September 1, 2008

5 Participees

lOl, so we have another participee in my contest so far. *Sadly just one more* I thought maybe a bunch of people loved photography and drawing-- oh well :P

So in all we have:
1) Princess S. (would the other Princesses like to join? They can each do their own =D, but only if they want to)
2)Zoe (tell me if you'd still like to do it :D)
3)Bryce --blog "Twin4God"
4)DoT --blog "A Girl of Many Colors"
5)Paris (in my blog roll)

Yay, it's still open to join anyone. This is gonna be really fun and i can't wait till it starts so i can see everyone's creativity in photography and/or drawing skills =D

For more information this is the post that has started it all: New Contest. And this one too: Participants and Participating.




Zoe said...

So I have to take ONE picture (or draw) or something that has something to do with 5 verses. Or a picture for each verse? Sorry I'm confused. :D

I'll probably participate.

Zoe said...

I could post about your contest on my blog to help spread word if you want me to.