June 6, 2008


haha, ok, i FINALLYYY came up with an idea for a story. it's kinda confusing, BUT it's still coming! it might come slow to me, but i'm REALLLYYY gonna try to make it happen. I haven't come up with a title yet, but i have written in it recently... i'm probably going to put up a word count thingy-ma-jig... lol. but yeah, prayyy for me:)

Also, this is a video that i sooooo had to post because i'm homeschooled, and maybe some of you are and maybe some of you aren't, but it has to do with what seperates us. lOl, it's hilarious, at least to me, but ya. I think you'll enjoy it!

*this is not to offend ANYBODY*

well i hope you like it!!




Zoe said...

lol! That's funny!

Anonymous said...

hey you - just to let you kno I added you to the blog roll!!
I thought I had you on it - turns out I added you to the YCf page not the the blogroll lol

anyways ... ;) yah blogging is a medicine for me ... calms me down right when i need it ^_^

- Amber

Anonymous said...

haha nice im not offended - I've done schooling both ways
love them both
loved this video :D

i added you to me blog roll just so you know