July 12, 2008

To Lie or Not To Lie is the Question

So, wow, I had an idea yesterday to do a post about when people lie.... But guess what my daily devotion book was about today? Also about when people lie! *crazy coincidence* So before I head off to my Grandoma's (we're going to be there for most of the day today) I decided to talk about it. And I'm sorry if you're bored, and you've gotten this talk so many times, but it is important.

My devotion today was called The Princess and the Pea. Sounds familiar, eh? Well, anyway, it was about this girl that was with her grandma and she wanted a bedtime story, and so The Princess and the Pea was pciked and then her grandma tucked her into bed. Well, her grandma decided to be playful and started checking under her granddaughter's matress, claiming that she was looking for a pea.
"There are no peas under my mattress!" giggled Alonya.
"Well, I certainly hope there's none in your life also," was the Grandma's response.
Well the story went a little bit further but the whole point was that if we lie, or do anything wrong also, it's a pea in our life. But if we're also saved and we sin, it's gonna keep us "awake all night" (also in LITERAL sense of form), just like the Princess in the story.
Everytime I used to lie, my "conscience" always made me feel sooo bad, but it really was the Holy Spirit. I was guilty of a major crime and it was until I finally couldn't take it anymore that I would admit it. And then when I was caught by a very obvious lie or maybe not so obvious, but I was still caught by my dad or mom (my dad was the worst in punishing), I would get "the Whacker". Which is a sort of shorter belt, but it wasn't a belt at all, and get spanked by that, but it worked just like a spatula or belt would. A bendier spatula and a shorter belt (there ya go!). Anyway, just before my dad would havce himself or my mom spank me, he would tell me, "Lies are the worst sin in this house. You CANNOT lie in this house." He did it very solemnly. "You know why people get angry when you tell a lie? Because they actually believed you, and have gotten fooled." I never realized until a little later that it was so wrong, at least with my family.
So now I'm fully uncapable of telling a lie. I mean, honestly, even if it was to get out of my own trouble or something, you absolutely won't find me telling anymore. And even if it's for something more playful, like a joke or a prank, my friends will always say, "You know you're the worst liar in the world! I know it was you!"

But the whole "lesson" today is: People believe you. No matter what. If you truly convince them of something, they bilieve. And then when it's wrong (what they believed), then they WILL get upset. It's happened acouple of times to me where I got so mad at someone I was praying so much to show forgiveness, but also for them to confess their sin.

Woo-hoo! What wonderful topic!!! lol

bookwormmm <33


A Girl of Many Colors! said...

Wow. Really insightful. You should write your own devotionals. Funny title too. LOL. Can't wait to hear about your trip! POKe2 (You know what that means. LOL)

Paris said...

I have a small problem with lying...and cheating. My Mom read a verse last night that said "God HATES cheating and lying". You should have seen the look my sister gave me! I like to joke and act silly (who doesn't?), but there is a line between "I was just joking/kidding/playing around vs. flat out saying "Oh, no, Mom! I didn't do it!" when you did.

OK, I'll stop preaching! :D

bookworm4god said...

ahha, i don't think i'd be able to write my own, but i do get worked up on a lot of stuff i see people are oblivious to...lol.
my trip? fun. boring. both at the same time. Me and my sibs were playing in the elevator alot... going up and, down up and down. lOl

lol i don't mind other "preaching" from people. i get it from my dad alot even when he's not on his pastoring job. lOl, i do it too, so no biggy:) i like seeing what other people think:D

Cheerleaderanonymous said...

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Paris said...

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Sapphira Adi said...

I really hate to lie, but I have to admit sometimes I do! But God has been helping me with this a lot:)

Cheerleaderanonymous said...

does your twin have a blog?