December 15, 2008

Jesus... El Gran Regalo de Amor.

I went to my friend's Youth Group in Honduras, and, yes, it was in Spanish, but my friend(s) translated, so basically I know what the whole class was about.
But I'm not going to tell you the lesson for that night (it was on conviction, by the way :D), I'm going to talk about the logo in the backround. It was on some big banner, but it said 'Jesus... El Gran Regalo de Amor'. And I don't know if I would have noticed the huge letters, if it hadn't been for my friend asking me if I could translate it. Which I could, for the most part (it was all of it, except one word) :
Jesus...The Great Gift of Love.

I like it.

And I think it's so true.
Jesus IS the great gift of love.
He created us.
He saved us.
He loves us.
He's there for us.
Jesus, is the great gift of love, and we know it because--HE SHOWS IT!
How does/did he show it?
*taps nogin* Think, think, think....
Did you not just read the 1st, 2nd, and 4th statement I made up there?! Pay attention guys, you should know!
(Number one) was-- He made us, so we actually have the chance to be
(Number two,) so we could actually feel His
(Number three,) love, because He's always
(Number four) there for us.
I love doing that kinda stuff, you know, listing things like that. It's so much fun! :P lol
But haven't you heard your pastor (technically my dad, for me) tell you how great God is? Haven't you heard him say how wonderful, compassionate, powerful, loving, merciful, awesome God is?
Well, have you really thought about it?
Have you really taken those sayings seriously?
Maybe they aren't sayings...They're facts.
Have you ever taken those SERIOUSLY? I mean, REALLLLLLLY seriously.
All these days lately, I've been looking around myself, I see the world, I see the people, I see what's going on all the time, I analyze what people say, do, act, think if I can help that--and I learn. I watch people constantly. But analyzing people for me is a totally different post for later on, what I want to ask is: Have you ever realized how beautiful His creation is? I mean, the trees, the grass, the people.
I went to Honduras recently as you know, and I have so many friends over there. There were a few I hung out with the most (These two guys, and my twin sis), and they were so much fun! But I think what gave them joy was that they were Christians. I mean, Honduras is so beautiful! There was this bird that was completely yellow, and I had never seen it before.
I mean, knowing GOd loves me, gives me joy, and He knows that. Knowing that if He did love me, I'd be happy, and that gives both Him and I joy.
Jesus, El Gran Regalo de Amor.
Believe it, because it's true.
Believe because you thought about it.
Believe it because it's fact, not just a saying from your pastor.
Your pastor's smart, but looking through the Bible and actually knowing for yourself is way better.


I love the great gift of love,

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~Girl of Many Colors~ said...

Awesome post bookie! *hug* From when i was little my dad used to always remind me every time I see something beautiful in His creation to thank Him. It's so totally helped me get in good moods when I'm down an' stuff! Great post!

God Bless Ya Bookie-kins,