June 30, 2010

Help me, anyone? Comment!

I have been searching and searching for templates/backgrounds for my blog. I have used "TheCutestBlogOnTheBlock" numerous times, and though their backgrounds are nice... I'm thinking about trying another site for the fun of it :).

So! If anyone has any blogger template/background sites (even tutorial on how to do your own background and links and such - because I know how to do some of that!) then please leave a comment with your name/user and the link to the site :).

I can make my own background and banner and I've done links, but I'd much rather prefer to get a template that lets me have to columns on the side so no one will have to keep scrolling all the way down to search for things. I'm lazy ;P.

God bless,

*I would preferably like a site that has black and white backgrounds -- but the black and white backgrounds is not needed at all.*

June 15, 2010

Construction for now

Note: This is not my "Under Construction" picture.

Hey guys,

I've decided that I really would like to redo my blog a bit with more links and more activities but my blog is unworthy of that right now with the layout it has currently.
I'm going to be reconstructing some areas of my blog so look out for posts but beware that I might have a few links and pictures everywhere on my blog XP.

God bless and stay tuned to my posts :),