December 30, 2008

THANK YOU SO MUCH. You guys had me all teary-eyed, and I was so.....HAPPY!

This is my thank note/post for everyone that participated in the scrapbook!
T4G had gotten (somehow, someway, I have NO CLUE, at all) all of my best friends from the forum to participate in at least one or two pages of my scrapbook. I was stunned. Like...AMAZED, and I loved it! You guys had paragraphs, either handwritten or typed, of notes to me. You drew pictures! You gave me poems. You were so creative, so nice, so AWESOME, that I was stunned.
Do you know why?
Not only were the pages amazing, and I was so thankful.
I was shocked because the notes that I read later on, after the zoo with T, told me how special and nice, and great and whatever, of a friend I was.
Where did this come from?
Everyone said I was going to cry, and I was sure I was, but when they caught me on video, it hadn't hit me how special this was. I was amazed that someone would do it for me, but I hadn't read your letters, your stories, everything. I hadn't read any of it.
So, AFTER I left T, I got in the car, and guess what? I started crying a minute after I opened it.
When I read stuff that said "I love you" "I'm praying for you" "You're such an awesome person/friend" I was so speechless. I never thought I could be a person's friend like that.
So I'm saying thank you right now. I loved it, and I still don't believe I received such an awesome gift.
I've had a couple people in my life tell me that I was inspiring. But I never ever believed it. I've had people compliment me on my writing, on the way I look, on my personality, but that was it. I had no proof any of it was there.
I've gotten gifts for birthdays, Christmas, all kinds of holidays. There were cards that should have made me cry, maybe, and gifts extremely special, but I always received those. Everyone else did too. It wasn't as special getting anything, ebcause it happened every year.
NO ONE has ever made me something like this.
Page after page, tears after tears, I felt so special, and I'm still wondering why you guys think I am. :)
I'm saying special thanks:
DoT--You're wonderful! I loved reading yours every second! It made me laugh and so happy!
Mob-- I was laughing so hard at the Mobicon page! I loved it! Thanks so much for everything :)
Masq.-- I loved your drawings, your songs, and poems! Thanks so much!
NotYourAverageGirl-- I don't care if we haven't talked much! I cried when I read yours! I loved looking at the pictures, EVERYTHING! I appreciate you just as much as everyone else I know!
H.K.-- I LOVED your page! The drawings were awesome! THANK YOU!
GLG-- What a wonderful drawing! I hope to meet you someday, too!
Zero-- This note.... You kept saying how not cool or creative it was compared to everyone else's. GUESS WHAT? Just saying what you said had me crying even harder. I couldn't believe it, because I thought you thought I was some weird person. :P
Gal-- YOUR STORY WAS AWESOME! I loved reading it!
Twirl-- That poem you did was so special. I won't ever forget it! Thanks so much! :)
T4G-- I loved the whole journal thing! I loved how you thought I was weird and annoying in the beginning and how great of friends we are now! Thanks for actually sticking to me even if I am obnoxious. (Tell your bro I say thanks too!
Yelli-- I LOVED IT! :D :D :D Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you! ;)
Lystar_the_unicorn-- :D :D :D :D :D :D Thanks soooo much! I'm going to tell you THANK YOU, and I bet you're going to be like "for the millionth time, she's saying thanks", but I loved it! xD
There was one extra person, but T4G told me she couldn't figure out who it was... So if I do find out soon, I will thank you through PM or something!
The words you guys wrote to me made me feel so special and important, that I'm wondering if it's all true. ;) I personally think I'm some ridiculous person, never could give realadvice, inpsire, or be cool to anyone.
*glomps all of you* Most all of you I've never met in my life, but I feel like I know a lot fo you, and if you don't feel that way, then I feel so sorry for you! HAHAHA, WANT TO KNOW WHY?
Because, since you participated and stuff, it's too late to back out, because I will be posting on your profiles on the forum wayyyyy more! xD



Anonymous said...

Wow, that was really nice of your forum friends to do that! Why did they?...for Christmas? Did they do it for any of the other members?
I thought Twin4God was your sister's pen pal. Is C on the forum too?
lol Sorry for all the Q's.
Love you,

~Girl of Many Colors~ said...

Awwww! You are so welcome, bookie! *hugz* You really are amazing, and Twin came up with the perfect way to do show how much we love you!


Masquerade Girl said...

You are very welcome, Cookie!! I wanted to let you know how much I love you. So I did a page! :D *glomp* I'm so glad that you liked it. I was going to do a realistic version of you on the page, but I didn't have enough time... SO it was just manga pix. And I so agree with Thaugio! Love you so much!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to bother you with that last comment, the only reason I asked all that was because I was kinda confused, but we talked to C yesterday and she explained.