January 22, 2009

What Am I Going To Create Myself?

This is a slight continuation of my last post. Meaning it's got part of what I said in it from my last one.

1)"Happy moments, Praise God. Difficult moments, seek God. Quiet moments, worship God. Painful moments, trust God. Every moment, thank God."
2)"Be a fruitloop in a world full of cheerios."
3)"No Jesus, No peace.--Know Jesus, Know peace."
4)"I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me." (Phil. 4:13)

My last post was talking about how first, instead of FINDING yourself, you need to do more of creating--and I think I got the fact straight out when I mentioned we shouldn't be committing any suicide, murder, other crimes. It's a fact--EVERYONE knows that.
But it's not just those three things... I mean, come on...That's pretty easy. I pretty much have fully created "myself", because I haven't done any of those.
Nuh-uh. Don't even go there. You haven't even gone to do anything. So you know some right from wrong things. WHOOPEE.
BUT, how DO I know that I'm... you know... Bringing about a person that is unique? I, personally, haven't even fully done that. I'm just a teen who happens to be realizing that.
(Numbers are referring to the numbered-quotes up there)
Starting with 1), I think that has to do with everyone--but not everyone knows that. I know tons of non-Believers who would want nothing to do with something like that quote, and they've already created themselves (in a sense). It's the thing that you ARE creating.
WHAT is it?
WHO are you now?
Seek God all the time, sure--but does that help? Heck, yes. No duh, you're reading scripture, talking to God, listening to Him--OF COURSE it's creating who you are.
What's 2)? Oneof my favorites. Everyone wants to be different from everybody else. It's something that's always inside. You want to be so unique, people will always remember you.
I'm sure you've found that a smidge hard.
*winks* Just a tad, eh?
I'll tell you guys something I never really told anyone. It's something EVERYONE want(ed/s), and not just me. It's kind of selfish too--at least my version of wanting it.
Have you ever wanted to be President? (If so--) WHY? Was it the power?
Have you ever wanted to be a singer/actor/actress/musician? (If so--) WHY? Was it the money?
Have you ever wanted to be known for something (ANYTHING) important? WHY? Was it both the power AND the money? I've always wanted to be the second. Doesn't it kinda look cool to be up on a stage? Uh YEAH--it kinda does!
My reason wasn't really the money (I could be a doctor if I wanted the cha-chings), it was the fact that all these options meant you'd be famous. Known for whatever. I'd create myself to be someone IMPORTANT. But it doesn't come easily. Being a fruitloop in a world full of cheerios is extremely hard.
I've wanted to fit in with groups that I might not have wanted to fit in. But they were the popular ones. (I never did--only maybe for just a little while...but then I said no...END of that) I wanted people to know me for whatever. But everytime--it was me becoming just another cheerio. Does that make you or me feel good? Sometimes... I mean, if you think about it--is it really so bad?
Uh, yeah. Sorry to break it to you, honey, but it is sometimes. I wanted to be President. I wanted people to remember me for doing things right, for making that stuff happen, and then when I died, EVERYONE would be sad. (WELL, at least the country. ;) Then Hillary Clinton crushed my dreams...JKJK. ----> But you can still be a fruitloop even if you don't make it that high.
Wasn't 3) cool?! Haha, I saw it on an icon, but I decided to save space in this entry. :D
If there was absolutely no Jesus in you--there would absolutely be NO peace. If you KNOW Jesus, you do, absolutely-positutely have peace. PERIOD.
And I think that 4) is really neat/cool/whatever-positive. I mean, I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME!
Oh yeah, that's pretty awesome. And since you can do ALL things (except for the fact that it's in CHRIST--you can't do wrong things), you can CREATE yourself to be more involved with him. I mean, you can be a GOOD fruitloop, you can do ALL things, you can HAVE peace, and all that good stuff when you're with God. Be known for the great things.

God bless,

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Awsomeful post! Very touching...