December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Aren't you so excited that today is....well, TODAY?!
I am! I had a blast yesterday and today both. I have 3 Christmas times all together. One's spent with my grandfather (on my mom's side) sometime during Christmas week, then another one is spent with my abuela (on my dad's side) ALWAYS on Christmas Eve till past midnight, and then the last one is spent with my grandmother (on my mom's side--my grandparents divorced, that's why) on Christmas morning.
It's SOOOOOO much fun! I used to love receiving the gifts so much, but now the more I think about it, I receive more joy and I love it more just spending it with family. :)

I love just laughing, playing games, watching TV, opening gifts, eating, talking with everyone during these times. Everyone's so much more happier than they are doing the year. It's sad, but I hope you notice it too. I mean, everyone's just more JOYFUL during Christmas time.
Maybe because of CHRIST. :D CHRISTmas would be nothing without Christ. :D (I would say, CHRISTMAS would be mas without Christ, but 'mas' in espanol --spanish, for those of you-- is more. ANd that wouldn't be very right, would it?)

I got somereally nice gifts. Some of them extremely important to me. And I'm so thankful for them. They were given out of love, thoughtfulness, and money from their pockets. :D
My most special ones is a sweatshirt (that I secretly picked out, because my abuela wanted my mom to get me my gift, and my mom let me tag along), an MP3 player, and The Door Within Trilogy. Veryyyyy thankful!

What were/was your most special/favorite gift this year?

Be back soon,


Ian said...

I know that I'm more joyful at this time of year. The "Christmas spirit" is a lot more, and a lot more powerful, than most people think.

My favourite gifts were a digital camera, a hockey stick, and my new jacket. :)

Merry Christmas!


Lauren Ann said...

I only got one present, and it was Ugg boots. This year i got to pick out my present. I love your blog!

Love ya girl,

God's Soldier said...

My favorite present I got would probably be Jesus. My favorite worldly present would be a $25 gift card.