June 18, 2008

"Giggling Ethan" and more =D

This is a picture of me with an employee at Borders. I'm holding the Beyond the Reflection's Edge book (i did a review somewhere in this blog, if you don't know about it...haha it's in the May section), because I needed to find the book for the contest I'm in. Ethan was nicknamed by my mom and I, the "Giggling Ethan". Because, well at least where I live, taking a picture with an employee is just strange. So he was embarrassed about taking it and to cover up he was giggling or laughing or whatever you call it until my mom was finished taking the picture and and he walked away. It was really really funny. Haha, I started laughing too.

This is my video for the contest too! Since we could do videos I decided to do this one.

Also I joined the Dragons In Our Midst forum. And it's great! Very welcoming people:PP YBT has a bit of a bite though (just kidding), but I recommend it to anybody who loves the Dragons In Our Midst books and Oracles of Fire AND Echoes from the Edge. If you do, tell me your username, I'd love to be friends with you on it...

Oh, yeah, I'm almost done with my Last of the Nephilim book! Less than a hundred pages to go!!! yayyyy:) And my book is sorta going a little slow... But i'll kepp working on it!!


P.S. Sorry! The first time i posted the picture, it didn't come out, so for those of you who came here, my bad...lol now you can see the picture!!:)


FLoCk-RoCk said...

Hey!! Cool blog, thks for commenting on mine BTW

I love books!! lol well, see ya around!


Paris said...

I haven't sent in anything and I've got...3 points :P

Anonymous said...

Hey Danielle! Thanks for all the comments. You have a cool blog. I was wondering...what is "marianneanddoe"? Just curious...:)
See ya,
Princess K
Matt. 6:33

mitzi said...

I haven't read those books by Bryan Davis yet. I didn't even know that there was a Bryan Davis until last month! I think I will start reading his books, though. They look cool!