January 18, 2009

Count down to many events! (and a picture of me and a very special friend I got to meet!) xD

Alright, so you know what I totally forgot to do?! Post picture of my meet with Twin4God! I mean, I go on her blog and there I am with her! But I forget to post pictures from MY camera! Shame be brought upon me. *shakes head*. OKAY.

We were goofing off. xD (T4G on the left, and I am on the right)

And then when we had to leave...... :'( (Though our faces don't show we're sad, so apparently inside I was the only one upset.)
And I'd also like you to know, that the scrapbook I'm carrying is the book I was given. THE most AMAZING gift ever, and if you've been reading my blog, you'll know why. :D


I'm SO excited.
Wants to know why?
Of course you do!

FIRST, besides important things like church and my co-op, there are several things I'm going to do this month and in February!
So we'll go from the closest. :D
There are:
1. FIVE more days (as in SINCO--espanol language, IVEFAY--piglatin, 5, and whatever language) till I go see T4G AGAIN! I'm going to be celebrating her birthday with her! She..... and her twin brother will be turning 15! YAY FOR THEM! So go on her blog and wish her a very happy birthday please!
2. THIRTEEN more days till FEBRUARY! Meaning, the SECOND month of the year. And I have no clue if I'm read for that, but whatevs.
3. TWENTY more days till I celebrate Princesses K and S's birthday! :D Yay for them too!
4. TWENTY-FIVE more days until my (and my TWIN'S, and Pres. Abe's) BIRTHDAY! Haha, YAY. (You have no clue how excited I am!!)
5. TWENTY-SIX more days until my church is going to have a Missions Conference (for most of our missionaries my church supports--I'm excited for that.) And I'm also thrilled it's the day after my birthday! (It lasts three days, too)
6. (I guess we can count Valentine's day too. Which is in TWENTY-SEVEN more days. Though I'm not as thrilled. I always used to be, but not anymore. It's fun to give candy and have fun with friends, but it gets soooo freakin tiresome. :P

So yeah... :D You can tell I'm one stoked person. =]

Have a great and blessed day, :)

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Bryce said...

Hey, that statement's not fair! I was plenty said inside... :D It's just impossible for me to stop smiling (or at least that's what Josh says, but he NEVER smiles so what's he know?).
I'm SO excited about you guys coming!!! YAY!!! :D :D :D
I can't wait till your birthday either. :D I'm sure it's going to be a great one! :D