September 15, 2008

Review of Enoch's Ghost

WOW! That's just one word of many that I have to say about this book. Amazing. Awesome. Cool. Great! I just loved this book. It's probably my favorite in the whole Oracles of Fire series. Not only do Ashley, Walter, AND Thigocia come back, but so does Karen, the never-ending outrageously funny computer-- Larry, Gabriel, Sapphira, and Elam! I was so amazed at how complex, yet simple this read was! I could understand the concept of when Hades and Earth combined, and usually I just have trouble with my math homework!
Super-genius Ashley and her sister Roxil are trying to find the love of God, while Gabriel, Karen, Sapphira, and Walter are trying to figure out what's happening between earth, heaven, and Hades!
In this exciting and adventurous book you'll find everything you want. A Christian Sci/Fi book that will entrance you in it all the way through.

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Ian said...

I loved this book too...I've been rereading it a lot lately - well actually I've just been flipping around in it and reading whatever :)

Still need to get Last of the Nephilim...planning to buy it at the Motiv8 tour! Hope they'll have it for sale...:)