December 30, 2008

An amazing day, with an amazing family, and an amazing Christmas gift.

So this completely selfish post is all about my day.
I met Twin4God today! And that was so cool! And I'll tell you all about it, along with a twist that I never expected.
I was super excited today. I was going to the zoo, and though that never REALLY makes me excited, I was spending it with my family, a friend of mine, and a penpal I had never met before--but knew too well. ;) I told T4G that I Was going to give her a huge hug the moment we met.
She said she'd give me a huge hug too. But I guess she wasn't expecting a "run-up-and-hug-and-squeal", because I felt like some weirdo after that.
YES. I was the only one running.
And the only one giving the tight hug.
;) JKJK, nah, I think T4G was weirded out at first, but that's cool--I'm still wondering, though, if she's dissappointed or regretting today. :D
I had a blast at least, and I'm sure she had fun too! We saw animals, laughed, took pictures, joked around, ate... Passed out in the heat. All that fun stuff, you know?
Well, I told her earlier through an IM that I wanted to give her a present for Christmas--but this was before I met her. This was before I even knew I was, and so therefore, I was making my present small enough to fit in an envelope to send.
Ho-hum, it was a dinky little friednship bracelet that took less than a day to make. How stupid is that? Why do I think it was stupid, you ask? WELL, everytime I talked to her, she said that everyday she was working on her present for me.
EVERY DAY. Do you know how awful I felt? Then I found out I was meeting her.
Wants to know what my prayers sounded like?
"Lord, please let her think I'm a good friend." "Lord, when I meet her, don't let her be scared or freaked. Don't let her think I'm a weirdo." "Lord, when I meet her and give her my present, can you please give her some kind of feeling so she'll like it for the time I'm with her, at least? PLEASE?!" And then when I gave it to her, she said she left her's in the car so I wouldn't have to walk with it everywhere.
And I'm like, excuse me? Like, please don't tell me it's big. She unwrapped mine, said she liked it, gave me a hug, but we all knew the truth. And, coincedentally *wink* the beads that spelled her name on the bracelet kept falling off. I was like "Forget it, T" :P
Then we had an awesome day at the zoo, soooo amazing, and it got better.
By the time we were dead tired, I was like, oh gosh, I still have to wait and get the present she made me, and beleieve me, I was excited, but extremely nervous (like right before I met her too).
Her brother got the gift and brought it to me, and it was a nice size. I was like "WHOA". Then everyone started pulling out their cameras, putting it on video setting.
What in the world could this BE?!
Everyone said I was going to cry, and I was just...not sure. What could it be? Because nothing makes me cry THAT easily...At least, never a gift, for sure.
So I start feeling it. And I start....You know....Feeling a sort of scrapbook thing under the wrapping paper.
I open it....
And guess what?!
It is a scrapbook.
Oh yeah, that made me cry. :P (T4G, you know I'm joking, I'll tell you for real what I thought!)
Not only was a scrapbook thatI thought was empty, it was the most AMAZING and PRECIOUS scrapbook ever.
Want to know what was inside it? It most definitely wasn't empty.
On the cover it says (for it's in my lap right now) "Bookie's Book", and on top of that, where I picture should belong, it says (on a piece of paper) "Bookie's Picture Goes Here". :D WAIT, that may seem super nice, but that's not the twist or the best part at all!
I was thinking, "Ooh, a scrapbook, how nice! But... Why would that make me cry?"
JUST GUESS! Because I couldn't whatsoever!
It was filled with pages. But pages of what?! I had no pictures of myself with T until today!
INSIDE were pages filed from friends on the DIOM forum.

(okay, this continues to another post, this one was only so I could tel you about how wonderful my day was, my next one is my Thank You post)

I'm so happy,

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