June 21, 2008

This week, next week, more!

The poll has been officially closed. The winner was Blinded! I actually really do like that title... But there's still more to come! It was very close with Truth, and yes, ultimately it's up to me to decide the title, so it will still be in my noggin even when this whole thing is finished!
I noticed that Similarities wasn't that famous, and that's ok... It did sound good to me, but I can use it for another story, too.
The Time, yeah felt that way about how many votes it got. 1 (same as similarities)vote, but I wasn't to big on it either. SO that one's out.
Now the new four titles in the poll will be Raconteur, Alone, Away, and Soar. Now from some of you who have posted already what they've liked, I think I might know which one is gonna win. But it all depends on you guys for the winner, so I might be wrong:PP
I've been writing, but my characters aren't getting into the right place. They seem to be complaining about their attitude or whatever it is. *Tyler especially*
For more information about the titles Click Here. Or for info on the book Click Here.

Now for totally RANDOM stuff:
~My twin sister is going through a devotional book called A Young Woman After God's Own Heart. I recommend it for other girls:)
~My church is moving. Pray PRAY PRAY! for us please!
~um.... i have really nothing else....
~I totally forgot something I could've said but whatever!! lol

Well thanks for stoppin' by!


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Araken said...

You have a twin sister? Not fair! Have y'all ever pulled a switcheroo? (omg I love that word!!!)