (whoops, did I just say junk? my bad :P )

November is all from writing scratch. You may outline, but no starting, unless you're restarting without help. You edit in DECEMBER. No editing in November. Not really allowed. So yup!

If you want more details, ask moi!


(P.S. If you are already on there, my user is bookworm4god . !!! Super creative, eh?)

October 20, 2008

I will continue...

Alright, so this will be a very short post for right now. I have tons of stuff to do, but I decided to continue the contest. My brother has really gotten into it, and even though everyone else is sorta busy, I think there might be enough time do it at least a picture andverse a day :D

I won't put a deadline, I'll ask later if everyone's finished or not quite, but thanks for all the encouragement!! :D

I'll post soon, and it'll be longer--PROMISE :D ,

October 16, 2008

It's been a while... :/

Whoa! Sorry for not having been on in so long! It's been forever, but I've been so busy. There's been lots of school going on, then forgetting about the blog when I can, and then music, and such.

It's been a while ;)

Well, since I've kinda forgotten about the contest till now, I think I'm just gonan stop it.

Tell me what you think. No one really has been that into it, and I think I know what they mean by being super busy. :/
I feel bad, but you guys tell me if you still want it or you don't care.

I'll post more soon!!