June 12, 2008

my poll and story

kkkk. so i put a poll up for the titles of my book... This is totally not meaning i'll actually use that title, but it is nice to see which one people like better:) lol. so the poll is gonna work like this. i put up for titles now, then next week i will up four other titles and so forth. by the last week, i will keep track of all the MOST popular title from those 3 or 4 weeks and put up those titles... can't wait to see!!!

haha, i went to borders the other day and i found the ONLY copy of Beyond the Reflection's Edge there, because the rest were intransit.... I thought maybe there'd be a whole section, but i couldn't find anything. no Bryan Davis book. So my mommy found this employee and asked for him to ook for the book... and there it was....sitting so lonely by itself on the shelf (hey that rhymed!!! lol). So then i took a pic and i have to upload it soon!!! but it's kinda cool, seeing that since there was only one book obviously a bunch of others were sold!!!! :)

well i'll post soon!!



Paris said...

I'll keep voting!!!!

mitzi said...

Cool! I'm gonna go vote now -- cool blog btw!

Sapphira Adi said...

I just voted! Good to comment on your blog again!

Zoe said...

I tagged you on my blog.