January 6, 2009

Did ya know this much about me before?? :D

So I know this is like...what? my second post for today. :P But I decided to do...a nice and fun post--one I haven't REALLLLLLY done for a little while.
I get all of these kinds of forwards through e-mail or through my FB, but I decided not to do those yet...I thought of one that could tell you guys more about me. MOST all of you only know me by my blog, some of you I know in person (a couple on my blog roll :), but even you guys don't know me that well. =] So I'm doing a "Did Ya Know this Much About Me Before?" Which is sort of like.....20 questions I guess..or the Question Game, but yeah--sort of. :D
Starting now--
Did Ya Know:
1) That I have this crazy craving for M&M's? I mean, I love chocolate, but I loveeeeee m&m's!
2) That I'm an extreme klutz? I mean, I trip EVERYwhere I go, I walk into things, and yeah...
3) I love Mystery/Romance books (Christian ones of course)
4) I love to talk. Or ramble. Or....Yeah. (And you know what, I think you guys know that already)
5) I have a dog
6) My favorite movie is National Treasure and Amazing Grace.
7) I like all kinds of Christian music, and even some non-Christian music--as long as their decent.
8) I smile wayy too much!
9) I laugh too much too. And it probably bothers people how happy I usually am around them.
10) I prefer to not bother people with my problems, unless they tell me too. (which means if I'm all super duper upset inside--I can mask my feelings until I find myself...bubbling a little :P)
11) I love God to the extreme. But you guys do know that (YOU BETTER!)
12) I have some pretty amazing friends.--And if I talk to you like lots, means I love talking to you! :P nd you're stuck with me forever...or a really long time. xD
....And I'll do more later! :D



IdinaTook said...

Cool! I love m&m's too but not as much as TWIX...those are AMAZING!!!
LOL. It's not annoying when people smile a lot! It's better than them always being angry or something! :)

~Girl of Many Colors~ said...

Ohhhh! I LOVE Amazing Grace! Powerful Movie