June 4, 2008


Usually everytime I pray, it's about asking God to help me with my weaknesses. OR to help my friends. It may sound weird praying for your friends (especially if they're kids) to you, but it works. I've found God in the middle of work with them sometimes. But now I realize (and right now I'm listening to "Our God is an Awesome God") that instead of just praying about helping everyone, it should be more PRAISE. My dad is always asking me, "so when you pray do you praise God that much?" And I never really thought about it. I always assumed that God knew how powerful and almighty He is. But, when you think about it, everyone is good or great at something. But even though we know we are, isn't it NICE to hear other people praise our works? I keep asking God to help... And now it seems like I'm just taking advantage. "God, help me in this" "God, help so-and-so" "God, help this issue that just arose". But it was never "God, You're sooo amazing!" "God, what a powerful God you are" And now I'll do that more often. Cause if you think about it, praising God is REALLY important. He was here when nobody else was. No beginning (no end either, but it's the point that's important), yet when He was alone, He created everything that exists today. He made alllll of us. And when we had ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE to live in heaven He sent Jesus and Jesus died for ALL OF US. And now, *sighs* NOW, He's invited us all to live in HIS house. TALK ABOUT GENEROUS! You can still ask God for help, but now I'm going to praise a lot more, too...:)


Anonymous said...

yes. Amen
He is the maker of all - He deserves praise more than we deserve blessings. Yet His children He still takes care of US. WOW.

Anyways. Love your blog, sorry I'm not over here much... I get so distracted, I will pop over more!!


Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean. It's easy to get caught up in our needs and forget to praise God and thank Him. Thanks for the reminder! :)
~Princess S