June 28, 2008


Hiya! It's the one and only me!!! yay! Just kid just kid. Well, the poll has finished and let me tell you, IT WAS VERY CLOSE. But the one that i thought would probably win, did!!!
Congrats to the title Raconteur!!! It won with 4 votes. I honestly like the title a lot, so I'm really glad it won that poll.
Alone got 1 vote. It IS more like a title for a book, but not for a series so I can definitely understand why it got 1 vote.
Um, Away..... Yeah, Away got none. AND that's TOTALLY ok... Away was not my favorite. That day i was trying to think of sooo many titles that some of them are a little pathetic...for at least series titles. I can see it more as a book title like Alone. But yeah:PP
Soar! It was SOOO CLOSE to winning that poll. I didn't think it'd get very many votes, but it got at least 3 and that's multi-choosing so yeah, it went well!
So far the Top 2 Titles are Blinded and Racontuer. That's cool. I like 'em both a lot.
The new ones for this weeek's poll are:
2)The King (or Prince) *
3)Help (or Support) *
4)Double Edge
5)Opus (or Weaved OR Composed) ~haha I think you get my meaning~

YES it will have 5!! lol I finally realized I had 1 more than 12 so i needed to add an extra title ;)
All the stars (***) I'm still wondering about. I don't know maybe if I should do something else other than the actual ones--so maybe those subsitutes to replace? You'll see why in my title explanation :PP Just in case you haven't checked it out. Also my Summary. so yupp.

Prayer Requests:
~Last Thursday my church had to move out totally from the property of another church. They owned the whole building and they needed us to leave so we moved everything in pick-up trucks to a moving truck. Going upstairs and downstairs with chairs, boxes (heavy ones too), flowers, and etc. It was fUN, but I was soooo sore on Friday. So we need some prayer for our church. We're doing fine, but we're stillrenting from another church, again, and we want our own property.
~I've had an acid-reflex problem since last January. And just going 3 or 4 months is the longest so far with out getting so sick i barf. *YES DISGUSTING, sorry*. But I don't get it so bad anymore, but still my stomach hurts every so often.

Well thanks again for passing by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



P.S. I just decided for Opus's substitue to be Composed instead of Weaved.;)


DoT said...

I liked Double Edge best. Opus was pretty cool too. Where do you come up with all these words????

mitzi said...

I like Trials. WAit, is this poll for a book or a series? Because I like the title Trials for a series but not for 1 book. lol :)