June 25, 2008


A TRAGEDY happened yesterday! I had to get shot and get blood drawn from me! UGH! I ABSOLUTELY hate shots, and more-- I am scared of them. Once they even say something about vaxines (when you have a huge family that has to go the Dr.'s office like every three months and you're homeschooled, you know what all those new words mean over there!) I will start sobbing. Yes, I know! "What a wimp!" "She's such a weirdo!" But it's sadly and unfortunately true. I had to get my meningitis (SO NOT SURE IF I SPELLED THAT RIGHT) shot, and then three vials of blood because lately I've been sort of "blacking out", where I will get up from my bed in the morning and once I reach the hallway, I sart feeling really weird and then my vision will start getting darker and I'll get a headache. It'll happen like twice a day sometimes, but it only lasts about 10 seconds. And then the Dr. says that he thinks it might be normal, that some people even faint. AND I"M LIKE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. But hopefully that won't happen ;)
On to another HAPPY subject though! One of my forum buddies got a blog! Check it out! I added a link too (DoT) so yeah:)
Hm... I'm trying to think... Oh yeah! Some of you have been asking 'bout my being a twin or whatever, so I decided to post a couple pictures of use being together:) You guys will definitely be able to tell that we're identical! lol i will point out who's who.

Yes, we do like taking funny pictures:) That's Me on the right, and Carolyn on the left.

She just got a new camera so we were goofing off :P That's me on the left and her on the right.

haha same thing. her on the right me LEFT:)

That's me on the front, lol

My brother Santi, Carolyn, and Me :D

Well I hope you like them! Not the best pictures. ALl the better ones are on my other computer...

tootaloo!!! lol



A Girl of Many Colors! said...

Wow! It's so cool that you have a twin! Thanks for mentioning me! I hate shots too. They are awful! Have you ever had your finger pricked? That's what hurt the most for me.

Paris said...

I don't like shots at all :(

Anonymous said...

For the first picture, don't you mean Carolyn's on the left and you're on the right? :) Cool pics! You two look a lot alike but I can tell you apart now. :) I can't believe I ever couldn't! lol (Did that make sense?)


bookworm4god said...

i ABSOLUTELY hate pricks too
they totally freak me out. they're deifinitely worse

Araken said...

I used to panic at shots, but after the whole numbing process it's not too bad. I found this out. If you exhale deeply right at the moment, you won't feel it.


mitzi said...

Shots really aren't that bad. But once this lady was drawing my blood and I almost passed out, so I don't like having my blood drawn. Lol :)