August 28, 2008

Participants and Participating

Alrighty :D

We have a few people who will probably participate, and a couple who would like to, but can't, so I thought of someways that all of you can.

The ones that have no problemos with posting the pictures and verses are:
1) Princess S. (would the other Princesses like to join? They can each do their own =D, but only if they want to)
2)Zoe (tell me if you'd still like to do it :D)
3)Bryce --blog "Twin4God"
4)DoT --blog "A Girl of Many Colors"

Those listed up there will HOPEFULLY *wink* join in the fun. =D It'll be really cool.

Cassidy/Mitzi, do you have a photobucket or something where you can post pictures? Or you can e-mail me (if you're comfortable with that--see i have an e-mail just for my blogging and other stuff) them, and just post your verses here and just mark them with 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 to go along with the pictures. Either way is fine, I can do whatever, just tell me what you think.

There will now be a deadline to what day I'm going to start the contest, so the day before that, if you want to join, YOU HAVE GOT TO POST A COMMENT ON MY BLOG, e-mail, forum, facebook (to whoever has mine), whatever, so that way i'll know!

If you do not blog, and know me personally or by another site, I'm going to need you to post your username or first name when you post your comment to join. Just click on Name/Url. You don't have to add a site if you don't want to, but if you do that's fine, all you have to put is your user or name. REMEMBER there are plenty of ways to post pictures, so just ask if you need help. ;)

Deadline to post, which means the day after i will start the contest, is: Sept. 5th

I'm giving you a week and a day... REMEMBER =D




princessesindisguise said...

Is Sep. 5th the deadline to take all the photos or to sign up?
~Princess S

Paris said...

I'll participate! I hope I just don't forget!