October 27, 2008


WOO-HOO! A new post!!!


Not intense and just for fun, at that, too!

ALRIGHT, so here's the thing. I'm still writing in my story Blinded. But, I'm having writer's block, and I decided, after a few friends of mine (through the forum and other places), that I would join this contst called NaNoWriMo. It stand for National Novel Writing Month, and it's only in November. You have to reach the 50,000 word goal, otherwise you don't win. The prize is a certificate (if you do pass 50k words) and self-satisfaction that you did it :D
I've already gotten a story idea and a lot of my friends are doing it.

I ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO IT, TOO! It's great practice. Even if you don't want to become a writer when you grow up (or now). You can practice grammar rules, spelling, and all other sorts of junk. (whoops, did I just say junk? my bad :P )

November is all from writing scratch. You may outline, but no starting, unless you're restarting without help. You edit in DECEMBER. No editing in November. Not really allowed. So yup!

If you want more details, ask moi!


(P.S. If you are already on there, my user is bookworm4god . !!! Super creative, eh?)

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