January 22, 2009

Pictures! :)

Alrighty, so I know this is my second post of the day, and SHAME be brought upon me--because I want you guys to see pictures of me and my twin (and just me, too :P).
And a couple other people are putting up pictures of themselves on their blogs, so I felt left out. :D So here are about ten (out of the million I was tagged in by some people! [on another site--FB]) pictures!

(Read my first post too, by the way!)

At the beach, at a park.... At a house. :D
You get the idea.
I'm the one with no glasses (lol), and my twin sis had the glasses... :D
Have a splendid weekend,


Araken said...

I might post a few pics of myself if mom lets me

God's Soldier said...

Great pics! Mom won't let me post pics of myself... :(

Miss Serenity said...

Fun, fun! Yeah, I love picture blogging too. :)

Great blog! Found you from Princesses in Disguise. I'll be back!