September 24, 2008

Twin4God's contest and mine

For my contest I have set a deadline to finishing up their work!

Your pictures and verses should be done and given to me on Oct. 28. That should give all of you participants enough time to work :D

ALSO, my friend Twin4God is having a contest, it's very easy too! She's in my blog and roll list so check it out!
It's probably the msot easiest one I've ever been in ;) lol

Check out my blog soon for more updates!!!



Zoe said...

Hopefully I can still do it. I have not had time to do it yet. But I will still try. :)

A Girl of Many Colors! said...

I'll be finding more verses. Sorry it's taken me so long. *sheesh AGoMC!*

Wanna know why?

Check out my blog. New post.

Anonymous said...

Hey Danielle,
I almost completely forgot about the contest! I'll have to get right to it. We tagged you - go check it out!
~Princess S