December 14, 2008

How much did you guys miss me?! --Probably not much...

Well, I'm back from Honduras!!! :D
And I had such a grea time! I'm going to post a long post, probably after this one, about what I've learned (once again) from being there.

Guess who I met, talked to, took a picture with, made a card for, and etc? JOHN MACARTHUR!!!!!!!!!!!! Please tell me you guys know of him. He's only one of the most famous teacher/pastors in history! :D lol
But yeah, I had fun there.
And it turned out my uncle, Evis Carballosa (who does not have the same last name as I do, for you nosy-rosy's), is the "John MacArthur" of Latin America, which is a smidge weird but really cool. It's just a tad strange because I'm not used to him being so famous when he visits me and my family, but he was signing books he wrote for other people and taking tons of pictures.
What was also weird was, I was about to eat a chocolate bar (a Butterfinger guys! :D), and then I decided against it because I didn't want my stomach acting up on too much junk food (that I already had), so I came up to him and offered my chocolate, and there was this photographer that had been everywhere for the past 5 days, and saw me offering it to him--so when Tio Evis decided to split it with me, he took a picture of both of us.
Talk about odd, but whatever! I had my fun then! :D lol

I had an amazing experience, and though I learned most everything the last time I was there, I still tried my hardest to find more. And that's a little strange for a teen like me--to actually try to find something hard to learn about, but I like doing that kind of stuff. :D
What I learned wasn't something really, I just liked the title of it, and so I'll probably go from there, but yeah...

Well, I guess I'll talk later about what I've been doing lately. I'm soooo entirely tired, it's so not funny.
When we made it to Honduras I realized that the time difference would have to be something to get used to for a week. It's about an hour before the time I live in. So if it's 12:00 here, it'd be 11:00 over there, and that's not as bad as it could have been, but goodness, I couldn't handle it very well. For the whole week I only had about 5 or 6 hours of sleep. And, to make it worse, I was either working for 12 hours straight (with my friends though), or I chose to stay up super late. Like, me and a bunch of my friends (plus my twin sis) decided to watch the first Lord of the Rings at 11:00 PM. :/ It was fun though! We never finished it till the next day, because we all ended up falling asleep on each other--well most of us. There were about seven boys and five girls out of all of us--it was crazy! :D And so I could be nice, because all the boys were having sleep overs, I invited these 2 little girls to have a sleep over with me and my sister in our dorm room. :) It was fun, but I ended up sleeping in another one with one of them and her older sister.

So yeah, I'll tell more later!

P.S. I'm glad most of you like the layout! I do too! :D
And I forget right now who asked, but I haven't personally met Twin4God, we're extremely good friends, but maybe sometime soon. :D

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Lydia said...

thats so exciting you met him!
i missed u!!!

welcome back!