June 9, 2008

Title and BtRE

So even though i am already writing my story i haven't come up with a title. i was thinking of a bunch of stuff, but i didn't want any of them to sound....LAME. lOl... So i was either thinking of the title series (if it will be a series that i wanna do) called (obviously not in order):
1)Help (or Support)
2)The King (or maybe Prince--depends)
3)Double Edge
6)Opus (or Weaved)
9)The Time
13)Blinded (or Blind)
Yupppp, i only came up with 13 titles. I'm not very good at title naming. If you guys could give me four of your favorite titles here, I'll probably put it as a poll:PP so yeah... The idea of the title "Help" came sorta from my dad. He's a pastor and he said that if he ever wrote a book it'd probably be called S.O.S. and i didn't want to take that title away from him... so i came up with Help:) "The King" i came up with because of my "outline" that i have in my head. It came because of the story line, Jesus, and the main character. I'm just trying to figure out if it should either refer to Jesus or the main char., that's why if it was for the guy it'd be the Prince (i think). lol. confusing huh? =D Double Edge is actually the name of my youth group/sunday school. My dad came up with it because in the Bible it says something about Jesus or His wrath is like a double edged sword. Opus isn't supposed to refer to a song, just that life here on earth is like God's opus:) Reconteur actually was a word i found randomly searching up words to see which synonyms would be a nice title!!! lol ;) Means the storyteller or something about storytelling. Thought maybe it'd be perfect for it! haha lol. Yep, so those were some ideas and definitions. It'd really make me happy if you could help me out!! lol haha, whatev:PP

Now besides that... I have actually been really trying to earn some points on the BtRE contest. But i'm wayyyyy behind, so hopefully today or maybe tomorrow i can go to Borders or Barnes and Noble to see if i can find the book in those stores:PP

God Bless! :)


Zoe said...

I thought these (at the bottom) sounded really cool, although it is kind of hard to know since I don't know what your book is about! lol!
Double Edge
The Time


Anonymous said...

The forum!!

What's your nickname on there so that I can add you ad my friend? Or had you already looked me up and added me?

totally ok

Paris said...

I love titles!!!

OK, top four:
1. Blinded (LOVE IT :)
2. The Time
3. Similarities
4. Soar

Good titles-keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Aw yay thanks for the comment about my post
that was very nice of you
yah i feel soooo strongly about those issues

well see you around the blogosphere and the DioM forum

Anonymous said...

Hey Danielle,
Thanks for commenting! Those are all cool titles! Sounds like you like short and mysterious ones. :)If I ever wrote a book, my titles would probably be more like "Anne of Green Gables."
~Princess S