July 21, 2008

So hey there:)

News from me and happy thoughts (lol):

I'm officially past five thousand words in Raconteur/Blinded/Double Edge/Soar!!! WOOHOO... lol, i love how i have to put slashes up there. It makes me laugh becuase I'm so indecisive and so therefore you guys have to decide for me. lol ;)

I'm officially leaving for Honduras on the 4th of August and coming back two weeks later on the 18th. I'm so excited! But also a little nervous, but no biggy. I just hope I'll have the same friends that I had last time I went still there. yupp

Hmm... I've been thinking of posting some new videos, but I can't think of many right now... So maybe soon :)

I need more books to read, I'm like desperate now... It's so sad.

But now my lil (ok twin, but still she's my lil sis since I'm older--by 2 minutes) sis wants on. :'( so good-bye my awesome passer-byers or readers or commenters or whatever... =D

Peace <3


Zoe said...

Wow... That is a lot of words! lol!

Mikaela said...

hrmms.. i've only read the 1 & 2 so far... I almost got the 3rd one a couple days ago. so i think the 2nd one is very interesting with the Candlestone. :] Have you read anything by Ted Dekker?? :]

Araken said...

You should look up Giver of Roses by Kathleen Morgan. It is...most excellent. [note pause for effect]