August 3, 2008

Leaving Tomorrow...

Okay, so I won't be posting much, or maybe I will.
I'm leaving for Honduras tomorrow and I don't get back until the 18th. So basically the 4th-18th i shall be in Honduras or coming back...or going--lol, and we have to get to the airport by at least 1:00 or 12:30 o'clock. So pray for us. I know that we probably all live in different time zones, but it prayer still works no matter what ;) Our flight actually leaves at 4 o'clock i think, but our airport is always super crowded and customs takes forever, even though it's one of my favorite parts ;) lol.
I FOUND MY CAMERA (yes DoT I know you're whooping for joy!! lol), since i had lost it a couple of days ago. THen I had it yesterday and i was messing with it and then today I couldn't find it. And-er-funny story, I was video taping myself playing the violin, and I had put it on my window sill think, "oh i'll get it and pack it later." And then i couldn't find it today, I looked all voer my desk and my bed and everything, then when i looked up from my footboard, packing something, i looked at my window and there it was, sitting by it's case on the sill. WOW, but that's me.... ALL THE TIME. I'm constantly losing everything when it's been somewhere super obvious :P
I'll take some pics and post 'em on here. (yayyyy!)
OH AND DoT!!!! THANKS SOOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR paraghraph about me in your post!!! I'm missing you right now 'cause you're usually not on when it's Sunday, and you probably won't be tomorrow because of your family thing. SO YEAH, I MISS YOU!!! *already*

I might get internet over there, so I might actually be posting sooner than i actually think, but we'll see... woo-hoo. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, i mean, SOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!! =D

Also, prayers for the mountain trip when we get there. We have to drive down a mountain, which has it's road only for like... 1 1/2 cars or just barely 2, and i heard they made it better, but last time we drove down when we arrived, it was light, and then it turned dark. And these HUGE Semi's were rounding the curb like they knew everything, and you can't see them when their coming around it, so yeah, pray for no car crashes and tumbling cars!!! *for real, i'm not kidding :P*

lol, i've packed a suitcase/travelbag, but it's going as a suitcase, because then i'm bringing my backpack on board the plane and you can only take one carryon and 2 suitcases so yeah :)

I'm out, in a while crocodiles,


Zoe said...

Hope you have a great trip! I'll be praying for you!

A Girl of Many Colors! said...

Yep. How do you know me? I whooped for joy. Anyways, I'll be prayin' for ya! :hug: SOOOOOOOO GLAD YOU FOUND YOUR CAMERA!

Paris said...

Oh, I can lose stuff in 5 seconds. I'll set down my book, go get a drink, and totally not remember where I put my book. Then I'll search everywhere and...yeah, you het the idea :)

Sapphira Adi said...

I am going to miss you so much! Be sure to remember every detail for when you get back! I'll pray for you!

mitzi said...

the mountain driving thing sounds scary I just wanted to let you know that my blog isn't open to the "general public" (lol) anymore, but I'll still read and comment on your blog :) I like your blog too much too stop reading it! lol!