June 9, 2008


lOllll. ok, i had someone say that it was hard to pick a title because they didn't know what it was about.... But i haven't really gotten into the book, i've just started a little bit... but i'll keep working. So i'm giving you guys a brief summary about it:

A boy named Tyler is searching everywhere to find where he belongs. His mind, his soul, his family... He doesn't know much about Faith either. But when a girl who supposedly "just moved in" on his block starts hanging around telling him these weird things about her being from another world, which is basically the future earth, and him being "the One", he decides to go on a trip with her... Back in time! There he learns about Jesus--EVEN SEES HIM-- and much more! Will he be able to save another world, well at least help them? Will he find what it really means to sacrifice for the world? Or will everything just go down the drain?

Sorry, i really am pretty bad at summaries, though i hope it sounds good! tell meee:)


Zoe said...

Wow, that's awesome! Great summary! I bet it will be an interesting srory!
I think out of your 13 titles, "Truth" is the most fitting, but you can always wait on the title and you will probably come up with some brilliant idea while you are writing or something. At least that's what happened to me! lol!

P.S. The title for my book is, "Called Out"

Zoe said...

Okay... Five favorites now that I have an idea...

The Time
Double Edge


Paris said...

I'll stick with my orginal titles I guess. Out of the four I picked I liked "Blind/Blinded" the best.

bookworm4god said...


Elliot Reed said...

That sounds like an awesome book! I would definatly read it once you get it written!