January 12, 2009

Just 'cause I'm different doesn't mean it's bad--I'm still cool.

Oh, goodness, so I haven't done....An "Important Thoughts" post in FOREVER!!! Time to get a started, which also mens that I need to update my poll again. Because it's been months, and I haven't changed it. --But back to the point.

Have you ever noticed that everything about everyone speaks all about them? How whatever you do--everyone assumes something about? And then, suddenly there's judgement?
I've noticed a lot, how there are people that, right when you do something they may not appreciate, they judge you, right then and there.
It's happened to me.
It's happened to everybody.
You'll do something crazy or silly, and maybe a serious person doesn't find that amusing, so instead of jsut telling you, you already get the feeling they dislike you instantly.
But I've also gotten that, where, since I'm a Christian, I don't say things non-Christians do.
But does that mean I'm "out of it"? Nope. It does NOT. And it doesn't mean you're out of it either.
The other day someone made this point, in front of everybody, over the internet with a bad word. One, that most peopel use,that for sure God doesn't appreciate, and neither do I.
This kid was extremely upset, and he said it such a way, that you could tell he was upset. But did that mean it was right to use that in ront of EVERYBODY?! Nope. It was NOT.
And guess what I said? Blunt ole me. *rolls eyes* I said to him, "Oh that's nice. Great choice of words." Of course, it was said sarcastically. :P And he said something like "What? ___ word? I think it's an amazing word!"
Psh. Stupid kid. Stupid word. Stupid moment.
And I told him that it wasn't. And that he shouldn't have said it infront of everybody, and that I didn't think it was an "amazing" word, and that it wasn't very Christlike. He said he wasn't happy with the world, and I understood he was frustrated, and I understood that I was probably "out of it" right now. At least to him.
WELL, I said I would pray for him, and he said thank you. I said I hoped everything went better, and he thanked me again.
We haven't spoken since, but what I know for sure, that he never felt and I did: Was the sense that I did right. It didn't matter if that kid didn't like God or didn't care in the world what was supposed to be said and done, like I did. I knew I had done right. And that made me feel good, unlike something he was feeling.
Just because at that moment you spoke up for what you believe in, doesn't mean you're some loser--and if someone tells you that, don't trust their word upon it.
You're wayyyy cooler than they'll ever be.

I'm cool, 'cause I have Christ,


God's Soldier said...

Great post! I have been there before. I have even been that kid who used that "amazing" word before...

~God's Soldier

Ellie <3 said...

Hi... Bookie, tehe. It's Izzaylay (pig latin!) Yeah, I know who you're talking about, and I wish he would have controlled his language too. Deep down I know he's not a bad kid, he just has lack of judgement sometimes =] keep up with the blogs, you most definitely are cool for standing up for what you think is right =P

Araken said...

That is most excellent! A VERY important thought, indeed!