June 23, 2008


So it might be a little hard for me to post anything this week...Or maybe not. I'm finishing up my 8th grade homeschool year this week and I might be busy. Plus all that foruming business on the DIOM forum. I've made really cool friends on there. PLUS writing in my story. I literally only am on my third page! *WOW* So totally UN-AMAZING. I like writing, but sometimes it's really hard. Tyler (one of my main characters) is getting extremely annoyed that I'm not writing enough details and giving the settings enough space. So therefore I just need to sit down and think. But I'm wayyy to lazy, so we'll see how it works! lol
I think I might post a couple of pictures of me, but I'm not absolutely sure... Maybe with my twin and stuff so you guys can see how identical we look ;) I'm sure you guys would love that!!!
I was also thinking of posting the first part of my story on here too! Because you "bookworm readers" are the first to actually get the inside peek! So there ya go!! lOl
The poll is getting a little one-sided! I thought that might happen. That is one of my favorite title's that i thought up of, so I'm glad it's taking the lead. But feel free to go on ahead with voting for another. It's a multi-choice poll so there ya go...
I think that's mostly it... I'll post more when I think of something fun!!




A Girl of Many Colors! said...

Are one of those good friends me? *blinks and whistles innocently*

Anonymous said...

Just stopped by to say hi! I hope you get some writing inspiration. Writer's block is no fun. Have a great last week of school! :)