July 27, 2008

The Title Contest is Over!

WOW!!! That was so close, but I officially have a title now for my story. I really like Raconteur and Blinded, but I guess Blinded was the best!! --i like it =D
Here are the results:
Raconteur 3 votes

Blinded 4 votes

Double Edge 2 votes

Soar 1 vote

So there ya go, I'll probably use Blinded since it's so popular and very very mysterious/cool. And somehow I'll find another way to use Double Edge and Raconteur again.
Yes, I know, what about Soar? *I didn't like it very much... Sounded too much like a song title then a book title/series title.* So yupp!!

Thank you all for participating. This contest was not just for people who like to write to participate, but for all of my friends! =D
I am thinking of having another contest soo, but with more participation than just a simple poll that lasts forever...
If you have any ideas for that, let me know. Of course I don't want to take away ideas that you might want to use for the future, so think about it ;)

in a lil while crocodile =P,


Paris said...

I voted for Blinded!

mitzi said...

cool! Blinded is a good title :) it deserved to win lol

A Girl of Many Colors said...

I liked Double Edge best but *cough* It didn't win so I'll not say anything. Thumbs up for Blinded! It was purty cool!

Zoe said...

Yay! I liked that one!