July 28, 2008

Water Fun!

So I went to a water park with my friends and their family, for their brother's (they're twins) birthday! It was sooo much fun :D
A couple of you have gone to Princesses K, S, & A's blog (they're on my blog roll), and they have posted a couple of pictures, so I'm going to post a couple of mine =D

Here we are with K, S, A, Me, C, my twin sis C, and EVERYBODY!

K, A, and Me, and my twin sis C, and their sis C.

All of us trying to eat cupcakes :D

My fiance... yessir, he is... Sorry it's not rotated, but you can see how adorable he is ;)
YES WE ARE ENGAGED, he just doesn't know it yet. :)

Yes, by the way, I'm the one in the dark blue bathing suit, and glasses xD
Hope you like 'em!


July 27, 2008

The Title Contest is Over!

WOW!!! That was so close, but I officially have a title now for my story. I really like Raconteur and Blinded, but I guess Blinded was the best!! --i like it =D
Here are the results:
Raconteur 3 votes

Blinded 4 votes

Double Edge 2 votes

Soar 1 vote

So there ya go, I'll probably use Blinded since it's so popular and very very mysterious/cool. And somehow I'll find another way to use Double Edge and Raconteur again.
Yes, I know, what about Soar? *I didn't like it very much... Sounded too much like a song title then a book title/series title.* So yupp!!

Thank you all for participating. This contest was not just for people who like to write to participate, but for all of my friends! =D
I am thinking of having another contest soo, but with more participation than just a simple poll that lasts forever...
If you have any ideas for that, let me know. Of course I don't want to take away ideas that you might want to use for the future, so think about it ;)

in a lil while crocodile =P,

July 25, 2008

wOOt! New YCFer!!

So yay!!!
My bloggin buddy joined the YCF!!!

So now, what, we have 20 something members... YAY... (23 maybe?)

DoT's her name, being weird's her game... naw I'm just kidding.
Acturly, DoT's just a nickname for her, but i'm not gonna keep typing A Girl of Many Colors or Daughter of Thigocia everytime, so there ya go!
But give a huge welcome, okay you guys?
She's on my blog roll, obviously :D

And so later I'll post about my poll, but right now i don't have the time :/ lol

love ya,
bookie <3

July 23, 2008

Depression-- It's Sad

I've now decided (not officially, but we'll see how it works) to organize my thoughts through posts a little better, so you'll see some of the changes... Like i'll put info as the first to talk about my introduction to the topic I'm going to post about, etc. You get it:)

Info: Well, I decided that after posting about "Me or You?" "P.E.: Pure Endurence" & "To Lie or Not to Lie is the Question", that i was actually gonna approach the topic of Depression.
"Depression--It's Sad" is not the original title of this post, it was actually "Depression for Free!" and then to "It Seems like History to Me". But I decided not to do those, because I seem to like to make ironic/funny titles, and the second one was pretty good, but this one is just a mere coincedence in it's line. ;)

Topic: Your Different Kind of Depressions.
Rating: Teens (I just wouldn't want little kids freakin out over something I typed/said)

Here we go: Preaching again? Yes. "Important" again? To me--YES. Interesting to you? lol, Hopefully. Well, here we go... Back into a not-so-happy topic, but it's everywhere.
Do you remember those stories about the Depression? Those lessons you had to take in history about it? Those stories that were based on it that we ALL had to read. Some boring some not-so-boring, but we all suffered through that. Or maybe you have a grandparent or elderly friend that you know that was in it. But that's not the point. The Depression was a sorry thing. People were poor, and the people that were rich were the ones that owned cars or went to the movies. But now we live like there's no such thing, even if there are still poor people out there, it's not that big of a deal. And that's pathetic... But I'll have a topic on that later. (lol)
Now do you see all those people who are in depression still? And it's not even for that great of a reason. The world now (and the Depression never really had these people) has people, kids, teens, adults who are in this great depression for no huge reason. At least not as bad as the actual Depression. That was history, the whole 'poor people and losing money and everything... The Great Depression' thing. Now our history as the whole 'mostly teens who call themselves emo, goth, and other people call them cutters and other stereotypes who actually either get killed or practically killed or are in this stupid depression' thing. That's what it is. Stupid.
I have a neighbor who actually grew his black hair out, drsses all in black now, and has many friends who do the same thing. He's in high school and most of his "black" friends are from there. Now dressing in black is fine, but when you do it constantly, you're called something. Most of the time it's either punk, emo, or goth. But it's kinda sad that people are representing themselves this way. It kinda reminds me of people who are with the Devil. And it may not be that, but I mean, if you're supposedly Christian, you don't want to have say in the all the time all black thing.
My blog is black, yes, because I do like the color for somethings--- AND it's also to reach out to other people who accidently passed by or have heard of my blog and are in stereotypes and whatever. That's my main goal, and it also reminds me of who we all are. Black is now an "in" color. It's cool, but only on occasions. This does not mean that I'm like them because I like dressing in a shirt that's black or pants or whatever. I'm not goth or emo or punk or a cutter because of that. I'm definitely not in a depression...(lol, that is totally NOT me).
Now why are people in depressions? Because (and again these are MY thoughts, my opinions) their life isn't all that great. People are taking drugs because their life isn't that great. Now think about this in a Christian point of view: God puts obstacles in our way. Without them, we'd never learn, we'll never learn. Both present and future (I think--lol). But the thing is, God would never give you something that you COULD NOT handle. I mean, it may be bad, but it's something that will go away sometime. He loves us too much to actually do that. As a kid, my obstacles are through friends who've said they didn't like me much (some friends huh?), or they didn't like something I had or have. As a teen, my obstacles are friends who betray, friends who dis others that you would not like, moving, surviving through those dramatic friendships that some people will cause. It's not cool, but it'll go away. There was one I perfectly remember that hurt me so much. I thought a friend had lied to me telling me something was not true, and then went off doing it. It hurt a lot, because the problem was kinda big, and I'm the type of person who's perfectly honest when someone has done something mean to me. Remember my lying topic? Remember how I told you that I can't lie, well I confronted my friend, and i was told that the whole thing was joke played back on me. It hurt but I was angry. But then later I realized that this is something I just need to forgive about. Something that is an obstacle until i say it's over. I decide it's over by not mentioning it, by not giving someone the silent treatment, by just being KIND to that person. Yeah, it was kinda hard. I kind had a very rude/witty comment to say back to my friend, and I did (wow, booky, wow), but i needed everything to be normal again.
Depression takes itself around and around, but it's not really depression, because that's history.
Have you ever heard that saying, "The past is history, the future is a mystery, and now is present, that's why it's called a gift."? I liked that saying, but it has the same effect. The Depression is history, our future on here is a mystery, and now is a gift, so why be all sad? Sure, fine, be in a depression, just don't do anything drastic. God wants us alive and healthy.
God wants us happy and optimistic, not down and sad.

Well, there I went. All into it again. You can tell when I actually make humungo posts. I understand if you just skipped over some stuff ;)
These posts, I know I'm repeating (it's just because I don't want anyone offended when I write these), are my thoughts and opinions and stuff. It's my "voice". You CAN tell me what you think. You can comment on here your opinion or vois or thoughts, because that is so totally why I wrote this down. I want to know your views so I can compare them with mine. If you liked it that's great, TELL ME SO I COULD USE SOME SUPPORT! (lo) If you didn't, and you care to voice this out, don't do it harshly, okay? Maybe if you told me why, I might actually agree with you because it was never thought about... Hmmmm, think about that! muahahahahaha lol.

Well thanks!!!

Later gators,

July 21, 2008

So hey there:)

News from me and happy thoughts (lol):

I'm officially past five thousand words in Raconteur/Blinded/Double Edge/Soar!!! WOOHOO... lol, i love how i have to put slashes up there. It makes me laugh becuase I'm so indecisive and so therefore you guys have to decide for me. lol ;)

I'm officially leaving for Honduras on the 4th of August and coming back two weeks later on the 18th. I'm so excited! But also a little nervous, but no biggy. I just hope I'll have the same friends that I had last time I went still there. yupp

Hmm... I've been thinking of posting some new videos, but I can't think of many right now... So maybe soon :)

I need more books to read, I'm like desperate now... It's so sad.

But now my lil (ok twin, but still she's my lil sis since I'm older--by 2 minutes) sis wants on. :'( so good-bye my awesome passer-byers or readers or commenters or whatever... =D

Peace <3

July 17, 2008

P.E.: Pure Endurement

Yes I know that I just posted about the Me or You & the Lying thing... But I think you guys will be able to handle boredom right now ;)

Yes, I also know that P.E. really stands for Physical Education, but not right now!!! lol =D
So what I'm going to talk about right now is Pure Endurement (P.E.), and what do you think I mean by that?
Well first is Pure. Keeping your heart pure, your body pure, and just basically your mental and physical body pure. (Yes i know you've been told hundreds of times, but i'm telling you one-hundred-and-one times!!! lol)
Second is Endurement. Well I mean, come on, what can you endure and what can't you endure? Enduring is something that you try to take in, something you succeed in that people find hard.
Have you ever seen that show called Endurance? Where the kids have to endure hard challenges? They're fun, but they're still hard.
Well, what about the modesty endurement?
What about all that peer pressure endurement?
Have any of your friends worn ugly (aka: innapropriate) clothes? Especially the girls? Have the pressured you int odoing something like that?
I sure have been. I've tried to "endure" the no's, but sometimes it'll come out as a yes.
Sometimes I have to endure the teasing because I'm Christian and I act certain ways. Yup, I have friends who say they "are" Christian, when they totally act opposite. They'll honestly tell me what they do and don't like of other friends, or just me.
But this is why it's called Pure Endurement. Can you endure being pure? Can you stand it? Or can't you?
SO MANY CLOTHES that are so immodest!
So many drugs out there that make your body SICK!
So many people out there that want you to do the wrong things! Either sexual or just plain wrong. Smoking in the bathroom (i've heard of that one), cutting class in the middle of school, taking drugs, low-cut shirts or small mini-skirts. Yeah, they may think it's cool (and again you've heard this from your parents)--IT"S NOT. Trust me.
When you get older and you had actually taken the right path, it'll come back to you. Whether friends apologizing, whether people admiring you, or maybe something awesome happens in your life.
Some Bible verses: "For I can do everything with the help of Christ who gives me the strength I need." Phillipians 4:13
"But no, all have turned away from God; all have become corrupt. No one does good, not even one!" Psalm 14:3
One of my favorites: "For we are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the good things He planned for us long ago." Ephesian 2:10

DID YOU READ THAT? We're his masterpiece. That makes me feel so great inside!
I've been having trouble with a couple of friends lately. One who doesn't know he's been creating problems, and one who sort of does, but she thinks she's in the right.
Both have apologized, but this makes me think. What started it in the first place? Sin, of course. And I realize (and this makes me so great at forgiving) that since we're all sinners, we just have to try to do our best. Keep ourselves as pure as we can.
Pure Endurement. That's it. That's all we need.
So many people pressure you into things you're not sure whether to do or maybe you are sure you're don't want to do it. Soooo many people. And the pressure is everywhere... Even when you're not with people.
Stores now basically have immodest clothing.
Places like Blockbuster are selling drugs.
Kids are smoking beccause they think it's cool. (wait till their lungs turn black and they're about to die.)
Guys and girls are having "relationships" and it's totally not cool. Especially when everyone, especially a little child, alive and well, are hurt.
This is SO ENTIRELY UNCOOL. Not awesome, not nice, not Christ-like, not positive in anyway, and the ydon't even realize it.
But we do. So we CAN make a difference (wow, a song just popped up in my head with that same line). =D


July 16, 2008

What If His People Prayed & Zero

Again, I'm posting a couple more music videos or maybe at least one.. lol, I'm not sure.
I've posted like three times in 2 days, sorry if you're bored with me!! lol :P

This is a Casting Crowns video and I'm totally not sure if the song is called Pray or What If His People Prayed? but maybe you do... so you may correct me if you'd like ;)

I know it's not the actual video, but I couldn't find it, so i decided to post this one. :D

I'm not sure if any of you have heard of Hawk Nelson or dislike Hawk Nelson, but they're not that bad to me (unless they looks super weird in some of their music videos that i've seen--lol). I like this song, it has meaning to it other than relationships and so on...

Well I think that's it for today....

OH YES!! VOTE ON THE POLL PEOPLE!! i don't care if you haven't been on my blog for weeks or whatever, since you're my friend you still count!! ahha, whatever... but yes, 'twill (have no isea if that's a word but whatev) help...yupp :D


July 15, 2008

Me or You?

So0o0o0o, I decided to put up another post on my blog for today because i was thinking about "stuff" (lol) and i thought it was pretty important... So i'll just cut to the chase.

Yesterday I was in the back seat (or middle) of my van next to the window. My family and I parked next to this bank so my dad could get out and and go in. While I'm sitting there I see this man check this lady out, another person acting a little strange, and almost every other person on the sidewalk. Then my dad comes back and we drive on... What's the point to this? You'll see.
When we get to an intersection there were a lot of people old and young. I noticed this old couple walking on the sidewalk, a bunch of stores, a little girl with her family, and all kinds of normal people. Or maybe not so normal.
Have you ever thought about how people are judged? By goth, emo, peppy, "normal", weird, retarded,... can you think of any others? Nerdy (just 'cause we're smart), cool (because we're jocks and cheerleaders). Have you ever noticed that people are always in groups, or clicks, or however you call them? Homeschooled or public schooled? Oh yes, maybe you haven't noticed, but I most certainly have.
Now think about this: What if we narrowed all the people down? Not by religion, because there are billions of religions too! No, I mean, how about 2 groups? (nope not public schooled vs. homeschooled--NO OFFENCE to anyone!) I mean Heaven vs. Hell. Or Christ vs. Satan.
All of those people I saw while we were driving, that little girl, that elderly couple, all of them, I'll never know if they knew Christ or not. If they were Christian or any other religion. If they were with the devil himself. I'm not sure if my stats are right, but I'm pretty sure that the ratio is 2/10. Guess where I stand? Guess where maybe you stand? Yep, I'm in the danger zone.... The number 2. Out of a group of people, most likely we're 2, because that's all i see.
Peer pressure is out there, the kind where kids want you to take drugs, smoke, have "realtionships" (you probably understand that), whatever. Dress like them, have lots of money.... "Ya know, I'm rich. My daddy has a million dollars." "Oh really? Guess how much I have." "I have a cellphone... Is yours the new flip phone? Oh wait, you don't have one."
Naw, I don't have a cellphone ("guess what? I share with my mommy. so ha!" lol :P).
Nah, I don't have millions of dollars.
Nope, I don't have a boyfriend at my age... Maybe you, but not me.
No, I don't pay THAT much money on my clothes ("I get hand-my-downs...So I think I'm better than all of you").
No, I heard smoking's bad for you lungs.
Uhm, no, i don't do drugs ("Say no" sorry, that commercial's in my head)
But guess what? I am rich still. (yes i know you all have heard this from your parents, your pastor, but bear with me please). Because I have Christ.
HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT THAT WE HAD NO CHOICE FOR HEAVEN AND HELL? no choice until a very generous and merciful God sent His Son. That Jesus DIED on a CROSS (wow, very painful). And He was WILLING. Willing! I would never have the guts to save the world like that. Let everyone die! (just JOKING--lol).
But we do, and guess how many people rejected that? GUESS! Out of gazillionz and trillions of people JUST GUESS HOW MANY REJECTED. JUST GUESS HOW MANY ARE ACCEPTING. ya, they wait till their in trouble in Russia or China until they receive, which is very sad. They wait till they have the "perfect moment" (yeah before something tragic happens).
There are hypocrits and others... But there are few of us... Everyone tells someone to make a choice. It's like when a man with a gun forces to give him money and you're all like "Ok ok!" Now I'm not saying I'd be terrified, or i'd wann be murdered by a gun. I'd give it to him just like that. But how about being like, "Sure, sir. Here's some money..."
A friend asked what my special gift or something like that, and I said forgiveness because I forgive just like that. *with a snap of a finger* And she's like, "Ohhh, you're a Mercy." I had no idea that whatever she said existed, but i was like, yeah cool.
Jesus forgave us, but alot aren't receiving and i feel terribly sad for them.
Only then did i realize that those people on the street was like saying, "I'm literally probably never going to see you again." And it was so sad. Because no one ever realizes. And that makes me go into depression. Why can't just people listen? Why can't they accept that there's a One and True God?

I know sad topic!!! And I'm sorry for preaching to you, but sheesh this was a lot tot think about. It made me sad... But yeah... Ok my sister is begging for me to get off so I better do as she says!! lol


Title Competition and Pictures (post #1 for the day)

Well, I'm not surprised that the votes for Click here if you wanna be random got more than all the others. Yes it won with 4 votes!!
ahha, naw, the title Soar won with 3 votes,
Trials got 1
Truth got 1 too... Which I thought Trials and truth were pretty good... but that's how it works!! lol so i'm OFFICIALLY gonna put the last poll for the title competition!!! yayayayayayay =D (YSSR! for you forumers, lol)
WOW, usually i take forever with posting for the title competition but not today!! i've got other things:PP

I'm posting pictures of the ocean where i live just to make one of my best friend's from the DIOM forum jealous (yes DoT, it's you--prepare to be jealous!! muahahahaha) naw, just kid. My mom said some of the pictures i could frame... I was like WHOA i never thought they were good enough to frame... Ya know, maybe a postcard, but... JUST KID, here ya go!

I hope you liked them.... I went with a family from Honduras to downtown so we could go to the big library and on our people mover. It was lots of fun, but then we went to the ocean (or they call it Bayfront), and that was cool too.
The last one is of a Street Preacher. I was soooooo surprised that we had them. I saw 2, but I only had a chance to take a picture of one. And this was in downtown... I've been there many times and yet never saw any of 'em. The picture of the Street Preacher is the second one i saw, the first one actually had a little puplit/table, he had a Bible, AND he even had about 7-10 chairs! Sadly, only one lady was there listening to him. But it was a little bit better than the guy in the second picture... He was actually yelling out his sermon in the middle of the area. No one was really listening and then they were. He was yelling out so many things though that it was hard to concentrate on where I was going...

WELL, i still ahve another post i'd like to put on so laterz:)


July 12, 2008

To Lie or Not To Lie is the Question

So, wow, I had an idea yesterday to do a post about when people lie.... But guess what my daily devotion book was about today? Also about when people lie! *crazy coincidence* So before I head off to my Grandoma's (we're going to be there for most of the day today) I decided to talk about it. And I'm sorry if you're bored, and you've gotten this talk so many times, but it is important.

My devotion today was called The Princess and the Pea. Sounds familiar, eh? Well, anyway, it was about this girl that was with her grandma and she wanted a bedtime story, and so The Princess and the Pea was pciked and then her grandma tucked her into bed. Well, her grandma decided to be playful and started checking under her granddaughter's matress, claiming that she was looking for a pea.
"There are no peas under my mattress!" giggled Alonya.
"Well, I certainly hope there's none in your life also," was the Grandma's response.
Well the story went a little bit further but the whole point was that if we lie, or do anything wrong also, it's a pea in our life. But if we're also saved and we sin, it's gonna keep us "awake all night" (also in LITERAL sense of form), just like the Princess in the story.
Everytime I used to lie, my "conscience" always made me feel sooo bad, but it really was the Holy Spirit. I was guilty of a major crime and it was until I finally couldn't take it anymore that I would admit it. And then when I was caught by a very obvious lie or maybe not so obvious, but I was still caught by my dad or mom (my dad was the worst in punishing), I would get "the Whacker". Which is a sort of shorter belt, but it wasn't a belt at all, and get spanked by that, but it worked just like a spatula or belt would. A bendier spatula and a shorter belt (there ya go!). Anyway, just before my dad would havce himself or my mom spank me, he would tell me, "Lies are the worst sin in this house. You CANNOT lie in this house." He did it very solemnly. "You know why people get angry when you tell a lie? Because they actually believed you, and have gotten fooled." I never realized until a little later that it was so wrong, at least with my family.
So now I'm fully uncapable of telling a lie. I mean, honestly, even if it was to get out of my own trouble or something, you absolutely won't find me telling anymore. And even if it's for something more playful, like a joke or a prank, my friends will always say, "You know you're the worst liar in the world! I know it was you!"

But the whole "lesson" today is: People believe you. No matter what. If you truly convince them of something, they bilieve. And then when it's wrong (what they believed), then they WILL get upset. It's happened acouple of times to me where I got so mad at someone I was praying so much to show forgiveness, but also for them to confess their sin.

Woo-hoo! What wonderful topic!!! lol

bookwormmm <33

July 8, 2008


The poll finished for this week!!! Whoopee!!! But then I realized that I only did three weeks when I wantd four so that all the answers would be full! So then I got to thinking, why don't I do another poll (which means another week of supsense) for the titles that got sooooooo close to winning! So now, that's what I'm gonna do!

Thi past week's poll was not very close. One title did get half of the vote of another.
Trials got three votes. Not very famous but more than the others.
The King (or Prince) got none. (which sorta surprised me, but no biggy)
Help (or Support) got ZERO. (which sorta surprised me too... I thought that one was pretty good, but again, no biggy).
Double Edge got six! The most so far! I was very surprised on that one. I wasn't sure if it would make it or not, but I guess it did:) Whoopee!!! *my daddy will be happy!* lol
Opus (or Composed) got nada. I was kinda thinking that Composed would be a hit, but that's fine;)

So her goes the new poll:

Sadly it's only those little three, but I'm excited to see what happens:)

now on to other things:
haha, I totally lost my camera so now i can't post a little bit of pictures that i was gonna eventually take, so now it's even more into eventually show you them... *ok that was confusing*. my bad...
(sort of relating to what I just said in my last starred sentence there) Everyone in my family each now have their own language. Mine is Daniellaic (like Arabaic), my sister is Carolynian. My brother is Santisian (pronounce Son-tee-sian, yes that's a little hard but oh well)... and the rest are al different. It was really funny, because sometimes me and my sibs won't make sense to other people, but all the family understands. =D

another news/random fact: I'm officially going to be travelling to Honduras on Aug.4 and won't be back till Aug. 18!!!!! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCiTeD!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol, though we're going to be mostly doing construction... *woohoo!* lol, it'll be neat.

Well i think that's all!!!


July 4, 2008

A Forward

I got this e-mail through a forward. And usually I'm not interested in those usually, but this one interested me a little bit. My family is defifnitely NOT voting for Obama, but when I got this i was a little offended in what he said:

Think you know who this man is?
This possible President of the United States !! Read Below and
ask yourselves, is this REALLY someone we can see as the
President of our great nation!!!!

Below are a few lines from Obama's books; In his words!

From Dreams of My Father: 'I ceased to advertise my mother's race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.'
From Dreams of My Father : 'I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother's race.'
From Dreams of My Father: 'There was something about him that made me wary, a little too sure of himself, maybe. And white.'
From Dreams of My Father: 'It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.'
From Dreams of My Father: 'I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn't speak to my own. It was into my

father's image, the black man, son of Africa , that I'd packed all the attributes I sought in myself , the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, DuBois and Mandela.'

And FINALLY the Most Damming one of ALL of them!!!

From Audacity of Hope: 'I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.'

Comment away! I would love to know what you think:)


July 1, 2008

Like Whoa

Haha the subject is a title from this song that I was listening to today. :PP
Well I decided to have a post that did not just talk about the book I'm reading. But now I don't know where to start...
Me and my sisters have sort of gotten all dressed up to do this whole photo shoot just so we can put ONE picture in the new frame that each of us have. So we take a billion shots of Carolyn, my twin, and she'll dress up in yellow because her frame is yellow. Find the BEST picture, either silly or natural, and develop it and put it in. So mine's green (one of my favorite pictures) and I still need to take a billion shots. But oh well. I'll put up some pictures later when we have them.
Sadly, my church isn't doing a V.B.S. this year, we did a little one at my house last year but not this summer because this elderly lady from my church just had knee surgery so she can't do it... I think that's the reason. lol.
And now, i think i'm hungry. So maybe i should go get a granola bar or something. BUT NOT YET... because i'm still blogging:)
I don't know if i posted about this already but I finished 4 amazing books. Though they are NOT Christian, they were really cool. But they're kinda strange. So I don't know :PP I need new books though, or I'll die *suffocating*... just kdding!!