January 29, 2009

Updates =] (Don'tcha just love 'em?)

YAY. So I've been just giving you boring old blog posts lately--but just this week I updated a LOT.

As you can see, from my LAST poll, I had several things I needed to do, and a lot of them were voted on the most. A lot, I believe was on my black template. It was cool for the time being, but it was only cool for 6 months apparently, so I updated my layout/template. And most of you know I did that a while ago, but some of you guys haven't been on my blog in a while (and that's totally cool, but yeah).

ALSO, I showed some pics of myself, but that's not really an update--I HAVE changed my "About Me". It's way different from my soft/quiet/shy about me to totally different. :P lol

I made myself an AFFILATE!! Woo-hoo! My affie is the icon of me, my name (bookworm4god), and the last sentence f my about me (Come at your own risk). And if you don't understand why I put that last sentence its because of the tons of people who are afraid of talking about or to Christian people/Christianity. So yeah, come at your own risk, for this girl has some opinions. :D (The affie is right there on the side. Just scroll down a little and you'll see.)

I added an icon for my blogoversary!!! :D lOl, in (*runs to check the icon*) ninety-eight more days, it will be officially a year sicne I've been posting on my blog. WHOOPEE! :)

I've added other icons. Most of them have to do with me, my blog, and whatever. So yeah. I also have links to my other blogs. But I think pretty soon I'll just make affies for those instead of links, and but all of my affies together.

My "Important Thoughts" list has grown longer! Whoa. Way longer than the few it was before--but I'm happy about that. =D

I added a little penguin icon. It's flapping it's wings, but no one can really see it. So I'm wondering how long it will stay up.

I've updated my poll. And I promise the next time it finishes, I will sooooooo be ready! Because I know I wasn't last time, but yeah. I will be!

~I'm still part of the YCF and I've been trying my hardest to live up to the group. If you'd like to be part of it, (and if you have no idea what it's really about, but you're interested in joining the now-bigger-than-ever-before group) ask! :D I'll tak to you about it! :)

I'm searching to improve this place more and more. If you don't like something, tell me... I might just understand you. If you do like something especially tell me! I'd love to know what looks great to you! I've already had someone say they like my little icons, and that made me happy. :D
Pray Por Favor:
1. I've been taking medication for my old pal, Stomach. He's been great (*rolls eyes*). Not really... I feel like some old person having to pull out an orange bottle and waiting half-an-hour before I eat breakfast. Makes me feel weird, but it seems to be helping. I haven't upchucked anything since. :)
2. MOM's PREGNANT! :D lol. We've told everyone now, so I'm really excited. She's two or three months--I forget, sorry. But I'm really excited. I'll be the oldest of six, instead of five. '=] x2' lol.
3. I never did go see Twin4God for her birthday. We're planning on it soon, but so far she and two other siblings have gotten sick with the stomach virus, so pray for her and her family please!
4. I really want to grow more in my wak with the Lord. Sometimes I feel like I need to more than ever, and I feel on the right track, but everyone needs prayer for that, and I'm asking now for you guys to do that for me.
5. My church's Missions Conference. I'm really excited about it, but some of our missionaries that are elderly aren't doing too well.

Have a great weekend,

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Araken said...

Wow, that is a lot of updates! I hope everything works out.

I've got 2 new polls myself, check 'em out when you get the time!

I'm turning 16 tomorrow!