January 7, 2009

Did ya know this much about me?--2

So I'm conitnuing from my last post, because it was late at night, and I wasn't finished, though I had to go home (from mi abuela's casa<---ha, I spoke espanol xD)--so here we go!
Did Ya Know:
13) That when I smile (and it's really not something you need to know), my left side [your right side) is more smiling...than my right side?? o_O lol, weirddd.
14) My escape for peace and from everything else in the world is outside on the side of the house, in my backyard, or in my mango tree. You will find me there often, either thinking or reading. :)
15) When I listen to music on my mp3 player, I tend to actually dance and go along with the music (like if it says something like "and I walked", then I walk)--and lip sync. :P
16) I write songs & poems, along with my story.
17) I love to sing, though I won't sing for real in front of you. Because if you do hear me, then I probably am mocking someone else (and then I'm asked, "Is that your real voice?!" and when I answer no, they never believe me... Ho-hum, I've been told I have a nice one though ;)
18) I'm a late nighter, I'm an owl, or you can also say I'm mostly nocturnal--till it reaches 12-1 AM. :D (I'm usually so engrossed in my book, my eyelids need to REALLLLLY be drooping, and I almost fall asleep on the couch.)
19) I get scared so easily in movies. I freaked in Prince Caspian and Nancy Drew, which are PG movies--and I tell you, I hide behind people in the ones higher rated than those--WHEN I watch those with my family. (they're usually to show me history and whatever, but I actually enjoy doing it)
20) My absolutely FAVORITE (and I mean...FAVORITE) food is lasagna. =] I love it, and if you hear my sibs say it before me, it just means they either copied or something--because I loved it first! xD
21) I love to create. Which means play-doh, clay, most everything. But especially clay/ceramics. I used to be horrible at it, btu I found out I can actually do a pretty good job.
22) I really don't cook much, but I CAN and it does come out pretty good. So far no one has complained. :)
23) I have so far four siblings--an identical twin sis, next is a younger bro, then comes two little sisters. :)
24) I actually like Math, unlike a LOT of people I know--even though I love to write. Strange, eh? That's me...O.O
25) Don't ever give me tomatos, I hate them. Though, if I'm at someone's house having dinner and there are tomatos, I tend to hide them under other foods, in a napkin, give 'em to a family member, or throw them away as quickly as possible. Sometimes, I even take whatever utensil there is to serve the tomatos on whatever meal, and I push them off my plate or away from the food I'm getting. It's sad.
26) Don't give me anything with mustard, ketchup, ranch, or anything. I used to lvoe dressings or sauces on my food, well not anymore.
27) Referring to #26, I eat my salad dry. After you are so used to being in the habit of eating that disgusting tasting lettuce by itself, it actually starts to taste sweet/good. --And it's healthier, for those of you...health freaks. :D
28) I don't like spinach. xD
29) I can be extremely blunt about things. If you've said something that offended me a little/lot, then I will tell you right away. It's one of those "Do unto others, what you want them to do to you" or whatever.
30) Me and my brother are the trouble makers in the house. :P (he's my accomplice xD)
31) My brother and I love to bother our other siblings--especially when it becomes extremely funny when they get upset. :D
32) I love quotes that have to do with reality.
33) I love life, even if there are problems. I count them as blessings in disguise and not curses.
34) I've been told I have funny facial expressions (mostly from my brother--and a couple other).
35) When there are are times with food around I tend to peel my grapes with my teeth while talking. And when I stop talking, I stop peeling grapes. :D (I wonder if it has nervous issues or something--I'm still trying to figure that one out.)

And I'll have more...later. Because I plan on doing these for a while... Not in a row all the time. Just randomly. It's fun, and I'd like to introduce myself more. Even if they are random stuff ;)

In a while crocodiles,


Araken said...

You have a mango tree? That is totally awesome!

Katelyn said...

I for the life of my cannot find the comment button on your profile.
But I just wanted to say thanks for the blog comment :]
And it's nearly impossible to find people on mibba. There's nowhere to go to search for other members.
Maybe you could give me a link to your profile or something?
I don't know :]

Katelyn said...

Oh. And John 3:16. I have a funny story about that :P
I went to Vacation Bible School when I was little and we had to sing and dance to that.
It was SO fun!
So now I have the song stuck in my head :P

Lauren Ann said...

intersting. I know someone whose smile is like yours (your description at least)

God's Soldier said...

YAY! Another person who hates tomatos.